Celtic, Deco, Floral or Prairie Style Stained Glass… How Do You Choose?

Not to mention Aspen, contemporary, Art Nouveau, traditional, and many many other types. What are we referring to? All the different styles you have to choose from when you decide to add some Scottish Stained Glass windows or doors to your home.

So how do you choose?

Well, if you’ve already got a style in mind, it’s easy. If not, your home’s era and architecture might inform your decision.

Stained Glass Choices for Victorian or Older Homes

Scottish Stained Glass DenverPerhaps your home is Victorian. If so, a traditional style like a floral or Celtic pattern would suit it perfectly. Or one of the stunning designs influenced by the famed Scottish watercolorist and architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. (If you are not familiar with Mackintosh’s work, click here and prepare to be delighted by vibrant color and striking patterns.) You might even want to purchase antique stained glass panels, instead of having new ones created.

Perhaps you have decorated your home with Deco touches. One of our Deco stained glass window designs would be a delightful complement. You could choose colors to match your décor, contrast with it, or even no color at all – the choice guaranteed to match any interior forever.

Stained Glass Choices for Modern Homes

Perhaps your home is modern and minimalist? Our signature Aspen collection (after all, Scottish Stained Glass was founded in Denver, land of the spectacular Rockies and its endless forests of Aspen trees) might be the perfect match. Or a Prairie Style inspired geometric design might be the perfect fit.

However, for most homes these days, there are a wide variety of stained glass styles that would suit. So that brings us again back to our original question, how do you choose?

This is where our custom design process enters the picture. Regardless of how many styles we have to choose from, each piece of stained glass we make is custom made to order, and hand built by one of our specially trained artisans.

A member of our expert stained glass design team will visit you at your home, free of charge, bearing inspiration in the form of many photos of different designs, patterns, styles and types of glass. If you have an idea in mind, she might sketch it out freehand on graph paper, till it looks like what you want. If not, our designers will work with you, making suggestions as to what would work best in your home.

Colored glass or clear? Pastels or jewel tones? Textured glass or smooth? An delicate, intricate pattern or a big, bold one?

All of these things will change the look and feel of your finished piece, and along with that the look and feel of the room you install it in, of course. (Some of them will change the price too, namely whether you choose an intricate pattern with dozens of pieces or a simpler design with bigger shapes.)

Please don’t let the amount of choices daunt you in the slightest. After all, our more than 15,000 previous customers didn’t, why should you? Contact our design team today for an estimate, to answer any questions or to get the ball rolling.

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