Antique Stained Glass Windows Provide the Perfect Accent in Modern Homes

Antique Stained Glass Windows

Over the years Scottish Stained Glass has imported upwards of one thousand antique stained glass windows from Scotland, the homeland of founder Martin Faith. These pieces can be more than 100 years old, but we pick them based on the beauty of their designs and the mastery of the craftsmanship. They are extraordinarily well built, in fact the work of master craftsmen for whom we have the utmost respect.

The fact is that these antique stained glass windows cannot be duplicated because much of the glass used is of a type no longer made. But this makes these lovely antiques all the more valuable.

Why might you want antique stained glass windows in your home instead of having a brand new, custom made stained glass window made to your exact specifications? For the same reason that many people seek out and highly value antiques of any kind, whether cars, furniture or artwork – an intense love and appreciation for history, artifacts from a different era, and craftsmanship that is rarely seen in the modern world.

However, here at Scottish Stained Glass we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, even going so far as to specially train and certify our stained glass artisans.

If you’re an antique stained glass connoisseur or aficionado, take a look at some of these stained glass beauties.

Now, perhaps you are wondering, “but what are the chances that one of these antique stained glass windows would fit precisely into my modern windows?” Although each antique window is custom made and one of a kind, the fact is that the windows in modern homes are usually bigger than the windows of old. However, this can work to your advantage, as we can install the smaller antique with hooks, to hang in the middle of an existing window.

It’s possible that you might find one of our antiques to be the same size as the window you’d like to see it in – but even if not, we can install it in a different way. And there’s yet another option… if you fall in love with an antique pattern, we can copy that for you, custom made to the exact specifications of your windows. You can have the look of antique stained glass, although by necessity it will be made with all modern materials. (We do not build with antique glass.)

Show Us Your Antique Stained Glass Windows

By the way, if you are already in possession of any antique stained glass, from a window panel to an heirloom lamp, we would love to restore it to any degree necessary. We’ve restored many broken or damaged antique stained glass windows to their original glory, including several months work on the famous lobby’s stained glass ceiling at the Boulderado Hotel in Colorado. We take care to match the colors exactly, and will go so far as to remove every single piece of the glass, redo all the lead strips, and clean and polish the piece till it glows!

Please contact us today for more information about our antique stained glass windows, any restoration projects, or of course, any new stained glass windows or doors.

Antique Stained Glass Windows

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