Can You Afford Stained Glass Windows? Yes!

Affordable Stained Glass

Stained glass windows and designs have an ancient and distinguished history. Examples of this time honored craft have been found in Europe’s ancient churches dating back centuries. In fact, when U.S. citizens go abroad, one of Europe’s main attractions are those imposing and venerated churches with their jaw-dropping stained glass windows.

Tourists everywhere are stunned by the colors, still so vivid despite the passing of hundreds of years, as well as the intricate detail and the moving depictions of religious symbolism. It’s likely that more photos are snapped of stained glass masterpieces than of any other architectural wonder throughout Europe.

Take a look at some of these stained glass marvels and see for yourself!

Stained Glass Design Is An Art Of Its Own

Stained Glass Art If you love the work of Vincent van Gogh or Monet, you might have a reproduction or tastefully framed poster in your home.  You might have even purchased original work painted in that style as an heirloom to treasure for generations to come.

With stained glass, there’s no need to get a reproduction or work that pays homage to the greats.  Stained glass window designs are affordable treasures that allow you to actually have an original masterpiece!  Made with a combination of both ancient and thoroughly modern methodologies, stained glass art work is guaranteed to add beauty to your home.

Perhaps you’ve always loved and admired ancient stained glass, but never considered that you could have modern stained glass in your home. Think about it… is it really such a far-fetched idea that you could add an artistic glass treasure to your home’s decor?

One of the missions of Scottish Stained Glass is to bring the art form we are so passionate about into American homes. (And offices, and churches, and just about anywhere else, of course!) All of our pieces are indeed custom made and hand built, by experienced and highly trained American artisans.

You are likely wondering “if stained glass windows are all custom made and hand-built, with today’s labor prices, how can I afford it?”

How Affordable Is Stained Glass Artwork?

Let’s take a look at the main factors that influence the cost of an original stained glass panel, whether for a window or a door.

  1. The square footage: our prices start at $150 per square foot, so the bigger the space or the more windows you desire, the more expensive it will be. But part of having a stained glass window custom made includes working with a Scottish Stained Glass designer. They are used to showing clients how to get what they want at a price they can afford. If your estimate comes in too high, perhaps there is a smaller window you could add stained glass to, or just a cut out in the center of a door instead of an entire door panel.
  2. Intricacy of the pattern: It stands to reason that the more detailed the pattern, and the more pieces involved, the more expensive it will be to produce. Tweaking your design to make it slightly simpler, with fewer pieces of glass and larger shapes can bring down the price substantially, while still giving you a stunning, beautiful piece of stained glass art that will add great aesthetic beauty and value to your home.

Interestingly, the type of glass, texture, or color does not really impact the price at all.

If you have never imagined that you could afford original stained glass in your home, we invite you to contact us. One of our designers will call on you at your home or office, and work up a sketch and an estimate on the spot. We think you will be surprised and delighted by the outcome!

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