Beautiful Custom Stained Glass Ideas for Colorado Springs Homes

Posted November 1st, 2023 by Martin Faith

Home improvements are pivotal for not just elevating your living experience, but also boosting your home’s value. We, at Scottish Stained Glass, bring a transformative concept to your doorstep: custom stained glass, an epitome of elegance and heritage. Imagine every corner of your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, illuminated by the kaleidoscopic glow of stained glass. Our custom designs extend beyond the aesthetics; they imbue your Colorado Springs home with uniqueness and sophistication. Currently, residential stained glass is trending, not just as a decor trend, but as a holistic investment enhancing every inch of your space. The allure lies in its versatility – it seamlessly adapts to any home area, offering a bespoke touch that reflects your personal style and elevates your environment.

Ways to Incorporate Custom Stained Glass in Colorado Springs Homes

Why settle for the ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary? Here’s how custom stained glass can transform your Colorado Springs home:

1. Bathrooms: Our stained glass offers unmatched privacy, diffusing light in a spectrum of colors for a private, spa-like ambiance. The glass is crafted to withstand humidity, ensuring longevity alongside beauty.

2. Entryways: First impressions last, and with custom stained glass, your entryway will exude warmth and grandeur, captivating every guest’s gaze as they enter.

3. Bedrooms: Softly tinted stained glass in bedrooms provides a serene escape, pairing privacy with the tranquil play of light, ensuring restful sanctity.

4. Basements: Often dim, basements benefit immensely from stained glass, adding vibrancy and a custom aesthetic that can make any lower level feel like a main attraction.

5. Cabinets: Transform utilitarian storage into a visual feast with stained glass cabinet fronts, turning everyday objects into display pieces.

6. Lighting Fixtures: Beyond illumination, stained glass lighting becomes a centerpiece, an artistic statement that enhances every moment spent under its glow.

Stained glass infuses your home with character, making it stand out in the Colorado Springs landscape. It ensures privacy without compromising on style or natural light, turning every window into a work of art. The functional benefits are as significant as the aesthetic ones, with each custom piece tailored to meet your desires. It’s not just glass; it’s a permanent art installation that resonates with the personality of your home.

Work With Colorado Springs’ Leading Custom Stained Glass Studio

Scottish Stained Glass isn’t just a name; it’s a legacy. With a history dating back to 1993 and over 100,000 custom pieces created, we’re not just the leading studio in Colorado Springs; we are innovators and artists. Our expertise is unmatched, our designs unparalleled. We create stained glass that’s as enduring as the Rockies, as unique as each snowflake in a Colorado winter. Our team is ready to guide you through the process, ensuring your vision becomes a radiant reality. We invite you to reach out, schedule a free consultation, and join the multitude of homeowners who have chosen Scottish Stained Glass to enrich their living spaces. Embrace the beauty of custom stained glass and let your home shine in its best light.

6 Custom Stained Glass Options for Salt Lake City Homes

Posted November 1st, 2023 by Martin Faith

Embracing home improvements can be transformative, enhancing not only the aesthetic appeal of your home but also its intrinsic value. At Scottish Stained Glass, we specialize in custom stained glass that elevates the design and functionality of your living space. Our craft transcends mere decoration, embedding personality and artistry into the very walls of your Salt Lake City residence. Stained glass isn’t just a visual pleasure; it’s an investment that can enrich every nook—from your private bathroom sanctuary to the dynamic ambiance of your kitchen.

The versatility of residential stained glass shines in its myriad applications. Imagine the morning light filtering through a colorful glass piece in your bedroom, the privacy of a beautifully patterned bathroom window, or the grandeur of an embellished entryway. Kitchens and basements rise in stature with custom glass accents, while cabinets and built-ins are transformed into focal points of intrigue. Each installation is a nod to the homeowner’s personal taste and a testament to the timeless appeal of stained glass.

Ways to Incorporate Custom Stained Glass In Salt Lake City Homes

Integrating custom stained glass into your Salt Lake City home offers more than just an upgrade—it’s a redefinition of your living space. Here’s how you can infuse the magic of stained glass into six different areas of your home:

  • Bathrooms: Privacy meets elegance in stained glass bathroom windows. They provide a natural light source while keeping prying eyes at bay, perfect for creating a spa-like retreat.
  • Entryways: A stained glass entryway makes a statement of sophistication and warmth, welcoming guests with a splash of color and design unique to your home.
  • Bedrooms: Incorporate a personal touch with a custom stained glass piece above the bed or as a room divider, crafting an ambiance of tranquility and style.
  • Basements: Often overlooked, basements can be revitalized with stained glass, adding color and a sense of space, turning them into lively recreation areas or cozy retreats.
  • Cabinets: Custom glass inserts in kitchen or living room cabinets merge functionality with beauty, showcasing your prized possessions in a new light.
  • Living Rooms: Large stained glass panels or accents can transform living rooms, creating a dramatic focal point that enhances both the room’s character and light quality.

Homeowners benefit from custom stained glass beyond mere beauty. These pieces become conversational centerpieces, increase privacy without sacrificing light, and add a bespoke element that’s uniquely yours.

Work With Salt Lake City’s Leading Custom Stained Glass Studio

With roots stretching back to 1993, Scottish Stained Glass is not just a company—it’s a heritage of excellence. Our artisans have handcrafted over 100,000 custom windows, infusing homes with the spirit and splendor of stained glass. Salt Lake City homeowners have trusted us for decades to deliver not only a product but an experience that redefines their living space.

We invite you to explore the possibilities of custom stained glass with us. Let’s envision together how these stunning additions can transform your home. Reach out today to schedule your complimentary consultation and embark on a journey to elevate your home with the beauty of custom stained glass.

The Benefits of Residential Stained Glass for Your Dallas Home

Posted November 1st, 2023 by Martin Faith

Welcome to a world where light and glass dance in harmony. At Scottish Stained Glass, we craft not just windows but gateways to a home’s soul. Envision your Dallas abode not just as a residence but as a canvas for the radiant art of stained glass. Our custom residential stained glass transforms every nook—from bathrooms that turn into spas, to bedrooms that whisper tales of light and shadow. The versatility extends to kitchens with illuminated accents, and entryways that greet with warmth. In Dallas, where each home tells a unique story, residential stained glass becomes the narrator, adding beauty and distinction to your private sanctuary.

Reasons Why You Should Install Residential Stained Glass in Dallas Homes

In the heart of Dallas, where the architecture is as diverse as its people, residential stained glass offers a unique proposition for every homeowner. Here are compelling reasons to incorporate this timeless art into your living space:

  • Enhanced Privacy Without Sacrificing Natural Light: Stained glass provides an elegant solution to privacy concerns, especially in urban or suburban areas where homes are closely situated. It allows natural light to filter through without exposing the interior of your home to passersby.
  • Customizable Artwork: Imagine a personal masterpiece that captures your story or celebrates the heritage of Dallas, right on your window. With residential stained glass, you have the ability to custom-design imagery that resonates with your personal style or the history of your surroundings.
  • Boost in Property Value: Homes with custom stained glass stand out in the real estate market. This unique feature can significantly raise your home’s appraisal value, making it an investment that pays dividends should you ever decide to sell.
  • Energy Efficiency: Modern stained glass can be crafted with energy-efficient materials, providing an extra layer of insulation. This not only regulates indoor temperature but also reduces energy bills.
  • UV Protection: Residential stained glass can protect against harmful UV rays, preserving the color and integrity of your interior furnishings while still enjoying the warmth of natural light.
  • Historical Replication or Modern Designs: Whether you’re in a century-old home needing window restoration to maintain its historical character or in a modern loft seeking a contemporary flair, residential stained glass is versatile enough to meet any design requirement.
  • A Reflection of Personal Values and Tastes: Stained glass is not just about aesthetics; it’s a statement of values and tastes. Whether it’s showcasing Texan pride, family crests, or abstract designs that reflect your personality, your home becomes a more meaningful space.
  • Low Maintenance Beauty: Unlike other art forms, stained glass requires minimal maintenance to keep its beauty intact. It’s resilient to the elements and can maintain its splendor for generations.
  • Acoustic Insulation: For homes in bustling areas, stained glass can provide an additional layer of acoustic insulation, helping to keep your space serene.
  • The Magic of Ever-Changing Light: As the day progresses, the changing angle of the sun’s rays breathes dynamic life into each stained glass piece, offering an ever-evolving ambiance that simply cannot be replicated with other decorations.

By embracing residential stained glass, Dallas homeowners are not just installing windows; they are creating legacies. These are focal points that start conversations, inspire awe, and, most importantly, make your home a sanctuary that stands out with unparalleled charm and character. When you choose Scottish Stained Glass, you are opting for more than just decoration; you are selecting a signature piece that elevates the essence of your home.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we understand the Dallas spirit, and we translate it into every piece of glass we craft. Our designs pay homage to the wide-ranging styles found throughout the city, from the historical echoes of Swiss Avenue to the sleek, modern lines of Uptown’s newest residences. With over three decades in the business, our expertise is unparalleled, and our dedication to bringing your vision to life is unwavering. The benefits are clear and the choice is yours. Illuminate your home with the elegance of custom stained glass—a hallmark of distinction in the Lone Star State.

Work With Dallas’ Leading Custom Residential Stained Glass Studio

Since 1993, Scottish Stained Glass has set the standard for exquisite stained glass windows in the nation. Crafting over 100,000 custom windows, we have honed our artistry to perfection, ensuring that each piece is not just installed, but is woven into the fabric of your home. Our work is detailed, thoughtful, and personalized, offering Dallas homeowners a seamless blend of service and skill. Choosing Scottish Stained Glass means you’re not just upgrading your windows; you’re enhancing your entire home’s narrative. We invite you to join us in this creative journey and schedule your complimentary consultation today. Embrace the opportunity to fuse light, glass, and your imagination into a masterpiece of residential stained glass.

6 Reasons to Install Custom Stained Glass in San Antonio Homes

Posted October 31st, 2023 by Martin Faith

In the heart of San Antonio, where history and culture shine, homes can be made even more beautiful with custom stained glass. From the vibrant colors of Fiesta to the serene landscapes of the Texas Hill Country, stained glass reflects the spirit and essence of our city. Delving into the world of residential stained glass, homeowners soon discover its versatility. Whether it’s for bathrooms, bedrooms, entryways, kitchens, basements, cabinets, lighting, or built-ins, there’s a stained glass solution for every nook. The resurgence in its popularity isn’t just due to its beauty; it’s a wise investment that adds value and elegance to any space in a home.

The Benefits of Custom Stained Glass for Your San Antonio Home

1. A Perfect Blend of Privacy and Aesthetics: Stained glass offers homeowners the unique ability to ensure privacy without sacrificing the entry of natural light, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

2. Curb Appeal Like Never Before: Custom stained glass not only elevates the beauty of your home from the inside but also boosts its curb appeal, making it a standout in any neighborhood.

3. An Investment in Property Value: Adding stained glass to a home often leads to a direct increase in its market value. It’s not just decor; it’s an investment.

4. Unlimited Creative Expression: Every homeowner has a unique story. With custom stained glass, that story can come to life, whether it’s through abstract designs, landscapes, or personal motifs.

5. Timeless Beauty and Versatility: Stained glass, with its timeless appeal, can be tailored to fit various home styles, from modern minimalist to classic Victorian.

6. Functionality at Its Best: Beyond beauty, stained glass addresses privacy concerns especially in areas like bathrooms or entryways, eliminating the need for drapes or blinds.

When you choose custom stained glass, you’re choosing a piece of art, a slice of San Antonio’s vibrant culture, and a functional addition that speaks volumes about your personal style.

Work With San Antonio’s Leading Custom Stained Glass Studio

For almost three decades, Scottish Stained Glass has been the name synonymous with excellence in stained glass artistry. Since 1993, we have transformed over 100,000 windows, infusing homes with the charm and elegance that only custom stained glass can provide. Our commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has made us the most reputable stained glass studio in the nation.

San Antonio homeowners, it’s time to reimagine your living spaces. Experience the magic of custom stained glass with us. Don’t wait; schedule your free consultation today!

Beautiful Custom Stained Glass Ideas for Your Denver Home

Posted October 31st, 2023 by Martin Faith

Denver, known for its stunning vistas and vibrant arts scene, offers a perfect backdrop for homeowners with a flair for aesthetic innovation. As champions of custom residential stained glass, we’ve seen its transformative power. The resurgence of this ancient art form in contemporary homes has been nothing short of phenomenal. No longer restricted to churches or historic buildings, today’s custom stained glass Denver designs have found their way into every nook and cranny of modern residences. Picture this: pristine stained glass panels adorning bathrooms, bedrooms radiating warmth through vibrant windows, entryways making grand statements, kitchens sparkling with glass-panel cabinets, basements turned into luminous havens, and even built-ins and lighting fixtures transformed into talking points. The possibilities are endless and utterly enchanting.

The Benefits of Custom Stained Glass for Your Denver Home

Embarking on a home renovation or simply looking for that signature piece to complete your décor? Here’s why custom stained glass might just be your answer.

Better Privacy and Enhanced Aesthetics: Denver homes, known for their picturesque settings, deserve windows that complement their beauty. With custom stained glass, you get the best of both worlds. Let sunlight dance through colorful panels while ensuring your personal space remains uninterrupted.

Boosting Curb Appeal and Property Value: It’s undeniable: a home with custom elements stands out. Custom stained glass Denver designs not only provide a distinct character to your home but can also act as an investment, often enhancing its market value.

A Marriage of Art and Function: In the bustling Denver arts scene, why should your home be any different? With stained glass, every day is a rendezvous with art. And beyond the visual appeal, it serves practical purposes, from energy efficiency to privacy.

Limitless Creative Expression: Stained glass is your canvas, and your home in Denver is the gallery. Whether you’re inspired by the vibrant street art of RiNo or the serene landscapes of the Rockies, custom stained glass captures your vision, bringing it to life in a spectrum of colors and patterns.

Work With the Nation’s Leading Custom Stained Glass Studio

Choosing to integrate stained glass is an exciting journey, and the path you tread is crucial. At Scottish Stained Glass, we’re not just artisans; we’re storytellers. Our legacy, established in 1993, resonates with passion, precision, and a commitment to perfection. With over 100,000 custom windows gracing homes, we’ve honed our craft, perfecting the art of translating homeowners’ dreams into tangible masterpieces. Our designs, especially tailored for the Denver landscape, ensure that each piece complements its setting while retaining its unique charm. Our intricate craftsmanship, combined with state-of-the-art technology, ensures longevity and brilliance.

So, Denver homeowners, are you ready to embark on this illuminating journey with us? A world of color, light, and unparalleled artistry awaits. Schedule your free consultation today. Let’s weave tales in glass and color, and let your home be the canvas.


Home Stained Glass Elements and Styles

Posted March 1st, 2023 by Nick Woodward

There are many different styles of stained glass to choose from when you are considering a window for your home. Happily stained glass windows are made up of a few basic elements that a professional designer, like us, uses to make a custom design. In this post, we will provide some basic information about a few of the most popular elements and what they add to a stained glass design.  This will help you decide which features you like and want for your stained glass window.  Keep reading to learn more about these lovely stained glass elements.

Stained Glass for Denver Homes

Stained glass adds a unique style to any home. Whether you prefer classic styles that feature religious imagery or modern designs with abstract shapes and vibrant colors – the possibilities are truly endless. 

Not only is stained glass a beautiful addition, but it also provides privacy while allowing natural light to enter your home at the same time. Many elements can be used, ranging from rich hues to leaded cames and curved or straight shapes. Stained glass is both timeless and beautiful. You can even have it custom-made to fit your unique Denver home. 

Why Stained Glass Works Well in Denver Homes

Stained glass has a timeless aesthetic and is making a major comeback in modern Denver homes. It adds elegance to any space and works well for glass doors, windows, and more. The vibrant colors of the stained glass pieces can create an inviting atmosphere in any room and add warmth and style. 

In addition to this visual impact, stained glass also promotes safety within a home by providing cover or blockage from any outside unwanted elements. With this workability of blocked views and colored beauty in property design, stained glass will continue to be a timeless staple of modern Denver living. Learn more about some of the elements we use in our designs to make your stained glass come to life.

Leaded, Beveled, Frosted, and Colored Stained Glass in Denver

Leaded, beveled, frosted, and colored stained glass are all excellent elements for stained glass in Denver homes. From intricate floral designs to simple, elegant geometric shapes, these elements are the way we create a  variety of options for our customer’s homes. Each has its own unique properties and effects in a design, learn more below.

Beveled Stained Glass For an Elegant Denver Home

Beveled stained glass has been used to adorn homes for centuries. It is a unique and beautiful way to bring some extra elegance into your living space. Beveled stained glass can brighten up any room with its intricate shapes and textures.  Light reflects off of the angles of each bevel creating a sparkling effect that is sure to make any home feel more special. Whether used as an accent window or a door panel, beveled stained glass is sure to be an eye-catching decoration worthy of any elegant home.

Leaded Glass for a Traditional Feel

Leaded glass is becoming increasingly popular in interior design due to its unmistakable traditional feel. The distinctive and intricate patterns allow for a classic touch that makes your space look larger and brighter. Leaded glass also helps dampen unwanted noise from the outside, making it ideal for placing near windows or sliding doors. 

Whether in kitchen cabinets or as an entryway door, leaded glass is a great way to add a timeless flair to any home décor. It conveys a sense of sophistication and character that stands out and acts as a focal point of any room. 

Frosted Stained Glass for Decorative Privacy

Frosted stained glass is a beautiful decor option for areas of your home requiring privacy. Not only does it look attractive, but it also sets an inviting atmosphere within the room. It achieves privacy without sacrificing aesthetics and often adds a luxurious finishing touch to space. It filters light rather than blocking it so it brightens the areas around it.  

With so many benefits to frosted glass stained glass, It’s no surprise it is such a popular feature for windows, doors, cabinets, and screens. Whether you’re looking to create an inviting kitchen or a private but sun-kissed entryway, frosted stained glass is just what you need!

Colored Stained Glass for an Eye-Catching Design

Add a stunning focal point to any room by adding colored stained glass to your custom design! Decorative stained glass comes in nearly every hue to complement contemporary or classic home décor. If you want to add some flair to your windows, colored stained glass will do the trick! Its multicolored facets allow light to pour through giving a  luminous gemstone effect. This makes it both elegant and eye-catching in home spaces. It’s so lovely, you really can’t go wrong integrating colorful stained glass into your window design. 

We Can Help You Choose the Right Stained Glass Style For Your Denver Home

Stained glass can add beauty and light to your home in ways no other decor can match. Each style element mentioned has its own unique charm, and the right choice for you will depend on a variety of factors. With so many options available, it may seem overwhelming to find the best fit for your home’s style. That’s where we come in! 

Our expertise gives us the ability to choose the perfect stained glass design by including some or all of the elements above. Whether you’re looking for contemporary geometric shapes or classic floral designs, we can create the look that’s just right for your living space. Contact us today to learn more about how stained glass can brighten your Denver home. 

The Three Top Reasons Denver Homeowners Install Stained Glass

Posted December 31st, 2022 by Nick Woodward

Over the last 25 years, we have worked with a lot of Denver homeowners to install stained glass on their homes. We have found our customers are always happy with the results. This is because stained glass makes such a gorgeous addition to any home. But there are more reasons than just beauty to have stained glass installed. Below we have listed the top three reasons customers come to us for stained glass in the first place.

Stained Glass For  Privacy in Your Denver Home

The number one reason Denver homeowners have stained glass installed is to get more privacy. As Denver has grown, homes have been built closer and closer together. This means neighbors and even people driving down the street can see straight into homes here. This introduces the need for stained glass in areas of houses that need privacy. Rooms like the bathrooms and bedrooms are top among them.  Also, a popular place for privacy stained glass is the sidelights next to doors. In a location like this, stained glass also adds security in addition to privacy. 

Stained Glass for Adding Resale Value to Your Denver Home

When looking to add long-term value to a Denver home, stained glass is the perfect addition. Many customers come to us looking for lovely stained glass to upgrade the decor of their homes. While it does work perfectly to improve the look of any style of home, there is also a financial benefit as well. Stained glass will appraise for much more per square foot than it costs to have installed. In fact, stained glass often appraises for over 10x the initial cost. This makes stained glass a smart investment for any home in Denver.

Stained Glass For a Custom Denver Home Look

A lot of the people who buy stained glass from us are looking for a custom look to their home. There is truly nothing better to add unique style to a home than stained glass. Whether it is created for a modern or vintage home, stained glass will fit right in. Also, we craft custom stained glass for customers all the time. This makes it the perfect way to express a homeowner’s personal aesthetics in the most stunning way

If you are thinking about stained glass for your home, we are the Denver area’s stained glass professional to work with. We have over two decades of experience working with homeowners just like you on stained glass creations to grace their homes. We are happy to give you a free design consultation and upfront pricing, so contact us today to schedule something today.

Antique Stained Glass Restoration in Fort Collins

Posted December 19th, 2022 by Nick Woodward

In Fort Collins, some of the older homes feature stained glass windows, which significantly increase the value of their properties. Not only are they beautiful, but these historic pieces often become family heirlooms to be passed down for generations.

It’s typical for residential stained glass to require restoration every 75 to 100 years. Taking this precautionary measure will maintain its beauty and stability for centuries, potentially raising the value of your home in the process.

The Value of Stained Glass

Antique residential stained glass is not only beautiful but also offers sentimental value. So, if you see any signs of deterioration, it’s important to start the restoration process as soon as possible. If you wait too long, the damage may become irreparable and end up costing more than replacing the entire piece, which would be a real shame.

Stained Glass Assessments for Fort Collins Homes

Here at our professional stained glass restoration studio, the process begins with an on-site assessment completed by one of our trained expert technicians. This detailed assessment will outline not only the underlying causes of damage but also a cost-benefit analysis. Furthermore, it includes an appraisal of your stained glass, project timeline, and project estimate.

This assessment provides a comprehensive overview of your proposed stained glass restoration project. Our assessments help our customers plan and budget for the project and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

 Fort Collins’ Stained Glass Restoration Experts

At Scottish Stained Glass, we’re proud to be the leading experts in stained glass restoration serving Fort Collins and the surrounding area. We have years of experience working on residential, commercial, and religious restorations all over the country. If you need help with a stained glass restoration project, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Modern Stained Glass in Colorado Springs

Posted December 19th, 2022 by Nick Woodward

A lot of people only think of churches when they imagine stained glass, but it’s becoming a popular choice for decoration in both commercial and home settings. It makes sense–stained glass often has intricate designs, plus you can use a bunch of different colors to liven up any room.

There are endless possibilities for how you can incorporate stained glass into a modern home. Just take a look at some of the best images we found on Pinterest! They’re sure to give you some great ideas for how to style your Colorado Springs home.

Kitchen Cabinet Stained Glass to Fill Out Kitchen Style

If you want to modernize your kitchen without sacrificing any elegance, then go for stained glass! For example, take a look at this beautiful and trendy cupboard. The clear glass provides visibility into each section, but the sleek design blocks out any potential clutter. This style is not only popular now but timeless as well.


Stained Glass Dividers for Modern at Home Work Spaces

For a fashionable way to partition your living space or create detailed areas in your home, use stained glass. This gorgeous method can be modernized with the right design and pattern. For example, the room divider below is made from colorful stained glass with a geometric abstract pattern that adds intrigue to any plain space. The best part about using stained glass for privacy screens is that they let in natural light while still providing some level of seclusion—perfect for Reading nooks or small home offices!

Modern Stained Glass Bathroom Windows for Privacy and Style

In the past, bathroom windows made from stained glass have been quite ordinary, usually a combination of textured and beveled glass with an occasional pop of color. But it’s time for a change in line with evolving tastes. This abstract and simply gorgeous modernstained glass window is the look of the future–and we love it!

We at Scottish Stained Glass would be more than happy to help you achieve the perfect look for your Colorado Springs home with our modern stained glass designs! Contact us today to get started.

Best Stained Glass Window Ideas for Your Home

Posted December 19th, 2022 by Nick Woodward
stained glass windows salt lake city homes

Having a home that accurately reflects your personality is important because it’s the place you spend most of your time. Designing your home to showcase your taste demonstrates distinction.

For an elevated and luxurious look in your Salt Lake City home, add some stained glass windows. Though they seem like a small change, they have the power to dramatically alter the feel of any room. We love these ways to include leaded and beveled glass in everyday living spaces:

Stunning Stained Glass for Your Salt Lake City Home

Seeing pictures of exquisitely decorated homes in magazines may leave you feeling envious, but there is good news. There is a simple way that you can make your house look like it came straight out of a home magazine. Use the tips below to add stained glass windows to your Salt Lake City abode and give it an upgrade in style.

Stained Glass Interior Doors

Leaded glass inserts are a great way to make any room look more expensive instantly. They add privacy and importance without making the room feel closed off. This makes your home look open and inviting but also high-end and custom.

Stained Glass Transoms & Doorways

If you have any windows located up high on your home’s walls, like transoms or cut-outs above doorways, try swapping out the flat glass for stained glass. You’ll love how it pulls attention to the height of your home and makes it appear larger.

Stained Glass Bathroom Windows

You can design a stunning bathroom with stained glass windows for more privacy. If you want to achieve the same look and feel as in high-end spas, consider swapping out your regular windows for stained glass.

Scottish Studios to Add Stained Glass to Your Home

Create a more colorful home with stained glass windows. Our Salt Lake City-based team is eager to help you get started on your new project. We are the SLC areas most prolific stained glass studio, and we would love to create a home stained glass masterpiece for you! Reach out to us today.


3 Exquisite Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Your Fort Worth Home

Posted November 1st, 2022 by Martin Faith
3 bathroom stained glass fort worth

Your bathroom windows play the essential role of letting in light. Without them, the room would seem small, dim, and rather uninviting. Yet, at the same time, you need to protect your privacy. The solution? Bathroom stained glass! Below, we’ve shared three beautiful examples of bathroom stained glass windows for your Fort Worth home. Read More

Where to Use Stained Glass in Your Fort Collins Home for Privacy

Posted October 26th, 2022 by Martin Faith
stained glass fort collins home privacy

These days, when it comes to windows, the philosophy is generally “the bigger, the better.” Large windows and floor to ceiling glass are all the rage, but when it comes to privacy, they pose a challenge. That’s where stained glass for your Fort Collins home can help. By switching out your window glass with a stained or leaded glass unit, you can obtain the privacy you need without blocking light. Read More

Elegant Entryway Stained Glass for Colorado Springs Homes

Posted October 26th, 2022 by Martin Faith

Could your entryway use a little TLC? If so, consider entryway stained glass for your Colorado Springs home! Read More

3 Enchanting Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Your Salt Lake City Home

Posted October 26th, 2022 by Martin Faith
3 bathroom stained glass salt lake city

Do your bathroom windows look dull and ordinary? Or worse, are you covering them up with curtains to create privacy? Step into the enchanting world of bathroom stained glass! Our bathroom stained glass windows offer Salt Lake City homeowners a unique, exciting way to enhance ordinary windows and create a beautiful look for their home. Read More

3 Stunning Examples of Entryway Stained Glass in Kansas City

Posted October 25th, 2022 by Martin Faith

You’ve seen all kinds of custom doors, welcome mats, and cute decorations. But nothing makes as much of an impact on an entryway as stained glass. Whether you’re looking to add some privacy or increase your curb appeal, entryway stained glass for your Kansas City home is a beautiful choice. To help you feel inspired, we’ve shared some of our favorite examples below! Read More

Stained Glass for Better Privacy in Your Dallas Home

Posted October 25th, 2022 by Martin Faith
stained glass privacy dallas

Finding privacy in today’s busy world can be challenging. We spend our time in crowded offices, traffic-packed streets, and busy homes. But as difficult as it can be to find, privacy is simply something you can’t live without. That’s why you should consider stained glass for your Dallas home. With stained glass, you can easily create the privacy you need from neighbors, guests, and family, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed when you’re at home. Read More

Enhance Your Privacy with Stained Glass for Your Austin Home

Posted October 24th, 2022 by Martin Faith
privacy stained glass austin home

Privacy can be hard to come by these days. That’s why an increasing number of homeowners in Austin are turning to creative solutions like privacy stained glass. Read More

Beautiful Entryways with Stained Glass for Your Houston Home

Posted October 24th, 2022 by Martin Faith

When you meet someone new for the first time, you want to look your best. You put on your best outfit, style your hair, and try to make a good impression. Your home is no different. Your entryway is the first thing that guests see when they come to visit your home, so it’s important that it makes a good impression. With entryway stained glass, Houston homeowners can create an alluring entrance that looks inviting and enticing to visitors. Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite entryways to give you inspiration! Read More

3 Gorgeous Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Your Denver Home

Posted October 24th, 2022 by Martin Faith
3 bathroom stained glass denver

The power of a bubble bath is not to be underestimated. If you’ve been using your bathroom simply for routine hygiene, you’re missing out. Your spa can be used for so much more than taking quick showers and brushing your teeth. With just a little bit of effort, you can turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa. That’s where bathroom stained glass for your Denver home can help! Read More

Enchanting Kitchens & Dining Rooms with Stained Glass in Denver

Posted April 22nd, 2022 by Martin Faith

Are you the type of person that loves to entertain and throw parties? Or do you love to cook, bake, and come up with new culinary creations? If so, you probably spend a good amount of time in your kitchen and dining area. Our stained glass windows make fabulous additions to these lively areas of your home. Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite photos of kitchens and dining rooms in Denver with stained glass. Read More

Inspiring Ways to Use Stained Glass in Your Dallas Home Remodel

Posted March 3rd, 2022 by Martin Faith
stained glass dallas home remodel

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably spent more time at home in the last couple of years because of the pandemic. When you’re at home more often, you start to notice little things that bug you. Then, before you know it, you find yourself in the middle of a whole home remodel. Read More

Beautiful Stained Glass Interior Doors for Your Houston Home

Posted March 3rd, 2022 by Martin Faith

Open layouts are all the rage these days. Having an open layout can make your home seem larger and more inviting. Natural light flows freely through the interior and your home is easier to navigate. But when it comes to privacy, an open layout can cause problems and you simply need a little separation. That’s what makes stained glass interior doors for your Houston home such a great option! Below, we’ve listed some beautiful examples for you to look at. Read More

Elegant Stained Glass Cabinet Ideas for your Denver Home

Posted March 2nd, 2022 by Martin Faith
cabinet stained glass denver home

Your cabinets are more than just storage space. They also make a prominent impact on the design and appearance of the room. With cabinet stained glass, Denver homeowners can create instant transformations that enhance the ambiance and aesthetic appearance of any space. Read More

Damage Home Stained Glass?  Here Are The Benefits of Restoration Over Removal

Posted August 31st, 2021 by Martin Faith

A lot of Fort Worth homes in our city have antique stained glass. It is some of the most beautiful in the country. Each window has a distinct look and story to tell, but when these windows get very old they can be dangerous.  Also, if not restored they will likely reach a point where they can no longer be restored. At this point, a homeowner must decide whether to have them removed and replaced or to go ahead with a restoration instead.

Damaged  Stained Glass Windows Are Still Valuable

Most Fort Worth home stained glass windows can be restored even after they are damaged by hail, window, or just general breakage. Restoring your home’s stained glass windows will be expensive, but it’s a worthy investment. Once restored they are 4x more valuable than new ones.   In fact, it will take decades for new stained glass to gain the same value as antique.  Restoring your Fort Worth home’s stained glass has other benefits too.  For instance, when you go to sell, your restored stained glass could easily increase the price of your home and help it sell faster too. 

The Look of Your Stained Glass Will Not Change

Sometimes homeowners are hesitant to have their stained glass restored because they love their current windows so much and think it will alter them.  The truth is, when we restore stained glass we return it to its exact design.  We even have the ability to match stained glass colors from over 100 years ago.  This means, when we are done, your home stained glass will look the same–but just be a better version of the one we took to our studio to repair. 

Scottish Stained Glass For Your Home Stained Glass Restoration

If your home stained glass shows signs of wear it is a good idea to have us come and consult with you. In the case of very old ColoradoFort Worth stained glass, it is best not to wait because the damage will only grow worse and more costly to repair over time. Contact us today for a free, onsite consultation.


Enchanting Stained Glass Windows for your Fort Worth Home

Posted August 12th, 2021 by Martin Faith
stained glass windows fort worth

Looking at stained glass is like taking a step back in time to a period when true craftsmanship and artistry prevailed. Adding stained glass windows to your Fort Worth home can give it a look of grandeur and old world elegance. From bathrooms and bedrooms to kitchens, dining rooms, and beyond, almost any room looks beautiful with stained glass.

Today, homeowners have tons of different styles of stained glass they can choose from. You can even have your very own design custom-made! To give you some inspiration, we’ve shared some of our favorite works below.


Read More

Comparing Stained Glass Styles for your Fort Collins Home

Posted August 12th, 2021 by Martin Faith
stained glass styles fort collins

Stained glass windows are a lovely ornament feature as well as a practical choice that can add functionality to your home. For areas that need privacy like bedrooms, entryways, and bathrooms, stained glass is an excellent option because it reduces visibility without blocking light. In kitchens and dining areas, it makes a great showpiece and can also be added to cabinet doors to hide clutter.

When comparing stained glass styles for your Fort Collins home, it’s important to choose a design that complements your architecture and existing décor. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite options. Read More

Add Elegance to Your Dining Room with Stained Glass in Colorado Springs

Posted August 11th, 2021 by Martin Faith
dining room stained glass colorado springs

Your dining room is a special place. It’s where you share holiday meals with your family and spending your time hosting parties and special events. So of course you want a dining room that impresses, but what if you don’t know where to start?

Consider adding stained glass to the dining room of your Colorado Springs home! Stained glass will not only make your dining room look beautiful and elegant, but also create privacy.

Below, we’ve listed our favorite dining room stained glass ideas. Read More

Beautiful, Functional Ways to Use Stained Glass in Your Salt Lake City Home

Posted August 11th, 2021 by Martin Faith

Stained glass is one of the world’s oldest and most enchanting art forms. For centuries, man has used these dazzling works of art to fill spaces with light and color and share stories of the past.

Not only do these colorful, elaborate works look beautiful in churches, but they can also make a charming addition to your home. Below, we’ve listed some beautiful, functional ways to use stained glass in your Salt Lake City home.

Read More

Stunning Examples of Transom Stained Glass for your Dallas Home

Posted August 11th, 2021 by Martin Faith
transom stained glass dallas home

Do you live in a home with transom windows? Transoms are the small windows on the uppermost portion of your wall. Their purpose is to let extra light into your home.

Unfortunately, in terms of aesthetics, they don’t bring much to the table. Most transoms are made with flat glass and are rather plain-looking. Some even detract from the beauty of the room by showcasing brick walls or a neighbor’s home.

That’s what makes stained glass a great option for transoms. Below, we’ve listed some beautiful examples of transom stained glass for Dallas homes. Read More

Beautiful Places for Stained Glass Windows in your San Antonio Home

Posted August 10th, 2021 by Martin Faith
stained glass windows san antonio home

There’s an art to creating a beautiful home. Intentionality is key. No detail should be overlooked, no matter how small.

Then there’s the matter of home décor. The right décor can make a tremendous difference, transforming the most dreary of spaces into a beautiful, inviting environment.

That’s where stained glass windows for your San Antonio home can help. Below, we’ve discussed some of the various ways that stained glass can be used to decorate your home. Read More

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