Landmark Tabernacle Church Gets Beautiful New Stained Glass

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We recently designed and built some beautiful stained glass for the Landmark Tabernacle Church in Denver, and we want to share this amazing process with you! Often churches are some of our biggest projects, and this one is no exception.

This task actually sprang out of a larger part of the church’s remodeling process; a huge stained glass wall behind their altar. This larger piece will cover the entire back wall of the sanctuary, around 280 square feet, and will be lit from behind.

For these smaller windows, our designers produced replacement windows that border the sanctuary area. Our team created four windows to go on either side of the stairways to the altar in this already beautiful church. As you can see from the pictures, these windows are full of vibrant colors that look fantastic in the sunlight.

Barb Timmons, one of our expert designers, spent a lot of time making sure that this piece was perfect. “We always knew that they wanted very bright colors, and an abstract design, so we worked from there,” she says.

The Landmark Tabernacle Church opened over 30 years ago, and they are in the process of a complete renovation. Our stained glass replaced a plastic, faux-stained glass window insert, and a refashion was definitely in order.

While this church as a whole has been a challenge from a design stand point, Barb says that the challenge has actually been her favorite part along the way. “Creating something so big and so unique is difficult, but rewarding. Everyone at the church is really happy with the new windows.”

Cathy Jones was the talented builder who put together the many pieces of this glasswork. She says this piece was particularly challenging because of its size; it took three people to flip the windows for work on the other side during production.

Each of these bordering stained glass windows has over a hundred different pieces of colored glass, each hand cut and then placed into the window. For such an intricate build, it’s important to take the time to ensure that each piece is the right size so that the window as a whole fits into the frame correctly. Since our windows are custom and built by hand, even large windows like these are constructed piece by piece. Cathy was up to the challenge.

“There wasn’t actually any breakage throughout the building process,” Cathy says, “just a lot of holding breath.” Because of the long, narrow pieces throughout this window, the building process was a particularly delicate one.

Cathy’s favorite part of this project was actually after her work was done; she had the chance to watch these windows being installed. “It was so cool. I usually just see the windows in the shop, but it’s so different to see the windows in their home, so to speak,” she says.

Barb, Cathy, and most importantly our clients, were extremely happy with this church addition. “Our clients are madly in love with the glass pieces, and that’s the most important part,” says Barb.

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Chuch Stained Glass

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