Kansas City Church Stained Glass Restoration: What You Need to Know

kansas city church stained glass restoration

If your Kansas City church has a stained glass window that is in need of restoration and showing signs of deterioration such as cracked glass, loose pieces, or warped leading, you will need to seek the assistance of professional glassmaker. A glass company will be able to conduct the repairs safely in a controlled environment in their workshop. If this is the case, you probably have some questions about the matter. In this article, we’ll provide some information to help clear up any questions or matters of confusion about glass repair, including an explanation of the restoration process process, costs, and when to consider replacement.

stained glass restoration kansas city

The Restoration Process

Restoring stained glass is a very meticulous process. At Scottish Stained Glass, we have a very specific method for completing these types of projects. Though there are many details involved, the process can be generally outlined in the following way:

  • 1. Preparation: First, the window is removed and brought back to our workshop. A digital blueprint is created of the original design and the glass is placed in a bath of specialized solution to remove the grime, dirt, and build up.
  • 2. Restoration: The window is carefully taken apart, the glass is numbered, and the badly broken pieces are replaced with glass of a matching profile. Then, the window is reconstructed using new lead, cemented in place, and reinforced with steel bars.
  • 3. Installation: During the final phase, the window is returned to the church where it is reinstalled. A piece of low-e safety glass is installed over the panel for added protection and the restoration is complete.

Repair Costs for Stained Glass

Repair costs vary for every stained glass window since each window is unique. However, it’s important to know that restoration usually costs more than building a new window because there is more work involved. Not only does the window have to be constructed, but it first has to be deconstructed and cleaned. If pieces of glass are damaged severely, they may have to be replaced. Finding a matching profile of glass requires a lot of effort as this usually involves holding up each piece in the light.

religious stained glass restoration kansas city

Sometimes it is more cost effective to rebuild the window from scratch. However, some stained glass windows are old enough to be considered antiques. Others have been created by famous artists or showcase superb craftsmanship. In these cases, it may be more worthwhile to opt for restoration because of the value of the glass.

For example, here is a stained glass restoration we recently completed for which the glass was very valuable:

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