The History of the World’s Oldest Antique Stained Glass Windows

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The Augsburg Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church located in Bavaria, Germany. Hidden within its walls are a mysterious treasure that is an important part of the history of mankind. The cathedral contains what are believed to be the world’s oldest antique stained glass windows.

People travel from around the globe to this site to get a glimpse of these precious and valuable works of art. But few are familiar with their history and their very near encounter with catastrophic damage. Not only do these windows help to share the story of the Bible and the prophets, but they also have an interesting and rather mysterious tale of their own.

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The exact origin of the stained glass is widely debate. Some historians believe that the windows were created when the cathedral itself was consecrated are and from the year 1065. Others hold the firm opinion that the panels could not date back any further than the first half of the twelfth century. Regardless of their exact age, it’s quite clear that the stained glass windows have been around for quite some time and are likely to be close to 1000 years old.

The stained glass windows in the southern clerestory are likely to be the oldest. These panels depict the portraits of the five prophets David, Jonah, Daniel, Moses, and Hosea. It’s thought that they may be part of a larger series for the rest of which is now missing. More recent stained glass windows are also found within the church. These show various biblical scenes as well as stories of the Virgin Mary.

During World War II, the church suffered serious damage. Luckily, the stained glass escaped this destruction. The Lady Chapel received most of the damage but was restored later in 1987. Some renovation was done to the stained glass in the 18th century, but this work was considered minor.

The antique stained glass windows continue to attract visitors from around the world. Even today, many historians, tourists, and art connoisseurs visit the cathedral to catch a glimpse of the mysterious and incredibly beautiful ancient works of art.

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