The World’s Most Beautiful Stained Glass Part 3

The Middle East and even some parts of North Africa are some of the oldest still intact windows in the world. As beautiful as they are ancient, they represent stories and sometimes even lessons from different religions.  While the symbols and  religious significance may vary, one common thread in these windows is the intensely respectful  dedication to the art of form; fine craftsmanship being ubiquitous among them.    The tradition of religious stained glass windows being the peak of glass art expression transferred easily to the new world.  South America can make a case for some of the finest crafted stained glass windows the world.   The Cathedral of Maringa in Brazil is a shinning example of an absolutely stunning feat of glasswork work , and one in a markedly different style and tone than that of the old world.  As pictured below, the bright colors seem to rise, almost towering over the viewer in a color pallet akin to the bright foliage of the Amazon River Valley, pulling eyes upward in a prayerful gaze towards heaven. religous-stained-glass-kansas-city     Another South American stunner, he Santuario Dom Bosco in Brazil, is unlike any other stained glass you have ever seen.  The monochromatic magnificence of the cathedral stained glass windows bathe the chapel in ethereal azure light, giving it nothing less than a deeply moving ambiance.  Again, in the spirit of the new world, this religious stained glass makes use of abstract, almost Picassoesque shapes in sharp contrast to the old world tradition of literal figures.




Where ever stained glass is found, church, chapel or synagogue, the artistic and spiritual value is there.  These precious works of art and remembrance are of the utmost importance to keeping our history preserved.  These truths are something Scottish Stained Glass takes to heart. Since we work in stained glass restoration, stained glass construction, and stained glass repair, we understand the value of these precious relics. We have restored, repaired and built stained glass in Kansas for decades and our passion for all things stained glass shows. If you are looking for stained glass repair, restoration or construction and live in Parkville, Overland Park, Olathe, Prairie Village, Leawood or anywhere else in the Kansas City/Metro area, contact us today for a free consultation. When it comes to stained glass we are Kansas’s premier restoration, repair and manufacturing company and you will see the difference experience makes when you work with us.

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