Translucent, Frosted, Painted, Beveled Stained Glass for Privacy

Posted October 23rd, 2023 by Nick Woodward

While stained glass windows beautifully illuminate a space, certain rooms require more privacy. Translucent stained glass, frosted glass, painted designs, and beveled glass offer attractive options to obscure views while still allowing light transmission. Read on for an overview of using these stained glass types to balance aesthetics, visibility, and natural light ingress.

Translucent Stained Glass

Translucent stained glass contains colored glass with a more muted depth of hue rather than fully opaque shades. Lighter translucent colors like sea green, light amber, smoke, pale blue and gray work well to provide privacy while not darkening a room. The muted tones prevent clear visibility but don’t overly block light.

Translucent glass also incorporates crackled, pitted, stipled or pebble textured glass to further diffuse incoming light. The textured surfaces combined with soft hues gently obscure views from outside while welcoming natural illumination. Translucent stained glass filters and softens light while protecting privacy.

Frosted Stained Glass

Another stained glass option for obscuring visibility is frosted glass. Rather than adding pigment, frosted glass goes through an acid treatment or sandblasting to corrode the surface. This creates an etched, velvety matte texture that scatters incoming light. The entire surface of frosted stained glass appears softly blurred.

Frosted glass provides effective privacy, but may overly diminish light in darker rooms. For ample brightness with frosting, opt for lightly etched glass and combine with additional transparent or translucent pieces in the design. Frosted stained glass emits a soft ambient glow perfect for bathrooms and other serene spaces.

Painted Stained Glass

Unlike traditional stained glass with color inherent to the glass itself, painted stained glass relies on paint applied to the outside surface. While plain glass is see-though, painted designs in broad opaque strokes establish security. Painting also allows more realistic imagery than lead lined pieces alone.

For privacy with light preservation, paint select areas rather than entire panes. Foliage designs or florals reaching part way across windows or doors maintain airy brightness. Abstract swirls and bold geometrics applied to lower portions also work. With smart layouts, painted stained glass provides both privacy and illumination.

Beveled Stained Glass

Beveled stained glass contains pieces strategically angled rather than laying flat and flush. This refracts incoming light to make contents harder to discern from outside. The refraction effect also creates dazzling prismatic displays on interior walls. For privacy, use heavily beveled designs especially around a window or door’s perimeter.

Keep in mind that beveled glass reduces transparency. Counteract diminished light levels by installing near a bright light source. For doors or transitional spaces requiring both beauty and privacy, beveled stained glass offers an elegant solution. The refracted rainbow lights transform any room.

Strategic Placement

Along with choosing privacy glass compositions, also consider placement carefully. Bathroom windows positioned higher on walls limit views. Translucent glass lower on windows with transparent pieces above maintains light and visibility. Interior doors or partitions with obscured glass can seclude spaces as needed without darkening common areas.

Consult Stained Glass Experts

Ready to explore stained glass that expertly balances beauty, visibility and natural light for your home or business? Our stained glass artisans at Scottish Stained Glass will help select the ideal materials and designs to meet your unique privacy needs. Learn more about our San Antonio residential and commercial stained glass services by contacting us through today.

10 Enchanting Stained Glass Installations in San Antonio

Posted October 18th, 2023 by Nick Woodward
stained glass installations san antonio

San Antonio is home to some of the most impressive stained glass installations in Texas. From historic churches to modern hotels, restaurants, and public spaces, stained glass abounds in this city. Read More

Five Major Benefits of Stained Glass Restoration

Posted January 4th, 2023 by Nick Woodward

Stained glass restoration is a valuable and important process that ensures the preservation of beautiful and historic glass works. Restoring stained glass allows for the protection of valuable works of art, as well as preserving the history of San Antonio in which it is located. The benefits of stained glass restoration are numerous.

Five Top Benefits of Stained Glass Restoration in San Antonio

  1. Preservation of history: Stained glass restoration allows for the conservation of important historical pieces, ensuring that the history of San Antonio is preserved for future generations. 
  2. Protection of aesthetics: Restoring stained glass helps to protect beautiful works of art, preserving their original beauty and detail. 
  3. Increased value: Restoring stained glass can result in an increase in the value of the piece, as well as providing a greater level of protection. 
  4. Improved safety: Stained glass restoration can help to ensure that the glass is structurally sound and free from damage, which reduces likelihood of injury. 
  5. Increased energy efficiency: With the restoration of stained glass, the window can be made more energy efficient, resulting in lower energy costs. Overall, stained glass restoration is an important process that can help to protect and preserve valuable works of art, as well as increasing the value and energy efficiency of the piece.

The Stained Glass Restoration Process

The process of restoring a stained glass window begins with a thorough inspection of the window. As a stained glass professional, we look for signs of deterioration, such as cracks, chips, or missing pieces. If any of these problems are found, the stained glass may need to be removed from its frame and taken to a professional for further inspection. 

Next, the stained glass is carefully removed from the window frame. The stained glass is then carefully cleaned to remove dirt and grime. This can be done by hand or with a vacuum. The stained glass should then be rinsed with a solution of warm water and mild soap. 

Once the stained glass is clean, the professional will examine it closely to determine the type of restoration needed. This may involve replacing broken pieces or repairing cracks. The stained glass may also need to be re-painted or re-leaded. 

Once the restoration is complete, the stained glass is re-installed in the window frame. The final step in the restoration process is to apply a protective coating to the stained glass. This will help keep the restored glass looking beautiful for years to come. 

To learn more about stained glass restoration in San Antonio, contact us today for a more in-depth explanation and to schedule a free consultation.

Bathroom Stained Glass Inspiration for San Antonio Homes

Posted October 25th, 2022 by Martin Faith

Bathroom windows can be challenging to work with because you have to be able to find the right balance between light and privacy. If you cover up your windows, you risk making your bathroom look small, dark, and dim. But at the same time, you don’t want your bathroom to be exposed to the entire world. You might be close with your neighbors, but not that close! That’s where bathroom stained glass for your San Antonio home can help! Read More

Beautiful Places for Stained Glass Windows in your San Antonio Home

Posted August 10th, 2021 by Martin Faith
stained glass windows san antonio home

There’s an art to creating a beautiful home. Intentionality is key. No detail should be overlooked, no matter how small.

Then there’s the matter of home décor. The right décor can make a tremendous difference, transforming the most dreary of spaces into a beautiful, inviting environment.

That’s where stained glass windows for your San Antonio home can help. Below, we’ve discussed some of the various ways that stained glass can be used to decorate your home. Read More

Is Stained Glass Restoration a Cost-Effective Solution?

Posted February 24th, 2020 by Martin Faith
stained glass restoration san antonio cost

/tion Perhaps one of your members recently pointed out a crack in your church’s stained glass windows. Or maybe you’ve noticed that the colors aren’t shining as bright as usual. Either way, you knew something was off.

So you called in the experts and they’ve confirmed, you need stained glass restoration. But in San Antonio, hiring a professional to fix your windows can cost thousands of dollars.

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When Is It a Good Idea to Start the Stained Glass Restoration Process in San Antonio?

Posted June 20th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass restoration san antonio

Stained glass windows are durable by nature. Unlike drawings, paintings, and other art forms, stained glass windows are designed to be functional as well as beautiful because they’re created for buildings. But that doesn’t mean they’re invincible.

At some point or another, most decorative glass windows will need stained glass restoration. San Antonio churches, homeowners, and property owners with stained glass in their building should pay attention to the condition and appearance of their stained glass. Problems should be addressed right away to avoid serious complications. If you notice any cracks or abnormalities, it’s time to call up an expert.

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Stunning Stained Glass Design Styles for your San Antonio Church

Posted April 12th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass design san antonio

Stained glass windows can make a lovely addition to a church. Indeed, there is nothing quite like the experience of looking up at stained glass on a Sunday morning as the sunlight hits the windows and makes the glass shine as if it were made up of thousands of tiny diamonds or precious gems. Such a site brings instant serenity to those who are fortunate enough to experience it.

If you’re considering adding stained glass windows to your San Antonio church, you’re making an excellent decision. Your members are sure to appreciate the elegance and privacy that the stained glass provides and will be proud to attend such a beautiful church.

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How To Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration Fundraising in San Antonio

Posted March 15th, 2019 by Martin Faith
fundraising stained glass restoration san antonio

When stained glass windows start to lose their structural integrity, it’s important to have them professionally repaired and restored. But how are churches supposed to finance such an endeavor? Stained glass restoration in San Antonio is a labor intensive process, and one that can be performed by only a handful of companies, and therefore can become expensive.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways that you can obtain the necessary funds you need to restore the stained glass windows in your church. All it takes it a little bit of creativity and fundraising.
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Guide to Stained Glass Preservation for San Antonio Churches

Posted February 14th, 2019 by Martin Faith
preserving stained glass san antonio

If you have stained glass windows in your San Antonio church, you may have some questions or concerns about their preservation. Often, stained glass windows in historic churches have been there for quite some time, and therefore current members of the church board and congregation are unfamiliar with how to maintain them for optimal condition. To shed some light on these matters, we’ve provided some guidance on best practices for stained glass preservation for San Antonio churches, temples, and cathedrals.

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Increase Property Value with Custom Stained Glass for Your San Antonio Home

Posted July 26th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Have you been looking for ways to invest into your San Antonio home? Effective investments can actually increase your property’s value, leading to a great ROI when you’re ready to sell. Homeowners are always looking for simple projects that feature low renovations in order to avoid undesired inconveniences. Custom stained glass presents a wonderful investment tool for any San Antonio home, leading to increased property value and improved curb appeal.

Benefits of Custom Stained Glass for San Antonio Homes

Custom stained glass can be designed to fit into any space regardless of the theme. From intricate, colorful traditional stained glass options to simplistic, contemporary leaded glass windows, Scottish Stained Glass can bring any client design idea to fruition. Stained glass is highly applicable throughout any home, adding elegance, artistry, and functionality. With the ability to address privacy concerns and control visible light transmissions, these highly functional pieces can enhance the comfort within any room. Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, entryways, hallways, dining rooms, kitchens, family rooms, basements, and much more, adding custom stained glass can completely obscure unwanted views from the outside in. These beautiful privacy solutions are a much better alternative to tacky window coverings and can also increase the value of your San Antonio home.

Design Process for Custom Stained Glass in Your San Antonio Home

We provide a free in-home consultation for all of our clients. This gives us the chance to see the intended space for ourselves while better understanding any challenges or goals you may have. One of our local stained glass artisans sits down with you and hand sketches all potential design ideas until one is finalized. Our clients review their design at least eight to ten times prior to production and assembly.

For more information regarding custom stained glass for your San Antonio home, please contact us or call: (830) 214 7835

Signs Your San Antonio Temple Stained Glass Windows Needs Repair

Posted July 20th, 2018 by Martin Faith
san antonio temple stained glass restoration

Stained glass is one of the oldest forms of art known to mankind. The art of glassmaking has been practiced for centuries around the globe and is an important part of the world’s collective art history and culture. For this reason, stained glass conservation is an important topic, especially when it comes to aged and antique glass.

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How to Transport Your Scottish Stained Glass When Moving Homes in San Antonio

Posted July 2nd, 2018 by Martin Faith

Many of our clients throughout the San Antonio area love their stained glass so much that they want to move it to their new homes. Despite the fact that stained glass can increase the resale value of your home, many would rather install their beloved pieces in their new home. Scottish Stained Glass is always happy to help when it comes to relocating your stained glass to your new home– we want our customers to focus on other priorities when moving, so we’re here to assist you in anyway possible!

Removal and Transportation Process for San Antonio Stained Glass

You are always welcome to call us and make an appointment regarding your move. We are more than happy to remove your custom stained glass windows and panels from your San Antonio home. Once our team carefully removes your stained glass, we meticulously pack it in durable crates engineered for the moving process. When your stained glass is carefully packed up, it’ll be ready for you or your movers to transport to your new home. If you’re moving to an area that Scottish Stained Glass serves, we’re happy to help with the re-installation process. For all the cities and regions we serve, simply give us a call and we’ll help with scheduling and assist you in every way that we can.

Proper Unpacking of Your Stained Glass from the Crate

Scottish Stained Glass would love to help you with the re-installation process but if you’re moving to one of the few regions or cities we don’t serve, below is a video on how to properly unpack your stained glass when removing it from the provided crate. If you ever have any questions regarding proper transportation, removal, or anything related to the stained glass moving process, we’re here to help!

Unpacking Your Crate from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

Call today to schedule your San Antonio stained glass moving appointment: (830) 214 7835

Stained Glass Restoration Myths: We Can Help Restore San Antonio Stained Glass

Posted April 22nd, 2018 by Martin Faith
san antonio stained glass restoration

There are many misconceptions revolving around the topic of stained glass restoration. Our San Antonio studio is familiar with them all. Some people believe that stained glass does not need any maintenance at all and that any work done to the glass will ruin or damage it. Others believe that all stained glass eventually reaches an age where restoration is not possible.

However, these ideas are, in fact, false. In almost all cases, restoration is possible. As for maintenance, regular cleaning and care is essential for preserving stained glass for future generations.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we are committed to stained glass conservation and believe that education around stained glass restoration is an important matter. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the causes of stained glass deterioration and the restoration process in order to shed light on some of the myths revolving around antique/aging glass.

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Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration: Exploring Your Options in San Antonio

Posted April 5th, 2018 by Martin Faith

The majority of the stained glass pieces housed in San Antonio’s cathedrals are starting to reach the point of deterioration. This typically happens around the 75 year to 100 year point– deterioration is apparent by warped glass, lead came becoming misshapen, white film or dust surfacing on the window itself, and more. With such powerful symbolism and imagery, it’s important for many congregations to start the discussion of stained glass restoration.

Getting a Proper Bid for Your San Antonio Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration

When starting the process of finding the right stained glass artisan to restore your stained glass, it’s vital to have a solid understanding of the restoration process in order to successfully restore your antiques. When stained glass begins to deteriorate, we always recommend starting the restoration process at the first signs in order to avoid irreversible damage. Every bid you receive should begin with an on-site assessment of your stained glass. A team of stained glass artisans should determine the causes of deterioration, evaluate all the work that needs to be completed, and give a proper cost-benefit analysis after assessment. It’s important to determine whether your stained glass needs simple in-house repairs, complete restoration, or is a candidate for replacement.

Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration Process

After determining if your cathedral stained glass qualifies for restoration, receiving a comprehensive estimate, and deciding to move forward with your restoration with your chosen stained glass repair studio, the process begins with removing your stained glass panels and carefully transporting them back to the repair studio. The stained glass windows then soak in a proprietary soap blend for up to two weeks in order to remove decades of dirt buildup and to take the window apart piece by piece. Each damaged piece is replaced and set with new lead came. Black cement is forced into the cracks, ensuring your stained glass lasts another century. After reinstallation, your congregation will be amazed by the fresh, shiny new look of your beloved stained glass!

Scottish Stained Glass on Rescue Renovation from Scottish Stained Glass San Antonio on Vimeo.

For more information regarding cathedral stained glass restoration in San Antonio, contact us or give us a call: (830) 214 7835

Stained Glass Through Time in San Antonio: The History of a Thousand Year Old Form of Art

Posted March 18th, 2018 by Martin Faith
san antonio stained glass through time

Mesmerizing stained glass windows can be found in San Antonio’s historic churches and older buildings. Stained beneath these towering works of art is an unforgettable experience. As the eye is drawn to the many different shapes and colors glittering in the light, one is instantly captivated by their intricacy and beauty.

Stained glass is an art that is so unique, so different than the traditional methods of using canvas or clay, that it’s sort of a wonder in itself how it came into existence. After all, what compelled people to spend hundreds of hours meticulously piecing together tiny little pieces of colored glass? This article highlights the story of stained glass, its remarkable origin and promising future.

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Replacement v Stained Glass Repair: Which One Is Right for Your San Antonio Church?

Posted March 12th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Replacing And Repairing Stained Glass On San Antonio Churches

Stained glass windows are simply lovely and extremely cherished by the church parishioners in San Antonio churches. In fact, they are so loved that at Scottish Stained Glass, get quite many inquiries from church pastors and congregations trying to find out if their glass is salvable or whether it needs to be totally replaced. Perhaps the windows are sagging, dirty, chipped and cracked, or even missing pieces of glass and look in disarray. But these windows are perhaps 100 years old or more and possibly very valuable–so what to do? While there is no simple answer, below is some guidance on antique church stained glass to give you an idea of whether restoration or replacement may be better for your San Antonio congregation.

Weigh The Cost Of Replacing Vs. Repairing Stained Glass Windows

The cost of restoring damaged stained glass windows in your church, especially large ones, can be extremely expensive. But one must keep in mind that, once it is restored, the value of this antique stained glass window will be 4x more valuable than a new window. So keep in mind that, while a new window may cost less initially, it will be decades before it builds the value of a restored antique. In regards to the cost, at Scottish Stained Glass San Antonio, we may be able to help you with fundraising ideas we have seen other churches do. In our experience, this is a project we have seen most congregations eagerly support.

Understand That Scottish Stained Glass Can Match Your Existing Glass

Many customers initially are hesitant to replace their church stained glass because they believe that the antique glass cannot be matched. While matching old glass techniques is difficult, since we have the most skilled stained glass repair artists in the state of Texas, we are able to precisely match almost any stained glass or technique old or new. We also have developed special methods for removing and restoring very large church stained glass windows too. The process does take quite a bit of time but will restore these windows of great sentimental and monetary value to their original luster and beauty, making them last for years and years to come.

Consider The History Of Your Glass

Finally, don’t forget what a long and wonderful history your San Antonio church stained glass comes with. If your stained glass is very old (dating back to the early-mid 20th century) it may be the case that your church’s stained glass windows were designed and built by a master of stained glass making them valuable. The work by this skilled artisan of the time plays an important part of the history of your church too. In this case, investing in an extensive stained glass repair project may well be the best choice for your congregation.

See a church restoration for yourself in the video below!

Scottish Stained Glass For Your San Antonio Church Stained Glass Restoration

If your church stained glass shows signs of wear it is a good idea to have Scottish Stained Glass come in and consult with you. In the case of very old stained glass, it is best not to wait because the damage will only grow worse and more costly to repair over time. Contact us today for a free, onsite consultation of your San Antonio church stained glass.

Benefits of Restoring Stained Glass in San Antonio’s Historic Theaters, Museums, and Restaurants

Posted March 7th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass San Antonio is proud to have helped preserve so many beautiful, meaningful stained glass pieces throughout the San Antonio area. These one-of-a-kind stained glass pieces are featured throughout San Antonio’s historic theaters, museums, and restaurants. Stained glass unfortunately begins to disintegrate around the 75 – 100 year mark, meaning a lot of the antique stained glass in your community is ready for restoration. Stained glass restoration offers San Antonio historic commercial property owners an extensive list of benefits.

The Importance of Preserving Heritage Through Stained Glass Restoration

Preserving heritage through stained glass restoration is vital to any community, especially San Antonio’s. These historic theaters, museums, and restaurants that house these pieces usually attract customers because of their historic features. Stained glass can showcase powerful symbolism and beautiful art– your community will thank you for preserving these pieces of heritage for them. Not only is stained glass restoration significant on a sentimental level, restoration can actually lead to higher antique value, increased property equity, and higher customer retention and attraction. This great ROI can actually prolong your stained glass for another 100 years, giving future generations heritage to treasure.

Stained Glass Restoration from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

How to Get Started on Your Historic Stained Glass Restoration Project

Stained glass restoration is recommended once disintegration and deterioration begin to happen. There are many signs that can tell you if your historic stained glass is ready for restoration or not– warped glass pieces, missing glass pieces, deteriorating lead, discoloration, and more. We’re happy to help you get started on this project with an on-site consultation in order to determine the factors that have lead to deterioration as well as how to strengthen your piece for optimized quality of life. The assessment will reveal project estimates as well as cost-benefit analysis.

For more information regarding historic stained glass restoration in the San Antonio area, please give us a call: (830) 214 7835

San Antonio Church Stained Glass Restoration: Warning Signs of Deterioration

Posted March 3rd, 2018 by Martin Faith
san antonio church stained glass restoration

If your church has stained glass windows that of a very old age or are historic, it’s important to inspect them every once in a while to identify signs of deterioration. Catching damage early on can prevent the further degradation of the window and reduce the risk of safety hazards. In the case that your San Antonio church stained glass needs restoration, it’s better to get it done sooner rather than later.

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Painted Stained Restoration Experts For Your San Antonio Church Windows

Posted February 20th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass:  San Antonio’s Premiere Painted Stained Glass Artist

Painted stained glass is no simple process but it is an incredibly rewarding one, with a beautiful outcome that we, at Scottish Stained Glass, have taken years to master.  The process for painting stained glass is actually quite fascinating and for one to become proficient in it it takes years of practice.  For this reason, we are proud to say that with over 30 years experience in original and restoration stained glass, we are arguably experts. Regardless of whether the painted stained glass in your San Antonio church is old or new, at Scottish, we can successfully take on and complete any type of painted stained glass work. To better understand the intricate processes that go into crafting a one-of-a-kind painted stained glass masterpiece or bringing an old piece back to life, we have outlined a few of the particulars below.

The Long and Lovely Tradition Painted Stained Glass Tradition

Painted stained glass is a gorgeous and unique way to add character and charm to your  San Antonio church–there is no question about that.   Your San Antonio church may actually already have some in it right now.  Although it may seem like a simple art form, the process can be quite complicated, and make use of chemistry in addition to artistry. This is because colors you see on painted stained glass are brought about through the use of complicated chemical interactions of different minerals and oils.

Painted Stained Glass Method 1

The artist starts with colored glass and paints special black paint made of oils and minerals onto it.  This piece of glass is then fired in our kiln at 1250-1450 for a couple of hours until the paint melts into the glass.  The paint then becomes part of the glass and will never rub off or be removed.

Painted Stained Glass Method 2

The second method involves clear glass.  During this process, colors are painted on a clear piece of glass one at a time and fired in between layers of color to build up layers of shading or color. Any color that involves the use of yellow can be particularly difficult in this method as the chemical used for yellows color (silver staining) is very toxic and will destroy other colors.  For this reason, when trying to achieve the color green for example, the toxic yellow must be painted on the opposite side of the glass as the blue paint in order to keep the yellow from damaging the blue paint.

Scottish Stained Glass: A Painted Stained Glass Specialist For San Antonio, Texas

Matching styles on restoration projects is definitely a challenge and involves figuring out precisely what type of techniques the original artist employed. For example, sometimes artists would black paint on their glass and then use a wooden stick to rub off part of the black paint–this added unique texture. This same method was also used to scribe in individual elements like blades of glass.  Regardless of which techniques the original artist used,  our artists work hard to mimic them exactly– sometimes do multiple iterations to get it right.

Learn more about the history of stained glass here or watch the video below.

Difficult as it may be, here, at Scottish Stained Glass, we take great pride in what we do and always love the final, beautiful outcome! Contact us to find out more about original or restoration painted stained glass for your San Antonio Church today!

Our Technique for Restoring San Antonio’s 100 Year Old Church Stained Glass

Posted January 30th, 2018 by Martin Faith

San Antonio is filled with beautiful, historic churches that feature intricate, antique stained glass windows. Scottish Stained Glass is proud to have restored some of San Antonio’s 100 year old church stained glass windows, prolonging their life for another 100 years. We’re known for our comprehensive, prized restoration process that’s completely restored many stained glass panels featured in San Antonio churches as well as churches all over the Western half of the US.

San Antonio Church Stained Glass Restoration Assessment

Our restoration process begins with the most important step: the assessment. Our team of local, experienced stained glass artisans begin the project with an on-site assessment of your church’s stained glass. This is the most vital step because it allows us to analyze the root problems causing the deterioration of the stained glass windows. For instance, after about 75 years lead begins to oxide from air and moisture exposure leading to a fine white dust appearing on the lead frames. The amount of oxidation allows us to determine if we have to completely remove the original lead or simply reinforce it with a lead and tin mixture. Once the assessment is complete, our team of glass artisans remove your stained glass window and carefully transport it back to our repair studio.

San Antonio Church Stained Glass Restoration Process

We allow your stained glass windows to soak in our proprietary soap blend for at least two weeks. This thoroughly removes all the dirt buildup from the last 100 years. If we can’t find a perfect match to your original stained glass from our inventory of over 50,000 stained glass pieces, we have glass custom made or painters replicate the technique of your painted glass.

We rebuild the window with lead and tin to stabilize the joints and ensure strength. A black cement is forced into all the cracks, and we also add reinforcing steel bars to brace the stained glass if necessary. You and your congregation will be breath-taken when you see your newly restored stained glass reinstalled.

Call today to schedule an on-site consultation on how we can restore your San Antonio church stained glass windows: (830) 214 7835

Stained and Leaded Glass Additions Give Privacy to Your San Antonio Bedroom

Posted January 5th, 2018 by Martin Faith

Living in San Antonio is wonderful when it comes to the delicious food, beautiful scenery, strong sense of community, diverse neighborhoods, growing population, newly thriving art scene, and affordable homes. With so much to offer, this historical, military city is the seventh largest city in the U.S. but offers unbelievably low cost of living. According to San Antonio Magazine, comparable average listing prices for homes in San Antonio are $280,275 while similar real estate in New York are listed at $2.8 million. While you may get more bang for your buck in San Antonio with larger homes, there are over half a million houses in San Antonio alone making it very likely that your next door neighbor is within 15 feet of you. As many San Antonio homeowners know, privacy can definitely be an issue. With low living and housing costs, home renovations are that much easier to fit into any San Antonio homeowner’s budget!

Stained Glass and Leaded Glass Privacy Windows

Your bedroom should always be a sanctuary, especially when it comes to your privacy needs. Often times people think of blinds or drapes as the best option for bedroom privacy, but they end up having to sacrifice that beautiful San Antonio sunlight, surrounding scenery, and end up with replacement and repair costs. Stained glass and leaded glass are the perfect solution for any San Antonio homeowner’s privacy needs! Not only do you get that wonderful, natural sunlight in your bedroom, there’s no need to worry about your close-by neighbors being able to peek into your bedroom. If sunlight is the problem in your bedroom, there are certain types of stained glass and leaded glass that actually will block out that light without the need of unappealing black-out curtains. With endless options in style, color, and texture, stained glass and leaded glass windows give you the creative ability to design any narrative to your bedroom.

Our design experts can help you create any custom stained or leaded glass windows! Call today for an in-home consultation on how we can really transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you deserve: 830-214-7835

Mid-Century Modern Stained Glass Is An Excellent Choice For Your San Antonio Home!

Posted October 24th, 2017 by Martin Faith

The Best Stained Glass Style For Your San Antonio Home

If you are thinking about an affordable and valuable home improvement for your San Antonio home, stained glass should be high on your list. This is because stained glass is such a gorgeous addition to any home in the San Antonio area and for that matter, anywhere in the country. Not only does it brighten rooms but also adds curb appeal and a higher resale value to your home. At Scottish Stained Glass, we love all styles of stained glass windows, however, if you are looking for a style to be in vogue for years to come, Mid-century modern stained glass is an excellent choice. As it were, we get request upon request for this style stained glass and for good reason. But what is mid-century modern stained glass and what can you expect this design style to look like? Read below and find out all about this beloved American style.

Mid-Century Modern Stained Glass For Your San Antonio Home

The term mid-century modern refers specifically to architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century (1933 to 1965). The styles hallmarks are its clean lines both straight and curved, bold graphic patterns and use of high contrast colors. In the stained glass arena, it often means glass that borrows from architectural designers like Frank Lloyd Wright or other well-renowned designers/styles from that same era. Some purists may argue against including certain designers and styles from early 20th century under the heading of mid-century modern, but, in our experience, these design styles hold a certain inalienable mid-century charm that works for stained glass applications
The pattern below is a great example of what you can expect with a mid-century modern stained glass window for your San Antonio home.

This window, done in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, is everything a mid-century inspired stained glass window should be–using beautiful and bold straight lines with strong leading and beautiful pops of color. The best part about this style is it will match beautifully with nearly any style of existing decor too!

If you would like to find out more about mid-century modern style windows for your San Antonio home, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!

Adding a stained or belveled glass star to your San Antonio entryway shows Texas pride!

Posted September 10th, 2017 by Martin Faith
texas pride stained glass san antonio

For every Texan, there arises a certain sense of pride at the mention of your home state. With a beautiful natural landscape, diverse cuisine, enthralling nightlife, and a plethora of great sports teams, Texas is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in the country. And as a resident of San Antonio, one of the oldest and most historic cities in Texas, your sense of state pride couldn’t be any stronger. That’s why you should consider adding a stained or beveled glass star to the entryway of your San Antonio home.
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Stained Glass Transom Windows For Elegance, Style & Curb Appeal!

Posted June 12th, 2017 by Martin Faith

Add Value To Your San Antonio Home With Stained Glass

There are things on your house that can make or break it style wise.  These little details are what take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.  In some cases you may not even notice them anymore but they were there when you bought them and likely caught you attention. Things like well-decorated eaves, an artistically wrought iron gate or finely crafted molding.  Each of these individually made up a perfect picture that drew you to the house you live in and convinced you it was worth spending the next 30 years paying for it!  One such feature that, is often overlooked by homeowners but that we, at Scottish Stained Glass, know can make the difference in making your house more sellable when the time comes to sell your home is–a stained glass transom window.

Stained Glass Transom Windows For Your San Antonio Home

For those of you who may not know off the top of your head what a transom window is–you are not alone!  Although you have probably seen them and even have them on your San Antonio home, the name transom is often an unknown word. Transom windows are the windows, often cresent shaped that sit a few feet other windows on your home.  See an example below.

Transom windows add a elegance to any home and even more so when they are made of stained or leaded glass.  Stained, textured or leaded glass also adds another level of privacy from these windows that can sometimes be loomingly large.  This investment in stained glass on your transom window now, will mean more money and greater curb appeal when you go to sell your home in the future.   Not to mention the beauty and enjoyment you will get out of your stained glass transom while you live in your home!

If you have transom windows on your San Antonio home and have questions about pricing or designs for them, contact us today for a free consultation and to get one step closer to the home of your dreams and a nice profit when you sell!

Great Churches of the World: San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio

Posted May 4th, 2017 by Martin Faith
stained glass san antonio cathedral

The San Fernando Cathedral was founded in the year 1731 and is home to the oldest religious community in Texas. Those who visit the church are able to observe the quintessential features of Gothic architecture, marvelous stained glass windows, and a piece of history important to the identity of San Antonio.

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San Antonio Stained Glass

Posted February 28th, 2012 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to open our newest branch office in San Antonio, Texas. While we have previously served San Antonio’s stained glass needs while working with clients over the internet, we are now excited to be able to meet our clients in their homes, offices, or religious locations. Our designers will be reaching out to interior designers, architects and custom home builders as well as consumers to increase the understanding of what our custom glass can accomplish.

Because of San Antonio’s extensive history there are a number of different stained glass styles which have been used over the centuries. Scottish Stained Glass can match nearly any of these styles, and has developed a speciality working with the Prairie Style, and Tiffany’s stained glass.

Residential Stained Glass San Antonio

Scottish Stained Glass is the leading residential stained glass studio of our kind in the United States. We have spent the past 20 years perfecting our approach for adding stained glass to modern residential homes. Typically we visit a clients home for at least 45 minutes to get an initial feel for the existing decor as well as the clients design goals. Then we show thousands of photos from previous projects and discuss what might look good in the particular application. In most cases we then develop initial designs on the spot, sketching our thoughts on graph paper and often agreeing on the design with clients on the spot. In other cases we take the design back to our Austin workshop and develop CAD and Photoshop renderings that allow customers to see even more closely what the finished product will look like.

Once the design is approved by the clients, our local artisans can take varying amounts of time to build the windows. Adapted by our owner Martin Faith from the centuries of glass production techniques developed by Scottish artisans into a process that will work for modern American homes, Scottish Stained Glass bonds almost all our installations to existing windows rather than replacing the window panes. While this stained glass process is sometimes odd to certain clients, this allows us to accomplish 3 goals at once. The stained glass is protected from the harsh Austin sun, and will subsequently last much longer, no building codes are violated, and the inherent benefits of the existing window, including security and energy efficiency all remain intact.

To see examples of just a few of our previous installations, please visit our stained glass gallery.

Commercial and Religious Stained Glass San Antonio

Scottish Stained Glass works with a number of commercial clients across the San Antonio region, including hotels, banks, and bars where stained glass was frequently used at the turn of the last century. We have experience repairing and restoring this type of glass and can often create new windows to complement and existing installations. We can also create replacement stained glass installations that can match the styles and techniques which have been used in San Antonio over the last few centuries. For more modern commercial clients, we create interpretive stained glass designs that add to the aesthetic of a building or permanently commemorate an individual or group.

Religious organizations throughout San Antonio are also served by Scottish Stained Glass. Whether looking for repair and restoration, or the development of new stained Glass, Scottish has the experience and expertise to navigate the complicated process of conceptualizing, designing, funding, and installing stained glass in a church, temple, chapel or other religious location. Having worked with hundreds of churches across the United States, we understand the process and can provide extensive insight on all aspects of the project.

To learn more about our capabilities, visit our San Antonio Stained Glass page.

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