Stained and Leaded Glass Additions Give Privacy to Your San Antonio Bedroom

Living in San Antonio is wonderful when it comes to the delicious food, beautiful scenery, strong sense of community, diverse neighborhoods, growing population, newly thriving art scene, and affordable homes. With so much to offer, this historical, military city is the seventh largest city in the U.S. but offers unbelievably low cost of living. According to San Antonio Magazine, comparable average listing prices for homes in San Antonio are $280,275 while similar real estate in New York are listed at $2.8 million. While you may get more bang for your buck in San Antonio with larger homes, there are over half a million houses in San Antonio alone making it very likely that your next door neighbor is within 15 feet of you. As many San Antonio homeowners know, privacy can definitely be an issue. With low living and housing costs, home renovations are that much easier to fit into any San Antonio homeowner’s budget!

Stained Glass and Leaded Glass Privacy Windows

Your bedroom should always be a sanctuary, especially when it comes to your privacy needs. Often times people think of blinds or drapes as the best option for bedroom privacy, but they end up having to sacrifice that beautiful San Antonio sunlight, surrounding scenery, and end up with replacement and repair costs. Stained glass and leaded glass are the perfect solution for any San Antonio homeowner’s privacy needs! Not only do you get that wonderful, natural sunlight in your bedroom, there’s no need to worry about your close-by neighbors being able to peek into your bedroom. If sunlight is the problem in your bedroom, there are certain types of stained glass and leaded glass that actually will block out that light without the need of unappealing black-out curtains. With endless options in style, color, and texture, stained glass and leaded glass windows give you the creative ability to design any narrative to your bedroom.

Our design experts can help you create any custom stained or leaded glass windows! Call today for an in-home consultation on how we can really transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you deserve: 830-214-7835

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