Modern Stained Glass Design for Houston Bathrooms

Posted September 8th, 2019 by ssgadmin
modern bathroom stained glass houston

There’s something about a bright, sunlit home that warms the heart and eases the mind. Having natural light in your home is important. It keeps your energy costs low, boosts your mood, and keeps you from getting sick. But in some areas of your home, you need privacy, so it’s not always ideal to have the curtains drawn back. The solution? Bathroom stained glass. Houston homeowners can use decorative and leaded glass windows to create privacy without blocking light.

And the great thing is, there are tons of modern styles out there today. Sure, everyone appreciates the classic looks. But in a modern home, some of the older, more colorful designs can feel out of place. Contemporary styles with clear glass look more fitting in modern homes. They provide the same benefits like light and privacy but they blend much better with the architecture and decor in contemporary homes. Here are some of our favorite modern designs.

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Stained Glass Privacy Solutions for Bathrooms in Salt Lake City Homes

Posted September 7th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Bathrooms can serve as a getaway for many homeowners. Whether you enjoy taking a long bath after a hard day at work or need an escape from hectic family life, bathrooms serve an important purpose beyond their intended function. Bathroom renovations are one of the more popular home projects but can definitely be really costly. Finding other ways to update your bathroom and add the privacy you need can be a priority. Bathroom stained glass offers both beauty and function for your Salt Lake City home.

The Advantages of Bathroom Stained Glass for Your Salt Lake City Home

Bathroom stained glass is perfect for achieving that oasis many homeowners appreciate. Bathrooms require an effective privacy solution involving glass. Window treatments are never ideal in a bathroom due to moisture and mildew concerns. They can also look quite tacky, taking away from any existing decor that you have in your bathroom. Stained glass can effectively block the unwanted views from nosy neighbors and onlookers from the street. Create your custom design in order to really elevate your home’s bathroom without obstructing natural sunlight from coming into your home. Custom stained glass can provide all the benefits that you’re looking for to really create your dream bathroom.

Work with Salt Lake City’s Custom Bathroom Stained Glass Experts

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the custom bathroom stained glass experts serving the Salt Lake City area. We understand how important a bathroom can be for any homeowner and would love the opportunity to transform yours. Custom bathroom stained glass provides endless design opportunities– we’re happy to provide in-home consultations to better understand your intended space. Whether you have a viable design idea or need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

For more information regarding bathroom stained glass for your home, please contact us!

Creative Ways Stained Glass Windows Can Add Sophistication to Dallas Homes

Posted September 4th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Homeowners throughout Dallas are always looking for ways to improve their property. Investing in your home can be fulfilling for many reasons, offering numerous benefits. From improving your property’s overall value to creating visual interest throughout your home, renovations can provide a great ROI as well. Whether you’ve found your forever home or plan on selling in the future, the right investment can be beneficial for both. Custom stained glass offers a creative way to add sophistication throughout your home.

The Advantages of Custom Stained Glass for Your Dallas Home

Sophisticated stained glass can be added to any area of your home from entryways to bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, cabinetry, hallways, entertainment centers, and more. The versatility of stained glass is quite distinct, offering numerous ways to enhance your home. Traditional, colorful glass can be used to create artistic, eye-catching pieces. Leaded glass offers a more modern look that adds elegance and privacy to any area of your home. Many homeowners create sophisticated leaded glass pieces with pops of subtle color. Stained glass can offer virtually any look that you desire. Enjoy incredible options that provide beauty and functionality. Block unwanted views into your home while elevating curb appeal and achieving that custom look.

Work with Dallas’ Preferred Custom Stained Glass Studio

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the preferred custom stained glass studio serving the Dallas area. We specialize in sophisticated stained glass and can help you create that feel throughout your home. Work with our stained glass artisans to create your dream investment. We’re happy to provide in-home consultations to get a better feel of your intended space. Discover the endless opportunities stained glass has to offer your home and your family.

For more information regarding sophisticated stained glass for your Dallas home, please contact us!

How Can I Protect My Stained Glass from Hail Damage?

Posted August 29th, 2019 by ssgadmin
stained glass hail damage colorado springs

Hail is every Coloradan’s worst enemy. Hail here can be either super small and fine so that it almost looks like snow or the totally opposite and the size of marbles or even golf balls. You never know what you’re going to get.

But if it is a bad hail storm, you can expect the worst. Colorado hail can destroy car windshields, skylights, and basically anything else in its path. This includes stained glass windows.

If you’re worried about hail damage, you may be wondering, is there anything I can do to protect my stained glass? We asked our experts at Scottish Stained Glass and this is what they told us.

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What’s the Best Way to Clean Stained Glass?

Posted August 24th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Maintaining your stained glass can lengthen times between restoration and provide better antique value in the long run. Proper care and maintenance are crucial to keeping your stained glass in good condition. Cleaning your stained glass windows regularly is really important. During all of our experiences with restoration, we always see how much debris and dirt can get built up on these windows over a centuries time. Don’t let the beauty of your expensive stained glass become hidden– learn how to properly care for and clean your stained glass windows!

Proper Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Stained Glass Windows

We recommend cleaning your stained glass window every week or two weeks. You’ll be surprised how much can accumulate in such a short period of time. Always use a neutral PH soap when cleaning your stained glass– never use Windex or other cleaning agents. Traditional cleaners can cause lead or zinc framing to oxidize faster. Most cleaning detergents contain ammonia which can create numerous structural issues in your stained glass window. Always use a soft rag that’s not abrasive to make sure you don’t scratch the surface of your glass. When cleaning, make sure to mix warm water with the neutral PH soap to create an even milder solution that’s gentle and effective.

Work with Houston’s Preferred Stained Glass Studio

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to be the preferred stained glass studio offering comprehensive repair and restoration services. Regular maintenance and cleaning give you the opportunity to check on the condition of your stained glass. This provides proactive opportunities to discover if your stained glass needs any repairs or restoration. We’re always here to provide any maintenance and proper care advice that you need.

For more information regarding the best way to clean your Houston stained glass windows, please contact us!

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