February’s Most Beautiful Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

Floral Stained Glass
When it comes to beautiful stained glass for your home, Scottish Stained Glass is the perfect choice for high quality, authentic leaded glass windows. These elegant, simple windows, for example, incorporate the traditional floral aspect of stained glass, which still keeping a simple design. As you can see from the photo, you can add our beautiful glass artwork without obscuring the view from your windows if your home has a great outdoor space as well!

Antique Stained Glass

If you prefer the more ornate things in life, consider a more intricate design like the one in this beautiful transom. This type of design looks beautiful in areas with crown molding, as you can see in this example, and the details make it truly one of a kind. Our designers can always work with you to find the perfect look to fit your space, regardless of the size or shape that you need.

Stained Glass Bird Mosaic
Many people think of vibrant colors when stained glass comes to mind, and while some homeowners choose to omit the color, we still create extravagant, bright pieces all the time. Whether you’re looking for something picturesque, like this beautiful rendition of a peacock, or something that displays the colors you love more simply, let us show you the vast options for Scottish Stained Glass.

Stained Glass Entryway Door
One of our most popular applications of beautiful leaded glass is in entryways, like the one pictured here. This simple, contemporary diamond design is timeless, and will flow with any style of décor in your home. Our entryway options also give you a wide selection of textured glass to obscure vision and increase privacy in this area.

Stained Glass Bathroom Door & Window

Bathrooms are another common place that homeowners choose to invest in stained glass windows. When you need privacy but don’t want to give up your natural light, textured, leaded glass is the perfect solution. This beautiful space was made even more relaxing and inviting with the two additions of beveled windows in the space over the tub, as well as in the door. Our custom process means the perfect windows for any space in your home!

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