Why Our Computer Aided Stained Glass Design Process Provides Great Results for Our Clients

At Scottish Stained Glass, we work hard to ensure that our stained glass is created to the highest level of perfection possible. Over the years, we’ve fine tuned our techniques and developed a very specific and thorough method for designing stained glass. That’s why we use a computer aided process to design all of our panels. We believe that this helps to eliminate the chance of mistakes or defects in the design and the window itself, ultimately resulting in a superior product.

The Scottish Stained Glass Method

No matter if we’re working on a large commercial project or a stained glass window for someone’s home, we put forth our best effort every time. By using the following steps, we’re able to create windows that look beautiful and last for years:

1. Consultation
Your experience begins with an in-depth consultation. We’ll visit you onsite to gain an understanding of your home or building and discuss design possibilities.

2. Hand sketch
Next, we’ll create a series of sketches to showcase possible ideas for your project. We’ll work closely with you to incorporate your desires and ideas.
stained glass sketch

3. Computer outline
Next, we use a specialized software to generate a computer outline of your stained glass. This helps to ensure that there are no flaws or defects in the design and the window itself.
stained glass design

4. Photoshop rendering
After the outline is complete, we add color to the design using Photoshop. That way, you can gain a better idea of what the completed product will look like.
stained glass process

5. Final approval: We await your approval. We want to make sure that you’re absolutely 100% satisfied with your design before proceeding further. Then, it’s on to the construction phase.

The Country’s Leading Stained Glass Provider

Over the past 25 years, we’ve gained the trust of hundreds of homeowners across the nation. Find out for yourself today exactly what makes Scottish the country’s leading stained glass provider. We look forward to working with you on your project.

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