The Art of Stained Glass Windows Revealed

So you’re looking to decorate your home, and add some wonderful inspirational art—the kind with real value, the kind you will not grow tired of looking at. Perhaps you cannot afford an original Picasso; neither can we. But there is an original form of custom hand-made art that you could afford, that might give your home or business exactly what you have been looking for. We’re talking, of course, about stained glass art in the form of windows or door panels.

Religious Stained Glass Colors in your Denver HomeSometimes people look confused by this suggestion. They are familiar with stained glass mainly in churches, and have no interest in adding any religious or bible scenes to their bay window. They cannot imagine that those vivid primary colors used for church stained glass would suit their modern suburban ranch home. But in fact because our stained glass is custom made, it can be done in any style that suits you, from Art Deco to Victorian, from Prairie Style inspired to the legendary style of Greene and Greene.

(People are even more confused when we tell them that around 90% of the custom stained glass work we do is colorless, using clear glass with various textures and finishes.) We’d like to show you some photos of stained glass, some that we have made and some that other artists have made, and see if we can’t show you why we insist that stained glass is the perfect, practical art form for today’s modern homes and offices, not just the churches of yesteryear.

Boulderado Hotel Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass Styles CommercialOne of the projects we are most proud of is the restoration of the lobby ceiling in the Boulderado Hotel. This gorgeous masterpiece has quite a long history, but was in need of serious restoration by the time we got our hands on it… and we spent considerable time lovingly restoring it back to its original glory. Take a look at this photo and see if you don’t agree that it’s a wonderful example of modern art! (Insert photo of Boulderado)

If this has whetted your stained glass appetite, it’s only the beginning. We’d like to show you just how beautiful, unique, and striking this art can be. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, if you’d like to see more pictures, please check us out on Pinterest or Flickr.  In fact, if you go on either of those sites and put “stained glass” into the search box, we think the results will blow any of your preconceptions about what stained glass can look like out of the water.

By the way, our Flickr photo stream has some stunning examples of antique stained glass. We do sell antique stained glass windows, imported from Scotland, in case antique art is to your taste. There is a style of stained glass to suit any taste. You can choose from modern, geometric, abstract, flowers or trees, colorful or clear, textured or beveled, or even painted glass — or any combination of the above. Working directly with Scottish Stained Glass, can you furnish your home with art masterpieces crafted especially for you.

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