The World’ Most Beautiful Stained Glass Windows Part 4

Those who came to the “New World”  brought with  them traditions, styles, and ideas from around the world, creating a wonderful collage of ideas and aesthetics.   Stained glass is one of those elements of style we inherited from across the pond.  Stained glass windows  grace the structure of  many churches in the United States; some even stand out as the world’s finest.  The stained glass in the chapels of the U.S. bear more of  a resemblance to the windows we see in old world Europe, but true to the spirit of the ingenuity of American people, these windows are in a blended style all our own. Take for instance the Windows of the Chapel of Thanksgiving, Dallas, Texas.  The abstract pattern of glass panes is similar in style to those in South America, while the rising spiral is reminiscent or Moorish architecture.   These two seemingly opposite styles blend beautiful and are only further elevated by the use of strongly European colors.


We see a much more traditional chapel stained glass on The Temple Emanu-El in New York City.  On the glass itself, we see patterns and styles that mirror  ancient  Jewish Synagogue art, housed in arches that are familiarly Roman Cathedral-like.  This Temple elegantly reflects the face of the City of New York itself, a beautiful city painted bright by diversity.


Temple Emanu-El


Stained glass is as much a part of the fabric of America as the diversity of people.  While stained glass may mean different things to different religions and people, they are treasures to all and as such must be cherished and preserved.  These truths are something Scottish Stained Glass takes to heart. Since we work in stained glass restoration, stained glass construction, and stained glass repair, we understand the value of these precious relics. We have restored, repaired and built stained glass in Utah and the rest of the United States for decades and our passion for all things stained glass shows. If you are looking for stained glass repair, restoration or construction and live in Park City, Lehi, Summit Park or anywhere else in the Salt Lake City area contact us today for a free consultation. When it comes to stained glass we are Utah’s  premier restoration, repair and manufacturing company and you will see the difference experience makes when you work with us.

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