Privacy Stained Glass; More than Just Beautiful

Stained glass is often thought of as a decorative addition to a home, and while that’s true, it can also be functional.  In fact, a great deal of our clients chooses to invest in stained glass because it can offer beautiful looking privacy for any area of a home.  Clear windows are great for views, but you might have a window or two that show an unwanted view of the inside of your house to neighbors or visitors.

Denver Stained GlassColored glass options offer excellent privacy, or if you prefer clear glass, consider designs that incorporate textured glass and bevels to keep your window discrete.  When you’re choosing the look for your window, an expert designer is a key aspect of coming to a custom piece that offers the right level of privacy, and a design that you love.

Privacy Stained Glass Options

Consider these options for improving the privacy of your home:

  • Sidelight stained glass: Sidelights are one of the most popular areas homeowners choose to add stained glass.  If you have clear sidelights, it’s common that you’ll notice visitors peeking into your house to see if you’re home.  By added a textured piece of leaded glass to your sidelights, you won’t have to worry about peeking visitors anymore.
  • Bathrooms:  Many bathrooms have windows to offer natural light into the room.  However, bathrooms require a high level of privacy, and many people end up covering these windows and blocking out the natural light in favor of blocked vision.  Instead, consider an obscuring piece of stained glass to increase privacy without decreasing the natural light.
  • Bedrooms: Bedrooms are another area in a home where privacy is important.  Especially in areas where your home may be close to a neighbor’s, the last thing you want is for someone to be able to look straight through your bedroom window.  Adding stained glass allows you to add something beautiful to your bedroom, and solves any privacy problems you may have.
  • Windows facing other homes: Many neighborhoods have homes fairly close together, and no matter where your problem window is, we can help you cover it with something you’ll love.  Because our glass is custom, you’ll be able to design something that flows with the décor you have in whichever you room you need more privacy.

Privacy Stained Glass with Scottish Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass has been building beautiful pieces to add privacy to homes for over 20 years, so you can feel comfortable using our time tested custom glass process.  To learn more about adding the privacy you need with stained glass, give us a call or send an email today.  You can begin working on your piece with one of our talented designers immediately!

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