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Beautiful Colorado Springs Stained Glass

Though stained glass may seem like an unlikely setting for a small mountain town like Colorado Colorado Springs, it’s actually been a popular architectural feature for years. Colorado Springs has a significant amount of stained glass that people often don’t even take the time to consider.

Large, luminous stained glass windows adorn the walls of hotels, homes, and religious buildings in Colorado Springs. Indeed, stained glass in an important part of what characterizes Colorado Springs historic architecture, and has continued to be adopted by modern home construction companies today. Not only is there significant amounts of world famous stained glass in the Air Force Academy Chapel but the city’s many churches also have beautiful stained glass installations.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we are committed to mission of preserving the beautiful artwork and buildings in the Colorado Springs metro area by creating stained glass windows of the highest quality. Led by expert craftsman Martin Faith, our company employs hundred year old techniques passed down from generations of the past to produce authentic Scottish stained glass windows. Inspired by renowned artisans like Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and Louis Comfort Tiffany, we work with devotion and precision to preserve this thousand year old sacred form of art.

While stained glass is certainly a beautiful form of art, what many people don’t realize is that it has many practical uses too. For one, stained glass is a great way to add privacy to certain areas of your home where you need it, such as your bathroom or entryway. This is especially true for homes in Colorado Springs that often feature large street facing windows or are constructed closely together making the need for additional privacy from neighbors a common concern.

By replacing ordinary windows with stained glass, you can prevent outsiders from seeing into your home without blocking out the natural light. Making this simple change to your architecture can also provide a bonus benefit too by increasing your home’s resale value. Neighbors, home buyers, and visitors will be impressed when they see this beautiful custom feature that you’ve added to your home.

Bathroom Stained Glass


There is something enchanting about a well-designed bathroom that elevates one’s mood and instantly sends one into a mode of deep relaxation. And stained glass is just the thing you need to make your bathroom design come together and glisten with beauty. Both alluring in appearance and function due to its ability to produce privacy, bathroom stained glass windows make an excellent addition to transoms, cabinets, custom showers, and more.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we are masters when it comes to the artistic aspect of stained glass design and can create virtually any type of style of bathroom stained glass window. We’ve produced everything from colorful bathroom stained glass windows adorned with lively ocean landscapes to simple and delicate designs with unique curvatures and bevel clusters for our Colorado Springs clients. Let us show you how our stained glass can bring your bathroom to life!

Entryway & Sidelight Stained Glass

You only get one shot to make a first impression. And when you’re having friends or family over for the first time, or showing your home to prospective buyers, you want to get the first impression right. Entryway stained glass offers the perfect solution for dressing up the entryway and exterior of your home. Entryway stained glass gives Colorado Springs homes both new and old a touch of elegance and a sophisticated, upscale look.

The moment you see the way that the sun illuminates your stained glass windows and makes your entryway shine, you’ll fall in love. A superior alternative to blinds and curtains, entryway stained glass stylish obscures views and filters light to make it softer while also sending off colorful prismatic rays instantly captures and fixates one’s attention. It’s the perfect privacy solution for your home.

Transom Stained & Leaded Glass

Transoms play a crucial role in providing light in a home, but lack visual appeal. Our stained glass windows provide a quick solution that can enhance the look of the transoms in your living room, basement, entryway, or bathroom. Transom stained glass draws the eye upward and encourages the flow of natural light, giving your home a boost in visual appearances.

When it comes to creating transom stained glass for our Salt Lake City clients, we always take two things into careful consideration: your preferences and the architectural characteristics of your home. We understand the frustration that can arise from trying to find the right shape or style of transoms from a big box store, which is why we create all of our transom installations custom to order.

Bedroom, Basement & Hallway Stained Glass

At Scottish Stained Glass, we’re committed to making your dream home come true and are here to help you when it comes to designing the perfect look for your home. Our full selection of stained glass styles allows you to select the perfect stained glass window for your bedroom, basement, hallway, or any other area of your home.

We offer a wide range of options for decorating basement and bedroom areas. From custom beveled stained glass windows for the transoms in your bedroom to stylish privacy stained glass for your hallway, we can create stained glass windows that accommodate almost any architectural need and make your home look stunning.

Kitchen, Cabinet & Wine Cellar Stained Glass

Our elegant kitchen, cabinet, and wine cellar stained glass windows can set the ambiance for all your dinner parties and gatherings. Our company creates stunning custom-to-order kitchen stained glass windows that make exemplary additions to kitchen designs ranging from traditional looks with wood cabinets and tile to contemporary kitchens with white cabinets or  eclectic decor.

By working stained glass into the various features of your kitchen, like your pantry, bar area, or cupboards, you can greatly enhance the look of your dining area. Kitchen stained glass serves not only the purpose of adding diversity to your kitchen, but also makes it look clean and kempt by hiding disorganized dishes, and also creates privacy and prevents nosy neighbors from seeing into your home. From whimsical floral designs to contemporary masterpieces with custom bevels and clear glass, our team can create virtually any style of kitchen stained glass window to make your home shine.

Stained Glass for Colorado Springs Churches & Temples

Famous for our work in many churches, Scottish Stained Glass has worked to install, repair, and restore religious stained glass at a number of the institutional buildings across Colorado Springs. Whether we are helping you create meaningful designs for your new building, or merely helping you repair a few broken pieces of glass, Scottish Stained Glass is here to serve the stained glass needs of all of the Colorado Springs’ religious institutions.

Whether you’re looking for a company who can help restore the stained glass window in your sanctuary or are thinking about adding a stained glass sign to the exterior of your temple, church, or synagogue, we can provide the professional assistance you need. We are happy to meet with church boards and congregation members to discuss the planning and preparation tasks in person. From creating beautiful stained glass adornments for your altar to providing hail damage repair for multiple windows in your Colorado Springs church, we are your go to experts.

Colorado Springs Commercial Stained Glass

Stained glass installations for restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, and even business interiors can be a compelling addition to enhance the perception of space. Adding authenticity and the beauty of custom designed art glass to your Colorado Springs can make a big impact on how the public perceives your company. A stained glass family crest can emphasize the idea that your business is family owned and operate and stained glass hanging lights or windows can create a very sophisticated, high end look.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we offer commercial stained glass manufacture for all types of Colorado Springs businesses. Our 25 years of experience and supply of over 50,000 colors of glass give you an abundance of options when it comes to designing your stained glass window. Our artisans will work side by side with you to incorporate your stained glass in a manner that compliments your existing decor and architecture beautifully and create a look for your property that you love.

In-Home Consultations for Colorado Springs Stained Glass Clients

At Scottish Stained Glass, your satisfaction isn’t merely a concern; it’s our top priority. Our unique client experience is part of what sets us apart from every other stained glass studio in the nation. We strive to create beautiful works of art that families can enjoy for a lifetime in their home. That’s why we begin each project with an in-home consultation. This one on one meeting gives us the opportunity to formally introduce you to the team members that will be working on your stained glass window. It also allows us to gain an understanding of your preferences so we can create a design that appeals to your tastes and interests.

Our Process

Because stained glass can last for hundreds of years, restoration is a necessary form of maintenance that is usually required at some point in the lifetime of the windows. This is especially true for antique and aging stained glass windows that have begun to show signs of deterioration. Typically, deterioration usually happens when the leading that holds the individual pieces of glass together becomes weakened or damaged as a result of exposure to heat, moisture, or humidity. This in turn puts pressure on the glass and causes it to warp or crack.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we are experts in stained glass restoration. We’ve repaired and restored dozens of stained glass windows in the Colorado Springs area belonging to churches, homeowners, and historic buildings. By using certain techniques and methods that we’ve developed in house, we are usually able to preserve most of the original glass during restorations and restore the windows to their original beauty and clarity. If you’re interested in learning more about our stained glass remodeling, repair, or restoration services, please contact our office.

Scottish Stained Glass for Colorado Springs Homes

From ranch style homes in Pleasant Valley to bungalows on Pikes Peak Ave, Scottish Stained Glass brings Colorado Springs homes of all types a touch of elegance and beauty. The distinct, refined look of Scottish Stained Glass makes it the perfect addition to elevate the look of your home and give it a beautiful, custom look. Our company can help you integrate stained glass into any area of your home, and will happily provide our assistance for projects both large and small in size.

In addition to historic districts like City Center and North Park Side, the newer Colorado Springs neighborhoods are also ideal for many of our stained glass installations. Many of these homes have sidelights next to their entryway doors, transoms over the entryway, in living room and bedroom windows, or large bathroom windows over the bathtub. In each of these windows, as well as certain odd shaped windows, kitchen cabinets, and interior doors, Scottish Stained Glass makes an ideal addition to your Colorado Springs home.

Scottish Stained Glass Types & Styles for Colorado Springs

At Scottish Stained Glass, we believe that glassmaking is a sacred form of art. There’s nothing standard or ordinary about our work. Each and every one of our windows is a custom designed work of art. When you work with us, you receive access to a team of talented artisans and expert craftsmen who will work side by side with you to create a stained glass design that you love and will cherish for a lifetime.

We enlist the help of local artisans with diverse talents and specialties to produce high quality stained glass windows of every style. Whether you’re looking for a prairie style stained glass window to complete the look of your craftsman style home or are more interested in something simple and versatile like beveled stained glass or Celtic stained glass, we can accommodate your needs. Our stained glass styles range extensively and are highly varied in appearance.

frank lloyd wright inspired stained glass denver

Contact Us for Stained Glass in Colorado Springs

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Scottish Stained Glass has produced more than 40,000 windows for more than 12,000 customers across Colorado over the past 20 years. Our stained glass designs range from contemporary to traditional. When working with our stained glass designs, we work with specific elements of your home or business to create something that is unique to your building. We can also look to photos, art, or existing glass installations to create our custom stained glass designs. While many stained glass studios tend to work on only a handful of stained glass styles, Scottish has created nearly every to of stained and leaded glass design imaginable. We have completed stained glass designs in the Prairie Style (also know as Mission style), Celtic Styles, Victorian Styles, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Art Deco, Greene & Greene, Art Nouveau, Floral, Antique and much, much more.


Contact us today to schedule your appointment or call 303.766.3811.


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