Our Technique for Restoring Houston’s 100 Year Old Church Stained Glass

Houston has some of the most beautiful, intricate church stained glass in our nation. Our experienced team of stained glass artisans have had the pleasure of restoring some of these historic, 100 year old pieces of art, giving back to the Houston church community. Our comprehensive stained glass restoration entails a multi-step, almost month long restoration process that brings these pieces back to life while prolonging them for another 100 years.

Houston Church Stained Glass Restoration Assessment

Our extensive church stained glass restoration process starts with an on-site assessment. Our team of stained glass experts examine your church’s stained glass windows in order to determine root causes of deterioration. By problem solving and discovering the culprits and forces behind the deterioration, we’re able to create a customize course of action ensuring those factors won’t affect your glass as detrimentally as before. For instance, recognizing a certain way the glass bows helps us identify which wind force is causing that shape and allows us to create custom reinforcements during restoration.

Once the assessment is complete, we carefully remove your church stained glass panels and transport them back to our repair studio. From there, we soak your stained glass in our proprietary soap blend for at least two weeks. This step removes all the dirt and impurity buildup from the last 100 years while making it easier for us to remove the glass and dispose of the lead properly.

Processing Your Restored Houston Church Stained Glass

Once we replicate pieces of your stained glass that needs replacement, whether its mimicking the painted glass elements or finding a perfect match from our inventory 50,000 glass pieces, we replace the lead with a mixture of lead and tin strengthening all the joints and frame. We cover the panels with black cement insuring all cracks are filled and durable, then clean and polish your restored stained glass windows. Once reinstalled, you and your congregation are left breathless from the clean, fresh, brand-new look of your restored stained glass windows!

For more information, call today for a free on-site consultation on how Scottish Stained Glass can restore your Houston stained glass windows: (713) 827-8908

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