New Stained Glass for an Older Church Sanctuary

As a designer for Scottish Stained Glass, I occasionally get to work on church stained glass projects. In fact church windows are one of the most common things that people relate to when it comes to stained glass.  These traditional projects are different from residential leaded glass work as the pieces tend to be much larger and often incorporate colored glass. These projects are fun to work on as they often lead to beautiful, detailed windows that truly have charm and grandeur.

Stained Glass Church Project

The Applewood United Methodist Church was established over 50 years ago.  They began with a very small sanctuary and have grown into a large congregation with a new building as well as a new, larger sanctuary.  The older chapel has needed a facelift for years.

Religious Stained GlassMeeting with one of the board members, we looked at the new construction and how they wanted to incorporate stained glass into their new design.  The board members took me into the newer section of the church and asked if I could use the look and colors of this area and transform into the new design for the old sanctuary.

I worked with the board members to create 4 new stained glass panels. We mimicked the new church design by using all different geometric shapes from circles to squares to semi-circles, and triangles to create a more modern look, without losing the original charm of this facility.

Stained Glass Panels

All of the stained glass panels are uniquely different, but still look fantastic together.  The colors they choose were jewel tones, colors ranging from dark reds, oranges, purples, blues, golds and greens. We used a combination of different glass textures to both enhance the colors and allow for the outside light to shine into the sanctuary.

The members were elated with the results of the new stained glass windows once installed. Along with new carpet and paint, the 50 year old sanctuary has been given a fresh new look, while still maintaining the traditional feel that the congregation loves.

I am continuing to work with this beautiful church to add other windows in the original sanctuary as memorials for the Applwood United Methodist Church.  The church is excited to add more pieces of unique glasswork, and so am I!

Terri Jenney, Scottish Stained Glass Designer.

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