Beveled Stained Glass Windows: The Timeless Touch of Elegance

beveled stained glass windows

Do you love beveled stained glass windows? For many of our clients, it’s the beveling on their glass that they love the most, because that is what creates those gorgeous prisms of rainbow light dancing across their room, that sparkle and magic that they just never get tired of.

We are extremely pleased with the custom glass windows that you designed and installed in our home. They are a delightful topic of conversation… They truly give our home a sense of individuality. We enjoy the refracted “play of light” from the beveled pieces.”
-The Roy family

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, all of our artisans are specially trained in the art of beveling and creating gorgeous patterns from this type of glass. But what exactly are we talking about when we say beveling?

What are Beveled Stained Glass Windows?

Beveled glass refers to a fairly thick piece of clear glass that has had an angle cut around its entire edge, which is then polished to the smoothest imaginable finish. The glass we use is usually 1/8″ thick. This angled edge is the bevel and it acts as a prism, refracting sunlight or any other kind of light that strikes it. This creates interesting effects both on the glass itself and throughout the room it is installed in.

At one point in history, all beveled stained glass windows were made by hand, using different rotating wheels which ground down and polished these slanted edges. Today, the process is sometimes still done the old fashioned way, but semi-automated machines have also been developed to produce beautiful beveling for much less cost.

We’d bet your grandma had a mirror made out of beveled glass that you might remember from your childhood. Beveled glass evokes a wonderful feeling of bygone elegance; it’s classy, classic and completely timeless.

Many prospective customers are surprised to hear that clear glass designs account for the bulk of our stained glass window installations. Also known as leaded glass, these clear windows are popular because they provide privacy while letting the light through, and also have no colors which might clash with your current décor, or any new décor you might decide upon in the future. And if you put your home up for sale at some point, they aren’t any colors which might turn off prospective buyers. If you are considering a clear leaded glass window, talk to us about adding the sophisticated and graceful touch of beveled glass.

Beveled glass can stand on its own as the focal point of a stained glass window or door design, but it can also be combined with textured glass or the traditional colored glass in an infinite number of stunning designs and patterns.

Contact Scottish Stained Glass today to learn more about the art of beveled stained glass windows or to have a piece custom built.

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