Stained Glass Through Time: The Past, Present and Future in Colorado Springs

colorado springs stained glass through time

If you’ve ever driven by the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, then you’re probably aware of the prominence that stained glass has in Colorado Springs architecture. Beautiful stained glass windows of the past and present can be seen all through the city of Colorado Springs. Many belong to churches, but some reside within historic homes, hotels, and various building buildings.

Stained glass has long been a revered form of art. Many people are familiar with famous works like Sainte-Chapelle, Notre Dame, and the Canterbury Cathedral. But where did stained glass get its beginning? In this article, we’ll dive into the full history of stained glass, including its ancient past, current existence, and promising future.

The Origins of Stained Glass in Churches, Synagogues, and Temples

It’s true that the art of glassmaking started outside of religious walls, but its thanks to religion that stained glass gained the recognition it deserves. Early religious groups found that using colored glass in their church windows created an interesting effect. The glass sent rays of brilliant, luminous color across the walls of the church, creating a peace and ephemeral feeling. Gazing on the glass became a spiritual experience.

Later on, as stained glass evolved, new methods came into existence. For Christian and Catholic churches, artists would paint Biblical figures or scenes on the glass. This was then placed in noticable areas of the church as a method of educating illiterate church goers about the stories of the Bible. Other regions adopted stained glass in different ways. In Southwest Asia, stained glass windows were designed with floral and nature motifs. In the Middle East, colorless glass was used more than colored glass.

By the Middle Ages, religious stained glass was thriving in popularity. Great works were produced, many of which still stand today. These include hundreds of churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues. The tradition of using stained glass for religious architecture is a practice still carried out by modern religious groups of today.

The Use of Stained Glass Today and in the Future

Now, stained glass has many uses other than religious reasons. Stained glass is highly prominent in high end commercial buildings and luxury homes. This happens for two reasons. For business owners, stained glass can be great for attracting new customers. In residential settings, stained glass provides privacy for families.

aspen stained glass colorado springs

Where stained glass is headed for the future is something that will be determined only with time. However, what is certain is that technology has aided greatly in its evolution. Thanks to CAD programming and advances in science and engineering, more complex and intricate works can be produced.

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