Are You Looking to Sell Your Dallas Home? Add Stained Glass for a Higher Resale Value!

Posted September 10th, 2017 by ssgadmin
entryway stained glass dallas

Are you looking to sell your Dallas home? The addition of stained glass to your entryway adds a WOW factor as prospective buyers first enter the home. It also provides privacy while allowing natural light into the entryway. With a stained glass entryway, you can potentially sell your home faster and may receive a higher bid from potential buyers.
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Adding a stained or belveled glass star to your San Antonio entryway shows Texas pride!

Posted September 10th, 2017 by ssgadmin
texas pride stained glass san antonio

For every Texan, there arises a certain sense of pride at the mention of your home state. With a beautiful natural landscape, diverse cuisine, enthralling nightlife, and a plethora of great sports teams, Texas is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in the country. And as a resident of San Antonio, one of the oldest and most historic cities in Texas, your sense of state pride couldn’t be any stronger. That’s why you should consider adding a stained or beveled glass star to the entryway of your San Antonio home.
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Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass is a perfect addition to Austin’s many prairie style homes!

Posted September 10th, 2017 by ssgadmin

Did you know that many of the craftsman homes in Austin are actually inspired by the works of a famous 20th century architect? Many of these homes are fashioned in what’s referred to as the “prairie style” a design created by the famous artist Frank Lloyd Wright. Among other things, Frank Lloyd Wright was an artist and stained glass designer. In Austin, a city known for its richness in culture and devotion to the art’s, Frank Lloyd Wright’s work continues to live on in the many prairie style craftsman homes located throughout the city.

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Scottish Makes Efforts to Preserve Stained Glass in Denver’s Historic Capitol Hill & Congress Park Neighborhoods

Posted September 10th, 2017 by ssgadmin
stained glass restoration denver

Did you know that Scottish Stained Glass is working to preserve stained glass in Denver’s historic Capitol Hill and Congress Park neighborhoods? These neighborhoods are some of the oldest in the Denver metro area and are scattered with buildings that are hundreds of years old. In fact, in recent years, Scottish has completed several stained glass restoration projects in these areas on vintage commercial, residential, and religious stained glass.

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Scottish Stained Glass For Your Home’s Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Stained Glass

Posted August 23rd, 2017 by ssgadmin

Frank Lloyd Wright Style Stained Glass For Your Home

The design styles in architecture come and go. There have been so many it is almost impossible to keep up with them and while some were pretty awful there are a number of iconic styles that will remain forever in style and one of those is the work of Frank Llyod Wright. This master designer is the quintessential mid-century modern architect and designer and his creations still adorn some of the most remarkable buildings today. Likewise, his style is emulated throughout homes in America more than 100 years later. Frankly, we can ‘t get enough of this bygone design sense that greatly influenced the mid-century modern era or the designer that defined a generation of style. It is, for this reason, we offer Frank Llyod Wright style stained glass to our customers looking either for a good starting place or come in knowing they are looking for something in the “modern prairie style”.

What Does Frank Lloyd Wright Style Look Like In Stained Glass?

Describing a “style” can be a challenge. However, in the case of Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass, it is pretty simple– clean, geometric, lines with marvelous uses of color.  See below:

However to hear it from the genius himself:

” … The windows usually are provided with characteristic straight line patterns absolutely in the flat and usually severe. The nature of the glass is taken into account in these designs as is also the metal bar used in their construction, and most of them are treated as metal ‘grilles’ with glass inserted forming a simple rhythmic arrangement of straight lines and squares made as cunning as possible so long as the result is quiet…”

The Frank Llyod Wright Inspired Stained Glass Experts

If you are looking for the perfect accent for your home and are as inspired as we are by the works of the master Frank Lloyd Wright, contact us today for a free, on-site consultation and allow your home to be graced with a piece of design history! Just like there is no more a master of the Modern Prairie Style than Frank Llyod Wright–there is no better company to recreate a Wright inspired stained glass window than Scottish Stained Glass.

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