Breathtaking Art Deco Stained Glass Withstands the Test of Time

A Classic Piece of Art Deco Stained Glass

Feast your eyes on this stained glass masterpiece, arguably the most famous Art Deco stained glass in the country. What you are looking at is actually the ceiling of the Council Chamber in the Buffalo, NY City Hall. This spectacular ceiling was commissioned, built and installed in the twenties – they heyday of Art Deco design.

But this style has stayed popular over the years, and with good reason! The art, furniture and architecture of that period simply appeal to the eye, with their dramatic clean lines and bold design.

Although this piece is almost 100 years old, it remains magnificent, its design timeless. Honestly no photos can do it justice, so if you are ever in Buffalo please add this to your list of “must-sees.” And make sure to go on a sunny day! Although widely considered a Deco piece, the designer also paid homage to Buffalo’s Native American history and indigenous art as well by incorporating the image of a sunburst.

Of course, one of the most amazing things about Art Deco stained glass windows, doors and ceilings is that they look different and refract the light differently under different times of day and different weather conditions. Here’s another look at this spectacular piece of Art Deco stained glass under different sky conditions.

If you are a fan of Deco, perhaps you’d like to add a touch of Art Deco stained glass to your home, office or retail space. It’s unlikely that you’d want a stained glass ceiling in your home, (although you might definitely want one in a public building, a church, a hotel, or other public and commercial spaces!) but what about creating a similar effect with a skylight? Imagine the sun streaming through some beautiful colored, textured or beveled glass into your home, casting dancing colors and patterns across the floor, the walls and the furniture. An Art Deco stained glass skylight or window could introduce a touch of magic to your home.

Art Deco stained glass affords the elegance, class and defining style of a bygone era that still manages to remain modern.

In our twenty years in business, Scottish Stained Glass has designed many pieces in the Deco style for admiring customers. Your Art Deco windows or door panels can be as bold and dramatic as you’d like, or contain just a touch of color and a hint of the Deco flavor. In fact, for residences, 90% of our installations consist of clear, colorless stained glass, but even with that choice you could still include an elegant Deco pattern.

Here are some of the Art Deco stained glass windows we’ve done for our clients over the years.

Whether you long for the classiness of Art Deco or any other type of stained glass, from traditional to modern, Scottish Stained Glass has the experience to create exactly what you want. All of our stained glass windows are custom made and hand built, using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern materials and technologies. Why not contact ustoday?

Art Deco Stained Glass

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