All Stained Glass Windows are not Created Equal!

Stained Glass Windows

Did you know that our “builders,” the craftsmen who actually cut and assemble each piece of glass for stained glass windows, train for up to ten years? Our methods are somewhat different than those used for “plain old stained glass” so we like to train and certify our artists, ensuring their work meets our standards.

Once a stained glass artisan has mastered our specific methods, they produce precise, stunning, highly detailed, pieces of stained glass, including beveling and etching as well as both clear, texured leaded glass and the traditional colored panels you think of when you think “stained glass windows.” These dedicated and talented artists may take weeks building one stained glass panel!

If you know anything about the history of stained glass windows, you might think that its production has not changed much over the centuries — and you would be correct! Scottish Stained Glass founder Martin Faith was trained in the traditional methods in his native Scotland. However, although each piece of Scottish Stained Glass is still custom designed and built by hand as it was centuries ago, Martin has spent the past twenty years refining and improving this process.

In this way, Scottish Stained Glass incorporates the age old tradition of stained glass making with the most modern computer technologies and improved materials, to bring clients modern, yet classic stained glass windows that are both a works of art and a practical home improvements adding value to your home.

All Stained Glass Windows are not the Same!

We’ve seen many pieces that look mass produced, with lines that don’t match up and the solder in the joints a completely different color than the “caming” or lead strips. Much of this stained glass looks great from afar, but when you see it up close, to be perfectly frank, it looks cheap. It doesn’t give the sense of being lovingly made by a master craftsman. And we have to wonder it its construction would stand the test of time.

Some of the Scottish Stained Glass differences include:

  • Work one on one with a designer, to create your stained glass window design and supervise your project
  • Meticulous design, with the final pattern done to exact specs via computer
  • Highly trained, experienced and certified stained glass artists
  • One “builder” to cut, join, solder, and polish your entire stained glass panel. No assembly line work!
  • Highest possible accuracy of glass cutting, ensuring each piece is the exact shape and size to fit the pattern
  • Use of dark leads to give a more expensive look
  • Hidden soldering joints and precise soldering temperatures, so the lead looks seamless and the joints are stable
  • Our own unique glass polishing process removes any excess solder and gives the finished piece a gorgeous, gasp-worthy glow – even before the sun hits it

Because of our certification process, our attention to detail, our use of computer technologies and best available materials, our clients are ensured of receiving beautiful, high quality and long lasting pieces of art.

Scottish Stained Glass might take longer to produce, indeed it might cost a bit more, but our mission has always been to make stained glass windows of the highest quality that are affordable to everyone – not just the monarchy, the uber-wealthy, or churches whose congregations have deep pockets. So why not contact us today about custom stained glass windows for your home, and experience the Scottish difference for yourself?

Stained Glass Windows

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