Stained Glass Installation Q & A – What You Need to Know

When our clients are considering adding stained glass windows or doors to their home, they are always curious about the installation aspect. Here are some of the questions we hear on a regular basis:

1.      Do my current windows need to be removed?

Usually not. In about 75% of our installations, the new stained glass panel has been custom made to the exact measurements of the existing window. We have developed a special bonding process that attaches the panel to the inside of the window. In this way, the stained glass is protected from the elements, the window actually receives a second layer of insulation, and the sealing process insures that no dust or moisture will come between the stained glass and the original glass.

2.      Will the installation process make a big mess?

Not at all. We build the stained glass panels in our own studio, and deliver a fully finished product to your home. Because your windows are usually not being removed, installation is a fairly clean and quick process. Offices and retail stores can easily have stained glass installed without any significant disruption of their daily business.

3.      How stable and durable will these stained glass windows be?

At least as stable and durable as your current windows – and probably more. However, if your windows are not in good condition, you may need them repaired or replaced before having the stained glass added. Scottish Stained Glass custom windows are designed to last for generations. The fact that stained glass is put together with lead, copper or brass caming strips and solder actually makes it very sturdy. Bonding the panel to a window makes the entire window stronger and more energy efficient at the same time.

 4.      If I want stained glass in the bathroom, such as a shower window or door, will the constant wetness destroy the stained glass?

 We take no chances with that happening. For this type of situation we actually install the stained glass between two other panes of glass, ensuring no moisture can enter.

 5.      If I move, is it possible to take my stained glass windows with me?

 Yes! We have helped many clients removed their custom stained glass artwork and take it to be reinstalled at their new home. If your windows are an odd size or shape, or if you think at some point in the future you might be moving, you could consider a different installation option. You can have the stained glass panel “hung” in the existing window with hooks. In this way, you could easily take it with you and hang it somewhere in your next home, even if the size match is not exact.

Obviously, our methods are different depending on where the panel is to be located, and whether it is a new home installation or existing, possibly much older homes. However, with over 40,000 installations under our belt in more than 20 years, we feel confident that you will be delighted with both the quality and workmanship of the stained glass, and the ease, practicality and longevity of the finished installation.


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