Vernon AME Church Stained Glass Restoration Case Study

Posted November 29th, 2023 by Martin Faith

Nestled in the heart of a vibrant community, the Vernon AME Church stands as a testament to resilience and faith. Over the years, its stained glass windows, rich in history and artistry, had slowly succumbed to the ravages of time. This case study unfolds the journey of restoring these windows, bringing back their original glory while preserving the church’s legacy.

The Challenge: Deteriorating Beauty and Heritage

The stained glass windows of Vernon AME Church, a cornerstone of the community’s spiritual and cultural life, were showing alarming signs of wear. Bulging, cracking, and dirt accumulation not only marred their beauty but also posed a safety hazard. These windows, more than just architectural elements, held historical significance and narrated stories of faith and resilience. The challenge was not only to restore their aesthetic appeal but also to ensure their structural integrity for years to come.

The Decision: Choosing a Path of Restoration

Faced with the option of replacing or restoring, the choice was clear: restoration was imperative to preserve the church’s heritage. Scottish Stained Glass, renowned for its meticulous restoration process, was chosen for this critical task. Unlike other methods that might offer quick fixes, Scottish Stained Glass’s approach was comprehensive, addressing both aesthetic and structural needs. This ensured that the church’s stained glass windows would be restored to their original beauty and strength, ready to withstand the test of time.

The Restoration Process: A Blend of Art and Science

The restoration process was a testament to Scottish Stained Glass’s expertise. Each window was painstakingly removed and transported to their workshop. The process began with a thorough cleaning, where years of grime and dirt were gently removed, revealing the vibrant colors hidden beneath. Using a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, each piece of glass was carefully cataloged, and damaged pieces were replaced with meticulously matched ones.
Reassembling the windows involved using new lead cames, custom-made to replicate the originals but with added strength. Every joint was soldered with precision, and a special cementing process was used for waterproofing and added durability. The restored windows were not just visually restored but structurally fortified, ensuring their longevity.
The final step was the careful reinstallation of the windows, with attention to the framing and protective measures to shield them from environmental factors. The church now had windows that sparkled like new, their stories and beauty preserved for future generations.

Preserving History with Scottish Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass, with its commitment to excellence, has been a leader in stained glass restoration. Our work with Vernon AME Church is a testament to our dedication to preserving historical treasures. If your church or historic building has stained glass in need of restoration, we invite you to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to help you preserve your heritage. Visit our website or call us for a consultation, and let us help you bring your stained glass back to life.
In addition to Vernon AME Church, we have proudly served various neighborhoods and are ready to bring our expertise to your project. Trust us to be your partner in preserving history.

Reasons to Restore Your Historical Commercial Stained Glass in the New Year

Posted December 31st, 2022 by Nick Woodward

Stained glass in churches is common in Houston. However, it is also a popular feature of historical buildings. This is because everything from stained glass signs in restaurants to stained glass transom windows in banks were popular architectural features in the early 20th century. 

However, stained glass windows of this age are, for the most part, in need of restoration. Stained glass needs restoration about every 100 years. If not tended to, it could fall into permanent disrepair.  Beyond the fact that stained glass needs to be restored or it could fall into permanent disrepair. This is a good reason to have them repaired, but there are other excellent reasons too. 

Restoring Commercial Stained Glass is Good For the Community

When we take on a job restoring historical stained glass windows, we have found the entire community takes notice. Furthermore, they even get involved. They often support fundraising efforts, and some communities even give historical restoration grants to keep these treasures intact. If your Houston commercial stained glass is over 100 years old, it is considered historical and could qualify for community grants like these. 

Restoring Commercial Stained Glass is Good For Business 

There is no denying that stained glass is lovely. It is a unique feature that clients and patrons just love. It attracts people into businesses with its beauty and helps people remember a space. Which is getting it repaired is a good marketing and business decision. Whatever your stained glass looks like now, does not compare to what it will look like once it is restored. The money you invest will buy you a stained glass work of art that is bright and eye-catching. It will attract new customers and enhance your Houston commercial space brand.  

Restoring Commercial Stained Glass Preserves A Piece of Houston History

Stained glass windows in commercial spaces are part of Houston’s rich history. Whether it was made by a famous studio or an unknown artist it has intrinsic historical value. When you spend your time and money to preserve it, you are preserving a little piece of the Houston area history.  It is an excellent way to keep Houston’s past intact and may even qualify for historical grants to do so. 

Houston’s Historical Stained Glass Restoration Specialist

For more information on how to begin your historical stained glass restoration, reach out to us today. We are happy to come out and assess your glass. Once we do, we will be able to give you upfront pricing and a timeline that works with your Houston business’s busy schedule. 

Is Stained Glass Restoration Worth it?

Posted February 21st, 2022 by Martin Faith

Deciding whether or not to restore your Salt Lake City church stained glass is an important decision.  You would be surprised just how attached congregants get to these inspirational symbols.   We often make an argument for having stained glass restoration done in churches based soley on hte congregants’ love of it.  However, there are more practical reasons to have it done as well. 

Stained Glass Restoration Improves Glass Luster

Over time, the effects of weather and the build-up of dirt and debris can greatly dull the original colors in your stained glass windows.  In fact, when we return restored stained glass to churches, they look like entirely new windows.   Once the restoration is done it greatly enhances the different hues and even changes how the sunlight refracts into your Salt Lake City church space. The colors will appear brighter and deeper than ever before– returning the window to its original beauty.

Stained Glass Restoration Reinforces Support Structure

Restoration of stained glass windows isn’t only about how they look.  It is also about ensuring they last a long time too.  If your stained glass is over 100 years old, the lead has likely become brittle.  Lead that is old and brittle will bend and break under the weight of the glass.  This will cause the whole window to sag and eventually, glass pieces will start to fall out.  Stained glass restoration is a way to replace old lead with newer, better lead. The new additives put in modern lead will allow your church stained glass window to last another 200 years. 

Stained Glass Restoration Improves the Function of Your Stained Glass 

We see cracks and holes in church stained glass all the time.  Stained glass windows, like any other window in your church, serve a practical purpose.  They keep out the elements and keep heated and cooled air in.  If you have a crack or a hole in your Salt Lake City church’s stained glass windows, it is not functioning properly.  This could lead to high utility bills or moisture getting into your church to damage other structures.  When we restore stained glass we take extra protective measures—such as proper ventilation and protective glazes/covering.  These will help your stained glass function better as part of the interior environment.


Contact us to learn more about how we restore windows and to book an appointment for a free church stained glass restoration consultation anywhere in the Salt Lake City area.

Stained Glass Restoration for the Vernon A.M.E. Church in Tulsa

Posted June 4th, 2021 by Martin Faith
stained glass restoration vernon ame church tulsa

Tulsa is a city full of beauty, character, and history. Today, it is home to two very-well known universities, as well as numerous museums, parks, and an attractive array of art deco buildings. But modern Tulsa is far different from the city it once was. Read More

Restoration Process For Fort Collins Churches

Posted September 24th, 2020 by Martin Faith

So you’re ready to begin restoration on the stained glass of your Fort Collins church but you are unsure what to expect.  Read below to find out just what will happen from the time we walk through your chapel doors to the moment we leave!

Church Stained Glass Restoration Begins with An Assessment

Our restoration process always begins with an on-site assessment of the condition of your stained glass. This a key step to help us understand the exact scope of the project and to ensure we give you precise stained glass restoration pricing.  We consider things like glass deterioration, structural deterioration, dust and debris, and leading composition.  Then we come up with a custom-tailored plan just for your Fort Collins church

We Remove the Stained Glass to Restore It

When we begin the stained glass restoration we almost always carefully remove the glass and transport it to our studio for cleaning and repairs.  It really depends on the age of your windows and the degree of damage to the stained glass and surrounding frame.  But since old stained glass almost always has failing lead caming–this step is needed to do the job right.

We Restore the Stained Glass  

Once the window is carefully dismantled and transported to our studio we begin the stained glass repair.  This involves making a pencil lead rubbing of the window so we know which piece goes where after restoration.  We then remove the old leading because it is brittle and ready to fail.  Once the leading is gone we take the glass panels out and soak them for deep cleaning of years of debris and dust.  We then reconstruct any framing elements, replace broken or chipped glass panels, and put the new glass back in place.  We use modern leading techniques and materials on the newly reassembled window.  The good news is–modern leading could easily last another 200 years before needing to be replaced.

We Return The Lovely Refurbished Window to Your Church 

Finally, the “new” stained glass window is carefully loaded up and delivered back to its original home–your church.  Our restoration crew carefully replaces the entire window or missing parts.  The crews are sure to use care in and around your church space and leave your chapel better than they found it.  This step is our favorite because we get to see the outcome of all our hard labor in your lovingly restored church stained glass window.

For more information on church stained glass repair or restoration–contact us today!

3 Reasons to Restore Your Austin Church’s Stained Glass

Posted September 17th, 2020 by Martin Faith

Stained glass is known for being incredibly durable.  However, like any art form or architectural feature–eventually, it needs to be repaired or restored.  These processes are actually easier than one may think and affordable as well.  Typically vintage stained glass will last at least 80 years before needing to be restored–but could need it sooner depending on the condition from wear and tear.  Also, there are many practical reasons to get your Austin church’s stained glass restored.

What Restoration Means For Your Austin Church

Restoring Stained Glass Adds Value:  As your church’s stained glass ages it starts to get cracks, nicks, and accrue blemishes. Also, the lead starts to become brittle and fall out.  This type of damage significantly reduces any value from antiquity the glass may have gained.  The best way to keep the glass from total failure, while at the same time preserving its value, is to have it restored.

Restoring Stained Glass Improves Aesthetics:  As stained glass ages, it may appear to be fading but actually the issue is the building up of environmental debris.  Also, oftentimes pieces start to gap out from the leading, fall out or the window starts to sag all together.  None of these conditions are particularly attractive.  The solution, of course, is to have your church’s stained glass restored to its former state of beauty. 

Restoring Stained Glass Preserves History: When stained glass reaches the age at which it needs to be restored, it is usually very old.  In fact, it may even be considered an antique.   This means it is a representation of a time in our country that is bygone and worthy of preservation.  Stained glass windows in Austin churches over 80 years old have seen a lot of history in their day and even more events: marriages, funerals, baptisms, and more.  By restoring your church’s stained glass window, you preserve a little piece of your church’s past that would otherwise be gone forever.

For more information on church stained glass window restoration, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

To Repair, Restore Remove: Antique Stained Glass Restoration

Posted February 26th, 2020 by Martin Faith

When it comes to stained glass that is more than 80 years old–decisions about long-term care and restoration need to be made.  Whether this antique stained glass is in your Fort Collins church, school or home–the questions are the same. You must ask and decide what the best course of action is. This usually comes down to one of 3 choices:  repair, restore or remove.

 When to Have Stain Glass Repaired

Stained glass should be repaired when the issues concerning the glass are minimal.  Things like cleaning chipped glass panels and small pieces of missing leading. Also, the glass should be less than 80 years old to only consider restoration.  This is because stained glass older than 80 years old likely has structural issues and needs to be restored. 

When to Have Stained Glass Restored

Stained glass needs to be fully restored about after the age of 80.  As it were, stained glass was only designed to last 80-100 years before needing restoration due to the materials makers had at the time.  When a stained glass is restored it is removed from your home or church and taken to our studio for repairs. This usually includes new caming, new support structures, new or restored glass panels, and a deep cleaning.

When to Have Stained Glass Removed

The very last resort for stained glass is removal.  This happens when the window as a whole is beyond repair.  In this case, there simply is no salvaging the window as a whole.  However, we here at Scottish can build you a spectacular new window to take its place that will last for 200+ years!

For more information on stained glass repair and restoration here in Fort Collins or for a custom stained glass inquiry, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

Is Stained Glass Restoration a Cost-Effective Solution?

Posted February 24th, 2020 by Martin Faith
stained glass restoration san antonio cost

/tion Perhaps one of your members recently pointed out a crack in your church’s stained glass windows. Or maybe you’ve noticed that the colors aren’t shining as bright as usual. Either way, you knew something was off.

So you called in the experts and they’ve confirmed, you need stained glass restoration. But in San Antonio, hiring a professional to fix your windows can cost thousands of dollars.

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Why Is Church Stained Glass Important to Restore?

Posted December 9th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Church stained glass can offer so many incredible benefits that go behind just antique value. With so many advantages that can come from a single stained glass feature, churches usually want to keep theirs in the best condition. Did you know that all stained glass requires restoration around the 75-year to 100-year mark? This is true of church stained glass as well, meaning you’ll want to be timely about your restorations before replacement is required.

The Advantages of Church Stained Glass Restoration in Dallas

  • Antique value: Antique value can considerably impact the overall value of your property. Antique stained glass that’s restored is worth an exponentially larger amount that unrestored stained glass. Maintaining antique value is a better investment, providing a higher appraisal value than new replacement stained glass windows.
  • Historical value: Historical value adds exposure for your church and community. It expands the demographic of individuals who may be interested in seeing your beautiful works of art. This tourist interest can help generate interest as well as revenue for your community.
  • Sentimental value: Individuals in your congregation often find inspiration, hope, and guidance through stained glass features. They easily become a family tradition that’s treasured by future generations. Stained glass can also bring people together, providing that shared sense of awe.
  • More cost-efficient: Restoration is often more affordable than replacement. The more proactive you are with restoration, the less expensive it should be. A full replacement has significant expenses and eliminates antique, historical, and sentimental value.

Work with Dallas’ Leading Church Stained Glass Restoration Experts

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the leading church stained glass restoration experts serving the Dallas area. Our industry-leading techniques can provide at least another century of beauty, ensuring future generations will be able to love them too. Contact us today regarding your restoration needs!


Kansas City Church Stained Glass:  To Remove or Replace?

Posted July 10th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Kansas and Missouri are well known for their many churches, many of which were made in the late 19th and early 20th century.   One thing a lot of these churches have in common is many of them need restoration of their stained glass due to damage and wear and tear over time.  In fact, if your Kansas City church was built before 1930, your glass to may need some sort of restoration. The question many church patrons have and you may have too is–which is better restoration or replacement?  That is something only your church body can ultimately answer but we can give you some guidance on the benefits related to keeping your stained glass.

The Key Benefit Of Restoring Stained Glass

We like to say the main reason for keeping stained glass and restoring it rather than removing it boils down to value. However, value can be broken down into three things.  

Restoring Kansas City Church Stained Glass, Rather Than Replacing Keeps Its Value 

  1. Kansas City Church Stained Glass Has Historic Value:  Many Kansas and Missouri churches were built in a changing time here in the US at the turn of the century.  The world was changing as new inventions like the telegraphs, telephones, cars, and planes came into existence,  The stained glass made here in Kansas was simply built in a different time and keenly reflects that era. This means the glass on your 80-100- year old Kansas City church has some pretty significant historical value.  No, it may not be worth its historical value in cash but you simply cannot put a price on preserving a bygone era. Therefore you Kansas City church stained glass is something very valuable and a prime candidate to restore not replace.
  2. Kansas City Church Stained Glass Has Sentimental Value: Just like historical value, sentimental value is real but hard to quantify.  But, there are likely church members who have experienced many of the most important events of their life beneath the stained glass windows of your KC church.  This means the stained glass windows have born witness to baptisms, funerals, and marriages. For the sake of those members and future generations restoring your stained glass windows, is something that benefits the body as a whole.
  3. Kansas City Church Stained Glass Has Monetary Value: Actual monetary value is always something to consider as well.  If your KC church windows are very old (over 100 years) they are antiques and well worth restoring rather than replacing.  However, some stained glass windows in the Kansas City area could have been created by famous artisans or studios. In these rare cases, restoring them is essential. To know the exact monetary value of your church’s stained glass windows you will have to have them assessed by a professional.  However, even if there is no significant monetary value, the aforementioned values are often reasons to have your church stained glass restored in lieu of replaced.

For more information on stained glass restoration here in Kansas City or to schedule an assessment, contact us at Kansas City Stained Glass today!

From Broken To Beautiful – How Scottish Stained Glass Fort Worth Can Help Restore Church Stained Glass

Posted July 9th, 2019 by Martin Faith
church stained glass restoration fort worth

Churches contain some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in the world. Notre Dame de Paris, Sainte-Chapelle, and Chartres Cathedral are some of the most illuminating examples. But even in urban U.S. cities, beautiful stained glass windows can still be found. They are like rare gems, a reminder of the past shining brilliantly among modern buildings.

Many congregations treasure their stained glass. The beautiful, intricate windows are truly magnificent, and people are proud to have such a beautiful church. So of course, when the stained glass breaks or becomes damaged, it’s very distressing. But fortunately, there’s a way to resurrect these historic works. Our process for stained glass restoration helps Fort Worth churches rehabilitate broken and aged stained glass, renewing its strength and beauty.

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From Broken to Beautiful: How Scottish Stained Glass Kansas City Can Help Restore Church Stained Glass

Posted July 2nd, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained glass has played a significant role amongst churches for centuries. Originally utilized to convey the teachings of the Bible for the illiterate, stained glass often showcases important scenes and messages. Many churches in Kansas City continue this tradition of using stained glass to portray figures and messages that are important to their congregations. When your stained glass sustains damages or begins to deteriorate due to age, restoration is an incredible process that can return these pieces of art back to their original condition.

The Advantages of Stained Glass Restoration for Kansas City Churches

Restoration is available for those looking to keep their existing stained glass windows. Restoration is typically a more cost-effective option than replacement but must be properly timed. If you wait too long to restore your stained glass, there’s a good chance that more damage can create higher costs that make replacement a cheaper option. Whether your religious stained glass has age-related damage or has sustained severe damages from storms, vandalism, etc., restoration is an option. Our comprehensive restoration process offers another century to your stained glass’ lifespan. By addressing all damaged glass, creating new lead came and joints, cleaning glass panels, and other proprietary steps, we’re able to bring your stained glass back to its original condition. We always prioritize proper preservation and paying homage to the original artist’s intention.

Work with Kansas City’s Trusted Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to be the trusted stained glass restoration studio serving Kansas City. We’re honored to have worked with numerous churches from all across the nation. Our renowned restoration process has successfully restored countless stained glass windows. Work with the best restoration artists to ensure your piece is properly restored and respected.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration for your Kansas City church, please contact us!

What We Look For In Our Stained Glass Inspections

Posted June 13th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass Inspections In Kansas City

When a church here in Kansas City calls us to talk about their stained glass, they almost always have an issue already at hand.  It could be their stained glass is dull and lifeless or they have a small missing piece of glass that they would like replaced. It is almost always the case that we will want to come to inspect the stained glass ourselves to see what the problem is and what other problems there might be.  This is because when stained glass windows begin to deteriorate, it is almost always a cascade effect. Meaning, one issue is almost always tied to another and the issues progressively get worse. This allows us to not only tell you what is happening with your stained glass windows but what is likely to happen next.  Below are few things we will look for during an inspection, some innocuous, some indicative of a larger issue.

Stained Glass Inspections Points

Dull or Dirty Stained Glass:  Most stained glass windows in the KC area and across the US are in need of a good cleaning.  You will be shocked when you see your glass with life and lust when it was new. We can clean the glass in place of as part of a full restoration

Broken Stained Glass:  Stain glass, like regular glass breaks from accidents and even bad weather.  This type of damage is normal and not usually cause for concern unless linked to a bigger issue like lead degradation or sagging frames.

Gaps In Stained Glass: This is usually a sign that the structure of your stained glass is starting to fail and the lead is probably the culprit. Most of the time this is one of the first signs that restoration is needed or will be needed soon.

Cracks In Stained Glass: Cracks in stained glass come with the weight shifting over time, an object hitting the glass or the framing beginning to give way.  The issue with cracks is–they only get worse over time as the glass pieces rub against one another. Meaning it is time to start thinking restoration.

Bowing or Sagging Of Glass:  This is a fairly telltale sign that you need a full church stained glass restoration because it means the structural elements of the window are failing under the weight of the glass.  The window will fail sooner rather than later in this case and needs to be reinforced.

Missing or cracked leading:  Over time leads stretches and/or cracks.  We are at a point now where the lead on stained glass made 80 years ago is no longer secure.  If you are having lead caming issues, it is time to get your stained glass restored. The good news is, the new lead formula we use for stained glass restoration will last another 200 years before needing to be replaced.

Don’t’ wait to have your church stained glass inspected so you can formulate a plan for possible future restoration.  Contact Scottish Stained Glass today to schedule a visit from us.

How Long to Wait Before Beginning Stained Glass Restoration Process in Salt Lake City

Posted June 13th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass Restoration In Salt Lake City

Having the stained glass on your Salt Lake City church repaired is not something most congregations look forward to doing, primarily because of the expense.  However, it is something that, once finished, every congregation we have dealt with has been overwhelmingly pleased they did. Beyond the new look of their restored stained glass windows, is the fact that they know their hard work, giving of time and money and efforts mean these amazing works of art will last another 5 generations. So, how long should your church wait before getting your church’s stained glass restored?  Well, if your glass is over 80 years old, the answer is not very long.

Minor Repairs To  Broken Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass

Small repairs like chipped glass or cleanings are not pressing but actually an easy fix if done sooner rather than later. We can tell you if we need to do small repairs with simple drop-in work– which entails cutting the came flange around the broken piece of glass at the solder joints then folding it back together. We can also inspect your window at that time to see if you need a larger restoration.

Repairing Cracks In Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass

For very badly cracked stained glass–the time for restoration is close at hand and replacing these pieces is really your only choice.  In these cases, we usually will remove and restore the window and the glass. We can do spot fixes on some smaller cracks but it is important to note: cracks in stained glass will enlarge over time as the edges grind against one another.  Also, cracks are usually a symptom of structural damage–which means you window may no longer be stable.

Repairing Structural Damage To Stained Glass

If you have a failing structure on the stained glass of your Salt Lake City church, it is not only time to have it restored–but past time.  This is because the structural supports like leading, frames and steel beams are critical to the window not collapsing. You simply cannot wait if you see bowing, sagging or prolific leading loss.  It is best to call a professional like us at Scottish and come up with a fundraising plan of attack to get those windows secured asap.

For more information on a restoration for the stained glass windows in your Salt Lake City church, synagogue or mosque, contact Scottish Stained Glass to schedule an inspection today!

3 Things To Consider Before Your Austin Church Stained Glass Restoration

Posted April 29th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass Restoration Considerations for Austin Churches

If the stained glass windows on your Austin church are over 80 years old, the odds are it is time to have them restored. At Scottish Stained glass we know this to be true because– stained glass made in the first part of the last century has a life of about 80-100 years. You may be seeing some bowing on the frames, sagging of the caming and even cracks in the glass–all telltale signs a restoration is due. The good news is–restoration is something that will breathe new life and luster into your Austin church’s stained glass, and will do so for the next 150-200 years. However, before starting on your restoration journey there are a few things for your church to consider.

What Will Your Austin Church’s Stained Glass Restoration Cost?

Full restoration of church stained glass can be expensive but all of the churches we have worked with at preserving their beloved windows for future generations have come through it with nothing but a new love for their restored windows. However, before deciding to restore stained glass windows, a church must consider a few things, the least of which is the cost. Getting a full estimate of all costs involved is essential for making the next decision about where the funds will come from. As it were, any true stained glass restoration specialist will have a format to estimate the exact costs of your glass and even, like us, ways and tips for your church to raise these funds.

How Long WIll The Restoration Take?

As church stained glass restorers, we at Scottish Stained Glass in Austin, understand that properly restoring stained glass will take a fair amount of time and there simply is no cutting corners. Therefore, before your church decides to take on a lengthy stained glass restoration be sure your church is able to make do with the temporary windows that will be in place for months to an entire year. Be sure to specifically get a “downtime” estimate before making any major decisions.

How Will Your Church Raise Funds For Restoration?

As mentioned before, church stained glass restoration can sometimes get expensive depending on the size of the windows and the scope of the job. For this reason, having a candid conversation with your congregation on how the restoration will be paid for is a must. To take it a step further, you may want to even brainstorm fundraising ideas together, before deciding on a restoration. Feel free to talk to us about fundraising too– since we here at Scottish Stained Glass have worked with countless churches on their own stained glass restoration fundraising efforts, we have a menagerie of ideas to help you find the monies you need to bring your lovely stained glass back to life.

Reach out to us today for more information on what a church stained glass restoration entails and how we can help bring your Austin church’s glass back to its former life and luster!


A Quick Guide to Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration in Dallas

Posted March 29th, 2019 by Martin Faith
cathedral stained glass restoration dallas

Did you know that some of the longest standing stained glass windows in Dallas are over one hundred years old? That’s right, some of Dallas’ church stained glass is close to one hundred and fifty years old. Looking at Dallas’ stained glass is like looking back in time and seeing history unfold right before your eyes.

Stained glass can last for thousands of years, so long as it gets the care it needs. But if cracks and chips aren’t fixed when they occur, the stained glass can perish. Stained glass usually starts to lose its structural strength around the 75 to 100 year mark. If your stained glass is nearing this age, you may need cathedral stained glass restoration in Dallas. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect for the repairs.

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Questions to ask Before You Begin your Stained Glass Restoration Project in Denver

Posted March 29th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass restoration denver

If your church has antique stained glass windows, you are extremely fortunate. Antique religious stained glass is absolutely gorgeous and is becoming extremely rare these days. However, it’s important to take good care of your stained glass and make sure you check it regularly for possible signs of deterioration.

Cracks, chips, and other structural issues should be remedied as soon as they are noticed, otherwise you run the risk of losing your church’s valued artwork forever. With stained glass restoration for your Denver church, repairs can be easily addressed and the lifetime of stained glass can be prolonged for several decades longer.

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Common Church Stained Glass Damage And What Type Of Restoration It Needs

Posted March 26th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Church Stained Glass Restoration In Fort Worth

If you love your Fort Worth church’s stained glass but the time has finally come where you and/or your church body realize it is time for repairs or restoration, then you are in good company and good hands.  Most churches with stained glass over 80 years old desperately need repairs or restoration at this point because this is about how long church stained glass built in the early 20th century was built to last. And, Scottish Stained Glass, as it happens is just the restoration expert you will need to help you get your stained glass back to tip-top shape.  Below is a list of the most common flaws church’s like yours are likely seeing right now and an idea about how each is remedied.

The Most Common Damages To Church Stained Glass

Failed/Missing Sealant: Sealants and glazing compounds used in church stained glass will dry out at some point.  The small cracks in these sealants let water through and that is not good for the life of the glass, lead or frame.  Sometimes we are able to reseal these on the window, but often times we would prefer to remove the entire window to thoroughly reseal, restore and replace.

Cracked Or Missing Glass Pieces:  This type of damage is common. Cracks, depending on their size and shape can be repaired with a lead overlay or glue. However, missing pieces of stained glass have to be custom made in our studio to match.  Sometimes we can do this without removing the window, other times we need to remove the whole window and do a total restoration.

Broken Pieces And Damaged Lead Caming: A stained glass panel with a lot of breaks in the lead really needs to be removed from its frame in order to be repaired–sometimes in just the affected section can be re-leaded.  However, if the caming damage is extensive–it is best to have the entire panel and even window re-leaded.

Frame Damage:  Frame damage is common because often times, even if your church’s stained glass has been repaired from time to time, the frame has not.  Sometimes we can repair damaged wood with the application of epoxy resins and/or specialty fillers but badly damaged or deteriorating sections of the frame may need to be entirely replaced.

Detached Reinforcement Bar: Large panels on stained glass windows absolutely need support.  This often time comes in the form of steel bars, other times copper ties, for additional strength on the frame.  These bars are soldered directly to the lead. If these bars are loose or detached bulging and then eventually failure will occur.  The only way to fix this is with the removal of the panel and re-soldering of the bars (or sometimes copper ties)

If your Fort Worth Church has any of these types of stained glass damages or others you don’t see here, reach out to us at Scottish Stained Glass for a free inspection and assessment of your church’s stained glass window damages.  We are always happy to meet with you and let you know what is going on and how we will fix it!

Church Stained Glass Restoration In Action from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

Questions That Will Help Make Your Church Stained Glass Restoration A Success

Posted March 19th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Church Stained Glass Restoration Advice For Austin Churches

Make no mistake about it–having your Austin church’s stained glass repaired or restored is a fairly large project that will consume a good amount of time, and, depending on the size and scope of the project, cost you into the thousands of dollars range. But, don’t let that scare you away. Church stained glass restoration is a very rewarding undertaking and will likely bring your church and even community closer together. Furthermore, by asking yourself, your congregation and your church stained glass restoration company a few integral questions, you can very much streamline the process.

Questions To Ask Yourself Or Church Body

1. How Will You Raise The Money For The Church Stained Glass?
Cost is always an issue for churches because they often need to fundraise to get the funds for the restoration. Be sure to ask church members how far they are willing to go to get the funds:

Will church members donate themselves?

Will you do fundraisers?

What kind of fundraisers?

Are you willing to write proposals for grants?

2. How Will Decisions On Appearance, Budget And Timing Be Made?
Knowing who will be in charge of key decisions in the restoration process is critical.

Will There Be A Church Committee To Manage The Stained Glass Restoration?

Will there be a point person on the committee?

Who will be that point person from your church?

3. How Long Can You Realistically Be Without Your Church’s Stained Glass?
Knowing how long your windows will be missing and whether your church has upcoming events in which our temporary windows will not do, is an important part of the process.

If your church windows are not in place for the holiday season will that be an issue?

What about for summer or upcoming weddings?

Timing really is everything, so taking a good hard look at the best season for restoration is key.

Questions To Ask Your Stained Glass Restoration Contractor

1. Does Your Churches Stained Glass Need Repair Or Restoration?
Before you spend any of your valuable time and money on your church’s stained glass windows, be sure to ask and understand whether your church’s stained glass needs repairs or restoration or, in some cases, is even salvageable. So many things hinge on which type of job your church stained glass is in need of–timing, cost, where the windows will be worked on and much, much more.

2. Is The Restoration Company Insured?
Hiring a stained glass repair company that is insured is a must. Should an accident or injury happen on your church’s property, you could be held liable if they are not properly insured. Any reputable stained glass restorer will have full insurance and proof of it.

3. How Long Will The Restoration Take
The stained glass restorer you choose should be able to give you a good ballpark time estimate. Of course, things could change a bit once your Austin church’s stained glass windows are out and being repaired but having an idea of timing is important to your church’s events and fundraising efforts.

4. How Much Will The Church Stained Glass Restoration Cost?
As church stained glass restorers ourselves, we know that giving churches a rock solid estimate on cost is a must, since they will likely have to raise the funds from scratch. Any reputable restoration company will be happy to answer questions on cost and scope–readily at that.

These questions are a good jumping off point. For more information on these questions or if you have a few in mind beyond these, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass in Austin today!


Church Stained Glass Restoration In Action from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

Restore or Replace? Which Option is Best for Your Fort Collins Church Stained Glass

Posted March 16th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass repair fort colloins

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the stained glass windows in your church look a little bit cloudy or murky. Or maybe the lead is turning a greyish-whitish color. Or, even worse, pieces of the stained glass are cracking or falling out of place. Either way, your stained glass is clearly in need of some TLC. But what do you do? Do your stained glass windows need minor repairs or would it be better to replace them entirely?

Deciding whether stained glass repair for your Fort Collins or stained glass replacement is a better option truly depends on your situation. It’s important to take certain factors into consideration before you make a final decision about what to do. Once you’ve gained a better understanding of your options, you’ll be able to make the right choice about what steps to take next.

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How To Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration Fundraising in San Antonio

Posted March 15th, 2019 by Martin Faith
fundraising stained glass restoration san antonio

When stained glass windows start to lose their structural integrity, it’s important to have them professionally repaired and restored. But how are churches supposed to finance such an endeavor? Stained glass restoration in San Antonio is a labor intensive process, and one that can be performed by only a handful of companies, and therefore can become expensive.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways that you can obtain the necessary funds you need to restore the stained glass windows in your church. All it takes it a little bit of creativity and fundraising.
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3 Reasons Why Church Stained Glass Is Worth Restoring for Colorado Springs Churches

Posted March 13th, 2019 by Martin Faith
church stained glass restoration colorado springs

There are a variety of conditions that can cause stained glass windows to suffer significant damage to the point where they need professional repair. Sometimes, stained glass windows are broken by a severe storm after coming into contact with hail or high speed winds. Other times, the stained glass windows begin to deteriorate naturally due to the passage of time or flaws in their construction. Regardless, when issues arise, many churches hire a professional to determine what actions need to be taken.

If you have church stained glass windows that need repair, you may be wondering if the expense is worth it. After all, stained glass restoration in Colorado Springs can get pricey and many churches do not have extra funds just laying around. But before you decide to replace your stained glass windows, there are some factors you may want to take into consideration. If your stained glass is worth it, you could always try to hold a fundraising event to raise money for the repairs.

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Stained Glass Repair Solutions for Historic Churches in Austin

Posted March 13th, 2019 by Martin Faith
stained glass repair austin churches

Today, some of Austin’s historic churches are nearing an age where they are more than one hundred years old. In fact, one of Austin’s oldest churches, St. David’s Episcopal Church in downtown Austin, is over 150 years old. Many of these old religious buildings are very solid in structure, but they contain elements that need regular care, such as stained glass windows.

Stained glass, when it gets to a certain age, starts to lose its structural integrity from years of being exposed to the rain, heat, and climate conditions. Lead heats up, melts into a new shape, and then hardens once it cools down, becoming slowly distorted over time. This puts pressure on the glass pieces, often so much that they start to crack or fall out. By opting for stained glass repair, Austin churches can preserve their stained glass windows and keep their beautiful historic building fully intact so it can be enjoyed by future members of the congregation.

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Stained Glass Repair Solutions for Historic Temples in Salt Lake City

Posted March 13th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Church Stained Glass Repair In Salt Lake City

Utah’s beautiful capital of Salt Lake City is renowned as one of the most prestigious religious cities in the United States. Temple Square in Downtown Salt Lake City is home to the 19th-century Salt Lake Temple and the neo-Gothic Assembly Hall. It is a great responsibility to maintain and upkeep the majestic churches and temples that house such rich religious traditions.

One of the major elements of these historic temples is antique stained glass, which is now aging and deteriorating, unfortunately. Many of the church stained glass pieces were created 75 to 100 years ago and it is time to address repair issues with some of them.

Solutions for your Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass Repair

There are several solutions to church stained glass repair. The first step is always a free initial consultation with church stained glass repair experts. They will speak with church leaders and assess what needs to be done. In some cases, small repairs can be made right on site. If not, a strategic plan will be developed to remove the glass that needs reconstruction and it will be transported carefully to our studio where master craftsmen take over.

Once in our studio, your beloved stained glass is handled with the utmost care and concern. We order custom glass to perfectly match the existing glass in color, texture, and finish. We clean it with a specially made cleaning solution that restores the glass to its original beauty and shine. Then we reassemble the pieces with new lead caming that has the look of antique lead but is reinforced with modern technology to add greater strength and durability going forward. And last but not least, we install all our stained glass inside a clear pane of glass, to keep it protected from the elements for years to come.

Salt Lake City Church Stained Glass Repair

Repairing the beautiful and delicate stained glass in your Salt Lake City church may seem like a daunting task, but at Scottish Stained Glass we have been repairing stained glass for decades and have a special relationship with our craft. You can trust the church stained glass repair experts at Scottish Stained Glass for all your church stained glass repair solutions. Contact us today for a stained glass assessment!


3 Reasons Why Church Stained Glass is Well Worth Restoring in Denver

Posted March 11th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Church Stained Glass Value And Significance

If you have stained glass in your Denver Church and it is over 80 years old–it is probably time to have it inspected by a stained glass restoration specialist, like Scottish Stained Glass, to see if it is ready for restoration. The odds are it is. The reason we say that is–church and chapel stained glass created in the early part of the 20th century has a life of about 80-100 years. Knowing this, if you have church stained glass about this age, you probably need to have a conversation as a church body about whether or not stained glass restoration is something you may want to pursue. As such, we have listed 3 reasons why stained glass restoration churches, in general, is a good idea and well worth the effort.

Your Denver Church’s Stained Glass Has Historical Value

Stained glass in churches that is close to or over 100 years old was created in a magnificent time in Denver’s history. This was a time here in Colorado and across the US that saw many historically significant events and changes. As such, glass created in this era has deep historical significance and by allowing the glass to fall into disrepair or be removed all together robs not just your church but, Denver as a whole, historically significant artifacts.

Your Denver Church’s Stained Glass Has Sentimental Value

This is one of the biggest reasons churches turn to Scottish Stained Glass to restore aging stained glass windows–they are loved by the congregation. There is no doubt in our minds that when these lovely relics of the past were installed, the former members of your church, many gone themselves by now, worked hard to raise the funds to have them installed. This often translates into adoration and sentimental value in your church body to this day. In which case, it is well worth the time and expense of having your Denver church’s stained glass windows restored today.

Your Denver Church’s Stained Glass May Have Monetary Value

Not all antique stained glass windows are worth a significant amount of money in this day and age. However, depending on who made or which studio made them, they may well have a fair amount of value. There are many other factors such as the condition of the stained glass, the authenticity of former repairs and materials used in creating the windows that influence the current value. However, getting an assessment will bring some of these factors to life and help you decide it actual monetary value could be a driving force in having your Denver church’s stained glass restored.

For more information and to take the first steps of getting your Denver church’s stained glass restored, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

Read This if You Think You Kansas City Church Stained Glass Is Beyond Repair

Posted March 8th, 2019 by Martin Faith

Stained Glass Repair For KC Churches

Much of the stained glass across the country is turning 100 years old about now.  Meaning it is time for restoration and or thorough repair. Around a century is about when vintage stained glass on homes and churches begin to need repairs, due to the way it was built around the turn of the century. Now, if you think the stained glass on your KC church is beyond repair because of the way it looks, perhaps it is dingy, chipped and old, you will be pleasantly surprised when we say–it is probably not.  Read on to find out why.

Church Stained Glass That Is Old And Looks Lifeless Can Be Cleaned

Church stained glass and the surrounding lead are actually very easily brought back to their former life and luster with a thorough cleaning.  While the lead may look ugly and even when the glass has virtually no shine at all, our deep cleaning methods will amaze you. , We do cleanings both on and off your Kansas City chapel’s premises depending on what other repairs we need to do but one thing is for sure–  the brightness of the glass will blow you away, once our technicians are through.

Chapel Stained Glass That Is Bowing Or Sagging Can Be Restored

Many people see bowing wooden or steel frames on church stained glass windows and immediately think–all is lost.  We understand that when the support structure of religious stained glass windows start to bend, sag and bow, the stained glass can look pretty bad.  However, this is a challenge we deal with regularly. Not only do we rebuild the frame and structure of your church’s stained glass windows in our studio, but we also use modern lead additives to strengthen the stained glass–so it will last well over another 100 years and look great too.

Church Stained Glass That is Chipped, Cracked Can Be Repaired

Church stained glass that is chipped, cracked or missing can be a sad sight.  It may seem like the window is done for once a glass panel or many fall out. However, this is not a problem for our stained glass experts.  Some chips and cracks can be fixed right in the window. Other more seriously damaged windows will be taken to our studio and even the most obscure colored or textured glass pieces can be perfectly matched and re-installed into the window when we reassemble it.

If you love your Kansas City church’s stained glass but fear its time has come, make sure to contact us before having it removed.  There is often new life in that glass and experts, like us at Scottish Stained Glass are happy to consult with you on how to bring it out!  Contact us today for more info!


5 Ways Stained Glass Restoration Benefits your Dallas Church Congregation

Posted February 6th, 2019 by Martin Faith
church stained glass restoration dallas

Perhaps your stained glass windows aren’t looking as clear or colorful as they used to. Or maybe the leading is bent out of shape in places and the glass itself is cracked or bulging. Either way, your Dallas church stained glass windows are in need of restoration.

But with all the cost and effort involved, you may be wondering whether or not to go through with the repairs. Is stained glass restoration really worth it? We think so, yes!

If the stained glass is able to be saved, and the glass itself is valuable for historic or sentimental reasons, getting it repaired could very well be worth the investment. Here are some ways that stained glass restoration can benefit your Dallas church congregation.

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Using Contemporary Stained Glass to Modernize Your Denver Church

Posted February 6th, 2019 by Martin Faith
church stained glass

Stained Glass Can Help Fill Your Church with Light and Add a Splash of Color

Today, more and more churches are embracing the ideas of meditation and inner reflection. For this reason, churches are now refocusing the design and layout of their space to create an ambiance that’s peaceful, soothing, and welcoming, rather than sticking to the traditional looks that use ornate artwork, stone walls, and cold, hard surfaces.

In this new age, it may seem like stained glass no longer has a place in the modern Denver church. However, this is far from true. Stained glass, like all art forms, is constantly evolving. Churches today are not abandoning the idea of stained glass windows, but rather are using contemporary stained glass designs to modernize their Denver church. Here’s how.

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What You Need To Know Before Your San Antonio Church Begins Its Antique Stained Glass Restoration Process

Posted November 16th, 2018 by Martin Faith
san antonio stained glass restoration

San Antonio is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful church stained glass windows in Texas. Few churches can compete with the stunning beauty of The Basilica of the Little Flower and its beautiful stained glass windows. The San Fernando Cathedral also boasts a breathtaking exterior, fashioned in the Roman Gothic style of architecture, and is made complete with a gorgeous rose window and ornate stained glass.

Stained glass windows are valuable to a church and its congregation for many reasons. In some cases, if the glass is particularly old and considered an antique, it can draw the attention of tourists and individuals looking for a special place to host weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies. Individuals who regularly attend mass may feel that their spiritual experience is heightened by the beauty of the church’s stained glass windows and feel personally connected to them.

For these reasons, it’s important that churches take great care to preserve their antique stained glass. This includes attending to issues of deterioration when they arise. For San Antonio churches, stained glass restoration can greatly extend the lifetime of a stained glass window so that it can be enjoyed by future generations.

In this article, we’ll cover the details of what San Antonio churches need to know before beginning an antique stained glass restoration project.

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From Dallas to Barcelona: Stained Glass Masterpieces Around the World

Posted November 6th, 2018 by Martin Faith
stained glass masterpieces

Near and far, gorgeous examples of stained glass masterpieces exist in stunning settings, ranging from houses of worship and stately historic homes to ritzy hotels and artsy contemporary buildings. Below, we’ve outlined globally renowned stained glass artwork, as well as how you can achieve similarly breathtaking aesthetics in your own building, home, or church.

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