Benefits of Antique Stained Glass Restoration for Dallas Historic Homes, Restaurants and Hotels

Posted November 17th, 2018 by ssgadmin
stained glass restoration dallas

Stained and leaded glass can be found in homes, churches, and establishments all across the country. In Dallas, stained glass can be found in historic areas like Munger Place, Oak Cliff, Preston Hollow, and Kessler Park. Today, many of these neighborhoods are over a century old and many stained glass windows in Dallas are nearing the point where they are now considered antiques.

For stained glass owners, there are considerable advantages from preserving antique pieces. Not only can antique stained glass significantly raise the resale value of a property, but it also provides privacy, creates an ambiance of elegance and refinement, and adds light and color to a room. However, in order for stained glass to stay in optimal condition, it usually needs to be cleaned and restored at least once in its lifetime. In this article, we’ll discuss the how and why behind antique stained glass restoration for Dallas property owners.

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How to get started with your Fort Worth home’s antique stained glass restoration project

Posted November 17th, 2018 by ssgadmin

Preparation: The Key To A Smooth Stained Glass Restoration

So you have decided to get the stained glass in your Fort Worth home restored. Good for you! You will be astonished at the life and luster that comes with stained glass restoration. Now that the decision is made, next will come the work and, like any job involving renovations and/or a contractor coming into your home, there are some things you can do to prepare your Fort Worth home. Below we have outlined a few suggestions for your preparations based on questions we get and advice we give to our customers.

How To Prepare For A Stained Glass Restoration

Should I stay in the house or leave?

We hear this question frequently and for something like home stained glass restoration, the answer is almost always–go ahead and stay. For the most part, stained glass restoration involves cleaning and scrapping. In the cases when more in-depth repair work needs to be done, most times we will be doing it off-sight in our studio.

Clear The Area Around Your Stained Glass Window

Since stained glass is breakable (although, no more so than normal glass) you will want the area to be completely clear so your stained glass restoration specialist can maneuver as easy as possible. Also Clear all ledges, shelves and in particularly, stairs.

Protect Your Furnishings And Keep Kids And Pets Away

Make sure you take a good look at the surrounding furnishings and fixtures near the stained glass window and cover anything you cannot move. Although most of the cleaners used to restore your stained glass are non-toxic– things like water stains are possible if things aren’t covered. Also, make sure to keep kids and pets away from the work area. Things like ladders, buckets, dirty rags, and even loose glass are all typical worksite items that could be dangerous for children and animals–even adults too!

Most importantly, if you have any question on stained glass restoration and/or crews, make sure to ask. At Scottish we are happy to answer any questions before, during and even after we restore your Fort Worth home’s stained glass. Contact us today for more information on stained glass restoration!

What You Need To Know Before Your San Antonio Church Begins Its Antique Stained Glass Restoration Process

Posted November 16th, 2018 by ssgadmin
san antonio stained glass restoration

San Antonio is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful church stained glass windows in Texas. Few churches can compete with the stunning beauty of The Basilica of the Little Flower and its beautiful stained glass windows. The San Fernando Cathedral also boasts a breathtaking exterior, fashioned in the Roman Gothic style of architecture, and is made complete with a gorgeous rose window and ornate stained glass.

Stained glass windows are valuable to a church and its congregation for many reasons. In some cases, if the glass is particularly old and considered an antique, it can draw the attention of tourists and individuals looking for a special place to host weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies. Individuals who regularly attend mass may feel that their spiritual experience is heightened by the beauty of the church’s stained glass windows and feel personally connected to them.

For these reasons, it’s important that churches take great care to preserve their antique stained glass. This includes attending to issues of deterioration when they arise. For San Antonio churches, stained glass restoration can greatly extend the lifetime of a stained glass window so that it can be enjoyed by future generations.

In this article, we’ll cover the details of what San Antonio churches need to know before beginning an antique stained glass restoration project.

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To Keep Or Replace: A Closer Look At The Value of Stained Glass in Austin Historic Homes

Posted November 16th, 2018 by ssgadmin
austin stained glass value

Stained glass windows can add considerable character and charm to a home. In Austin, stained glass is a very common feature in historic homes located in neighborhoods like Old Enfield, North University, Clarksville, Hyde Park, and Travis Heights.

Whether you’re the owner of a home with stained glass or are thinking about moving into a historic home with stained glass, you may have questions about whether or not your stained glass is worth keeping. Aesthetics aside, one factor that you may want to take into consideration when deciding whether to keep or replace your stained glass is value. Austin homes with stained glass that is old enough to be antique could be very valuable. However, the condition of the piece should also be taken into consideration.

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Keep the Character of Your Denver Victorian Home Intact By Restoring Stained Glass

Posted November 16th, 2018 by ssgadmin
stained glass restoration denver

Victorian homes in historic areas of Denver like Wash Park, Capitol Hill, and Park Hill are the stuff that dreams are made of. Wide wrap around porches, decorative railings, and a tall, narrow frame give a Victorian home a striking look that simply cannot be compared to modern styles of architecture.

Preserving the defining characters and stylistic elements of a Victorian home is usually important to most owners. While maintenance does need to be conducted in order to keep a home safe and energy efficient, most homeowners take great care to ensure that their renovations do not alter the overall character and appearance of their historic home.

This includes preserving all stained glass windows. Stained glass windows are extremely common in Victorian homes in Denver. However, stained glass does require restoration from time to time. Restoration not only helps to preserve the beautiful appearance of stained glass, but it also preserves its structural integrity and provides a way to quickly remedy damage or deterioration that has occurred.

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