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Scottish Stained Glass is proud to announce that we have opened a branch in Dallas, Texas.  While we have been serving the Dallas market with the nation’s finest residential stained glass for the past decade, we have been doing it remotely, working with clients over the internet. Now that we have hired a designer to work full time in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we can increase the size and complexity of projects we will offer.  Not only can we do simple sidelight, entryway, and bathroom stained glass, but we can also do more complex commercial, church, and interpretive designs.  Our stained glass designers will be developing relationships with interior designers, custom home builders and  the general public to educate consumers about what beautiful and functional stained glass options are now available.

Residential Stained Glass

While older homes in the center of Dallas may have the need for antique stained glass repair and restoration, often of Prairie, Prairie Style, or Tiffany inspired windows, the majority of our target market live in the Dallas suburbs and need stained glass added to their homes as a contemporary or modern design solutions for privacy and elegance. When contacted by one of these clients, a Scottish Stained Glass designer comes to the home for what is generally a 45-90 minute meeting. While in the home the client’s existing style, as well as the style of the glass they would prefer are taken into account. Designs are then sketched and a plan of action is developed with the client. While that plan of action often includes a final sign off on the order right there and then, it can also include more extensive, computer aided designing completed in CAD and Photoshop. The Scottish Stained Glass installation process is a modern adaption of an ancient process and is designed to work with today’s building codes and energy efficiency standards. In 99 percent of cases our stained glass does not replace your existing glass panes, but is merely bonded on the interior of your window. This process keeps the energy efficiency benefits of the glass intact and safeguards the structural integrity of the windows, all while provide the stained or leaded glass with protection from the harsh Dallas weather that over time can cause stained glass to warp, crack, fade, or peel.

Commercial and Religious Stained Glass

Adding stained glass to your office or retail space generally occurs for one of two reasons. Many customers utilized Scottish Stained Glass to repair, restore or replace the stained glass in their historic hotel, bar, or public building.  Dallas has thousands of commercial stained glass installations that are over 100 years old and are in need of repair or restoration.  Other customers want to add stained glass to their more modern buildings as a design element, or even a lasting tribute to an individual or group.  Whatever type of commercial stained glass you might need, Scottish Stained Glass has the experienced designers who are ready to take you the process.

If you are a church or other religious organization looking to add stained glass to your church, chapel, temple, or community center, Scottish Stained Glass can work with you through this difficult process, explaining how much it may cost, what time frames are necessary, and even how fundraising can work.  Having completed hundreds of religious stained glass projects all across the country we understand the unique struggle involving religious stained glass and are ready to help you through the process.

If you’d like to see more about our capabilities, please visit our Dallas Stained Glass page or contact us today!

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