How Scottish Stained Glass Creates Custom Designs for Long Distance Clients

In our twenty plus years in business, we have installed gorgeous stained glass windows in countless Denver area homes and in many other cities as well. Although we’ve been opening more showrooms in other cities, there are still many stained glass lovers across the country who would love to have a custom designed stained glass window, but don’t live near any of our showrooms.

Our nationwide expansion began in a rather unusual, but telling, way. Some of our previous happy clients were moving out of state, but were not content to leave their Scottish Stained Glass windows or door panels behind. They simply didn’t want to part with them! So, we helped these clients remove the windows and relocate them to their new house in a new part of the country, and then the fun began… all of their new neighbors and friends saw this marvelous stained glass, and wanted to order some from us as well.

We’ve now got working with these “long distance” clients down to a science!

We can send many photos of different designs and styles over the internet, to give prospective clients something to choose from. If they have a different idea in mind, they can work with one of our designers on an original design via phone and computer renderings. Over the years, we’ve developed a system that includes the telephone, the computer, and some pretty sophisticated CAD computer programs that allow our designers to show out of town clients exactly what their windows or doors will look like – before we even build them.

In this way, the client is assured of getting the exact style, pattern and colors they want, not to mention the correct size and shape to fit in their existing windows. In fact, although we hand craft our custom stained glass windows the old fashioned way, piece by piece, computer programs have revolutionized the accuracy of the pattern, and create perfect results each and every time.

Once our clients have approved the design, the building process starts in one of our local studios, with one of our highly talented and experienced artisans working from the computer generated pattern, known since medieval times as a “cartoon.” When the stained glass panel is finished, we oh-so-carefully pack and ship it to their home, along with highly detailed instructions and any of the materials necessary for installation.

We also provide a video training for local installers to follow. Although we’ve developed our own installation methods over the years, designed to keep the old window in place as a safeguard for the new panel, honestly, our system is pretty foolproof for any window installer to master. So, if you would love some Scottish Stained Glass, but don’t live near one of our showrooms, don’t let that stop you! We work with clients nationwide, and can safely ship our finished work anywhere.

Where ever you live, please contact us today about beautiful, unique, custom stained glass windows for your home, commercial space or for your church!

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