Art Nouveau stained glass for any room in your home.

Do you have a favorite style of stained glass? If so, Scottish Stained Glass can help you with a custom design in the style you like, whether it is antique or modern or anything else. Many of our clients really love Art Nouveau stained glass for its flowing lines, its beauty, its history, and striking, graceful appearance.

Art Nouveau literally means “new art.” This style developed in the late nineteenth century and its popularity increased right up to the First World War in both Western Europe and the U.S.

According to the Metropolitan Museum in New York, “Taking inspiration from the unruly aspects of the natural world, Art Nouveau influenced art and architecture especially in the applied arts, graphic work, and illustration. Sinuous lines and “whiplash” curves were derived, in part, from botanical studies and illustrations of deep-sea organisms . . .”
According to the National Gallery, “Art Nouveau was a concerted attempt to create an international style based on decoration. It was developed by a brilliant and energetic generation of artists and designers, who sought to fashion an art form appropriate to the modern age. During this extraordinary time, urban life as we now understand it was established. Many artists, designers, and architects were excited by new technologies and lifestyles, while others retreated into the past, embracing the spirit world, fantasy, and myth.”

So this art form has an interesting and colorful history, quite literally. And along with the Art Nouveau furniture, paintings, and graphic art came Art Nouveau stained glass.

Art Nouveau Stained Glass Panels

If you are a fan of Art Nouveau stained glass, our designers can custom design stained glass that will fit any window in your home. The size or shape of the window are not an issue at all. Perhaps you’ve seen an Art Nouveau design that you like and would love it incorporated into a stained glass window? Perhaps you have a coffee table or art book filled with gorgeous examples of Art Nouveau that you’d like to see us use for inspiration?

Our designers work with you to create an Art Nouveau stained glass window that will perfectly match your tastes. One that will bring you joy every time you see it for years to come. One that will take your home’s décor to a whole new level of interest and style.

To see some of the Art Nouveau stained glass windows we have custom designed for previous clients, and to get some ideas, please take a look at our Art Nouveau gallery.

Because we are creating a custom design, we can make it as traditional or modern as you like. If you have a more modern home, we can tweak an Art Nouveau inspired design to enhance and complement your décor and your home’s architecture.

Why not give us a call today to schedule an in-home appointment with one of our designers? Let’s bring your Art Nouveau dreams into reality!

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