A Quick Guide to Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration in Dallas

Posted March 29th, 2019 by ssgadmin
cathedral stained glass restoration dallas

Did you know that some of the longest standing stained glass windows in Dallas are over one hundred years old? That’s right, some of Dallas’ church stained glass is close to one hundred and fifty years old. Looking at Dallas’ stained glass is like looking back in time and seeing history unfold right before your eyes.

Stained glass can last for thousands of years, so long as it gets the care it needs. But if cracks and chips aren’t fixed when they occur, the stained glass can perish. Stained glass usually starts to lose its structural strength around the 75 to 100 year mark. If your stained glass is nearing this age, you may need cathedral stained glass restoration in Dallas. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect for the repairs.

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Questions to ask Before You Begin your Stained Glass Restoration Project in Denver

Posted March 29th, 2019 by ssgadmin
stained glass restoration denver

If your church has antique stained glass windows, you are extremely fortunate. Antique religious stained glass is absolutely gorgeous and is becoming extremely rare these days. However, it’s important to take good care of your stained glass and make sure you check it regularly for possible signs of deterioration.

Cracks, chips, and other structural issues should be remedied as soon as they are noticed, otherwise you run the risk of losing your church’s valued artwork forever. With stained glass restoration for your Denver church, repairs can be easily addressed and the lifetime of stained glass can be prolonged for several decades longer.

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Common Church Stained Glass Damage And What Type Of Restoration It Needs

Posted March 26th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Church Stained Glass Restoration In Fort Worth

If you love your Fort Worth church’s stained glass but the time has finally come where you and/or your church body realize it is time for repairs or restoration, then you are in good company and good hands.  Most churches with stained glass over 80 years old desperately need repairs or restoration at this point because this is about how long church stained glass built in the early 20th century was built to last. And, Scottish Stained Glass, as it happens is just the restoration expert you will need to help you get your stained glass back to tip-top shape.  Below is a list of the most common flaws church’s like yours are likely seeing right now and an idea about how each is remedied.

The Most Common Damages To Church Stained Glass

Failed/Missing Sealant: Sealants and glazing compounds used in church stained glass will dry out at some point.  The small cracks in these sealants let water through and that is not good for the life of the glass, lead or frame.  Sometimes we are able to reseal these on the window, but often times we would prefer to remove the entire window to thoroughly reseal, restore and replace.

Cracked Or Missing Glass Pieces:  This type of damage is common. Cracks, depending on their size and shape can be repaired with a lead overlay or glue. However, missing pieces of stained glass have to be custom made in our studio to match.  Sometimes we can do this without removing the window, other times we need to remove the whole window and do a total restoration.

Broken Pieces And Damaged Lead Caming: A stained glass panel with a lot of breaks in the lead really needs to be removed from its frame in order to be repaired–sometimes in just the affected section can be re-leaded.  However, if the caming damage is extensive–it is best to have the entire panel and even window re-leaded.

Frame Damage:  Frame damage is common because often times, even if your church’s stained glass has been repaired from time to time, the frame has not.  Sometimes we can repair damaged wood with the application of epoxy resins and/or specialty fillers but badly damaged or deteriorating sections of the frame may need to be entirely replaced.

Detached Reinforcement Bar: Large panels on stained glass windows absolutely need support.  This often time comes in the form of steel bars, other times copper ties, for additional strength on the frame.  These bars are soldered directly to the lead. If these bars are loose or detached bulging and then eventually failure will occur.  The only way to fix this is with the removal of the panel and re-soldering of the bars (or sometimes copper ties)

If your Fort Worth Church has any of these types of stained glass damages or others you don’t see here, reach out to us at Scottish Stained Glass for a free inspection and assessment of your church’s stained glass window damages.  We are always happy to meet with you and let you know what is going on and how we will fix it!

Church Stained Glass Restoration In Action from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

The 3 Top Reasons San Antonio Temples And Churches Should Have Custom Stained Glass Installed

Posted March 21st, 2019 by ssgadmin

We talk a lot about stained glass restoration here at Scottish Stained Glass because it is such a relevant topic for almost any church over the age of about 80 years that has stained glass windows.  However, we also do a ton of custom stained glass for residential and religious clients looking to enhance their home or church aesthetics. The reasons churches come to us for custom stained glass vary but below we have listed a few reasons our religious clients have found themselves.

Custom Church Stained Glass For A More Beautiful San Antonio House Of Worship

One of the most obvious benefits/reason for custom stained glass for churches is–it is simply gorgeous.  The stunning colors and divine themes combined with the glow of the San Antonio sun through these windows add an ethereal touch to any house of God. It is an enhancement that simply makes sense to elevate the religious experience in a church, chapel or synagogue.

Custom Church Stained Glass As A Gift Or Memorial To Your San Antonio Church

Custom stained glass is a great way to pay tribute to a member of a church that has passed by the family of friends.  It is also perfect for living members who want to give the amazing gift of lasting stained glass, full of life and luster, that will honor their generosity for years to come.  Since stained glass is so very customizable, these types of donations are easily able to be a reflection of the donor’s life and legacy in the church.

Custom Church Stained Glass To Leave The Next Generation Of San Antonio Parishioners

If your church already has stained glass windows, you probably already realize what a gift it was from the former generation of parishioners.  Likewise, by having new, custom stained glass installed you are giving the next generation the gift of history–something that is incredibly valuable and only possible through the aging of the stained glass.  Our custom stained glass is of the highest quality and will likely last 150-200 years before needing serious restoration!

For more information and a quote on custom stained glass for your San Antonio church, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass in San Antonio, today!

Questions That Will Help Make Your Church Stained Glass Restoration A Success

Posted March 19th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Church Stained Glass Restoration Advice For Austin Churches

Make no mistake about it–having your Austin church’s stained glass repaired or restored is a fairly large project that will consume a good amount of time, and, depending on the size and scope of the project, cost you into the thousands of dollars range. But, don’t let that scare you away. Church stained glass restoration is a very rewarding undertaking and will likely bring your church and even community closer together. Furthermore, by asking yourself, your congregation and your church stained glass restoration company a few integral questions, you can very much streamline the process.

Questions To Ask Yourself Or Church Body

1. How Will You Raise The Money For The Church Stained Glass?
Cost is always an issue for churches because they often need to fundraise to get the funds for the restoration. Be sure to ask church members how far they are willing to go to get the funds:

Will church members donate themselves?

Will you do fundraisers?

What kind of fundraisers?

Are you willing to write proposals for grants?

2. How Will Decisions On Appearance, Budget And Timing Be Made?
Knowing who will be in charge of key decisions in the restoration process is critical.

Will There Be A Church Committee To Manage The Stained Glass Restoration?

Will there be a point person on the committee?

Who will be that point person from your church?

3. How Long Can You Realistically Be Without Your Church’s Stained Glass?
Knowing how long your windows will be missing and whether your church has upcoming events in which our temporary windows will not do, is an important part of the process.

If your church windows are not in place for the holiday season will that be an issue?

What about for summer or upcoming weddings?

Timing really is everything, so taking a good hard look at the best season for restoration is key.

Questions To Ask Your Stained Glass Restoration Contractor

1. Does Your Churches Stained Glass Need Repair Or Restoration?
Before you spend any of your valuable time and money on your church’s stained glass windows, be sure to ask and understand whether your church’s stained glass needs repairs or restoration or, in some cases, is even salvageable. So many things hinge on which type of job your church stained glass is in need of–timing, cost, where the windows will be worked on and much, much more.

2. Is The Restoration Company Insured?
Hiring a stained glass repair company that is insured is a must. Should an accident or injury happen on your church’s property, you could be held liable if they are not properly insured. Any reputable stained glass restorer will have full insurance and proof of it.

3. How Long Will The Restoration Take
The stained glass restorer you choose should be able to give you a good ballpark time estimate. Of course, things could change a bit once your Austin church’s stained glass windows are out and being repaired but having an idea of timing is important to your church’s events and fundraising efforts.

4. How Much Will The Church Stained Glass Restoration Cost?
As church stained glass restorers ourselves, we know that giving churches a rock solid estimate on cost is a must, since they will likely have to raise the funds from scratch. Any reputable restoration company will be happy to answer questions on cost and scope–readily at that.

These questions are a good jumping off point. For more information on these questions or if you have a few in mind beyond these, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass in Austin today!


Church Stained Glass Restoration In Action from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

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