Stained Glass Retirement Gifts Denver

Posted May 7th, 2013 by Martin Faith

Stained glass panels reflecting achievements are a great way to celebrate retirement, and Scottish Stained Glass can help you create a great gift for a retiring relative or friend.  Our stained glass panels are hand built, and some pieces can even be hand painted for a unique, personal result that will be cherished for years to come.

These panels can actually last forever, if properly cared for, and many become family heirlooms.  Also, since each panel is custom, we have many different color and style options to build the right piece for your unique situation.

Retirement Gift Options

For many people, retirement is an accomplishment on its own, and our stained glass panels are a great retirement gift for anyone celebrating this milestone.

If your family member or friend is retiring from the military, our products are the perfect way to commemorate his or her many accomplishments during this time.  We can replicate any honors they received while serving our country, or create a special scene to commemorate this time.  No matter how you choose to honor your veteran, stained glass is beautiful, lasting way to do so.

Another celebratory field your family member may be retiring from is the police force.  Giving a stained glass panel is a beautiful way to honor someone who worked to protect people throughout their career, and it will serve as a lasting reminder of their accomplishments.  We can help you to celebrate an officer, all the way up to a sheriff, and recreate honors from their greatest days on the job.

Another popular commemorative panel choice is for those working for the fire department.  This particular job can be extremely dangerous, and when your friend or family member retires, this has likely become more than just a career.  We want to help you honor them in a way that will last forever, and serve as a reminder of the great job they did serving your community.

No matter what area of work you would like to celebrate, our designers will help you each step of the way.  We take the time to learn about your needs for each unique project to ensure the perfect end result.  We have over 600 color options, and the option of getting some parts of your panel hand painted.  Our endless design options mean that we can help you create the retirement gift you’ve been hoping for.

Retirement Gifts With Scottish Stained Glass 

Scottish Stained Glass has been in business for over 20 years, and we are the leading provider of glasswork in the nation.  You can feel completely comfortable putting your project in our hands, as our design team is completely committed to delivering the best stained glass piece for your unique project.

Stained glass panels are a great retirement gift for anyone you know.  By putting their accomplishments on display, you can truly honor your retiree for many years to come, and give them a lasting treasure.  Feel free to contact us with any questions about retirement gifts, or to set up a consultation with one of our talented designers today!

Stained Glass Designs and Styles Make Your Home Unique

Posted May 3rd, 2013 by Martin Faith

Stained glass designs and styles are at the heart of what we do here at Scottish Stained Glass.  Each piece we build is custom, which means you’ll be able to have a stained glass window that is completely unique to your home.  With over 600 colors to choose from, and endless leaded design possibilities, you can bring the glass art piece you’ve been dreaming of to fruition.

Unique Stained Glass Designs and Styles

Even traditional styles and locations are unique to each home.  You can work with your designer for the details of your piece and adjust it until each cut piece of glass lies exactly where you want it to.  No two windows in any two homes will be the same with our custom leaded glass.

Have an idea for a more out of the box piece? Great!  Anything from painted glass pieces, to cut glass artwork, to family crests are within our realm of expertise.  For your uncommon ideas, you may want to consider getting it in the form of a hanging piece so you can take it with you through the years, even if you move.

One of the most beautiful ways to add a stained glass design to your home is in your entryway.  This area gives the first impression of your home, so why not dress it up with beautiful leaded glass styles in your sidelights, transom, or door.

Stained Glass Designs and Styles with Scottish Stained Glass

Our team is made up expert designers who will be able to walk you through the process of color, texture, and design choices to make something functional and fantastic looking for your home.  Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our designers and begin working on your stained glass project today!

Stained Glass Window Inspiration is Found Around the World

Posted May 1st, 2013 by Martin Faith

At Scottish Stained Glass, all of our stained glass windows and doors are custom made. This requires our clients to work with one of our creative and highly experienced stained glass designers – a process we’ve heard over and over that they greatly enjoy.

If you live anywhere near one of our showrooms, our designers prefer to do onsite consultations. They arrive with a mind-boggling array of photos and samples, so you can pick the style, pattern, colors or textures that you want. If you’ve got a unique idea or have seen something that inspires you in a photo, the designer can sketch it up on graph paper, showing you how it will look in your window and providing a cost estimate at the same time.

If you don’t live near one of our offices, we will still work with you via phone, internet, and all manner of other high tech methods to ensure you still get a piece of stained glass that is absolutely perfect – perfectly sized, the exact right colors and designs to satisfy your tastes and complement your décor.

Are you a nature lover, looking to bring the outdoors in? Then perhaps a floral design or our signature Aspen collection would delight.

Do you most appreciate the dramatic lines of the Art Deco movement? Scottish Stained Glass has designed hundreds of Deco inspired designs for admiring customers over the years.

Do you consider yourself an individualist? Do you want something completely different? Our designers will work with you to bring your idea into vividly colored life – or clear, colorless life if that’s what you have in mind. Many people are surprised when they hear that 90% of our stained glass window installations are actually clear, textured glass and not the traditional colored glass!

Whether you have long admired stained glass or are just beginning to learn about (and lust after) this lovely art form, we think fresh inspiration is always a good thing. Feel free to browse our Scottish Stained Glass galleries, to get your creative juices flowing.

While you are considering exactly what style of stained glass you might like, for even more inspiration we wanted to show off a few of the world’s most amazing, history making, timeless classics:

  1. Ten Spectacular Stained Glass Ceilings (We were particularly blown away by the stained glass mural in the Cosmovitral, a botanic garden in Toluca, Mexico)
  2. Most Beautiful Stained Glass in the World (Be prepared to gasp over the photos of France’s Saint Chapelle.)
  3. Amazing Stained Glass from Around the Globe (check out number 8, the World Map Stained Glass Dome in Boston’s Mapparium Building)

Feeling inspired? Then why not contact us today, and start creating your own stained glass window masterpiece!

Antique Stained Glass Windows

Posted April 25th, 2013 by Martin Faith

Authentic Scottish Stained Glass

Martin Faith of Scottish Stained Glass has one of the nation’s premier collections of Antique Scottish Stained Glass, saved from buildings in Scotland that were being torn down or remodeled. These pieces come in varying styles but are often inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his beautifully unique design work. The glass textures are one of a kind, no longer produced today. Whether you would like to add a piece from this collection to your home, or you’d simply like to see them, come visit our Centennial, Colorado showroom.

Each piece sold goes to benefit Project C.U.R.E. in their mission to bring desperately needed medical supplies to needy hospitals across the world. Click Here to see more of the collection and hear our owner Martin’s interview about the cause.

Stained Glass Windows – the Focal Point of a Home Renovation Project

Posted April 24th, 2013 by Martin Faith

If you are considering adding some stained glass windows to your house, we invite you to scroll through out stained glass galleries, which show photos of some of the custom, hand built stained glass panels we’ve designed and installed for our customers over the past twenty years. But nothing really says it like a video – so if you really want to know how stained glass could beautify your home, please take a look at these videos.

The first one is part of a renovation that was featured on the tv show, Rescue Renovation. It shows the installation of some gorgeous (if we do say so ourselves) kitchen cabinet door panels as well as stained glass windows. Imagine that in your home!

This next video is really fun, and quite spectacular. It’s another home renovation done on My Big Amazing Renovation, on HGTV. This Boulder, CO mountain home had a lot of exposed stone and wood walls, with not much space anywhere for the homeowners to hang any art. Stained glass to the rescue! For this home, we actually designed pieces to look like paintings, with pretty spectacular results… take a look and see if you don’t agree! The video shows a bit of the design process, a bit of the “building process”, some of the installation, and best of all, the joy and excitement of the owner when she saw the final finished products.

For a more in-depth video showing you exactly what the installation process for your stained glass windows or doors would like, take a look at this next video. It’ll show you exactly what will happen when one of our professional installers shows up with your finished panels. Our installation methods are specifically designed for modern American homes, and our work is always congruent with any local building codes.

As you can see by these videos, the stained glass we did for each of these homes was completely different in style, coloration, and type of glass. This is because each of our pieces is always custom made to order – to your tastes, to your specifications, to complement your architecture or décor. We can design work in a wide variety of styles, including an original, new design that we’ve never done before. Your imagination is the only limit when working with Scottish Stained Glass. (Oh, and your budget, but we think you’ll be surprised at just how affordable stained glass windows can be!)

You will work with one of our talented designers to create a piece of art that will not just last for generations; it will probably be destined to become a family heirloom. The comments we hear over and over from our clients are that they’ve never seen anything so beautiful, and they never get tired of looking at their stunning stained glass windows.

If you’re still not quite sure, why not contact us today for a free, in-home consultation with our designers. You will have all your questions answered, including an estimate of the cost, and you can begin the design process. Call us today!


History Comes to Life with Sale of Stained Glass Window Collection for Charity

Posted April 23rd, 2013 by Martin Faith

As connoisseurs of stained glass windows, we have to admit finding the history of this art form fascinating. Read along, and see if you don’t agree that high school history was never like this.

In the world of art, architecture and home décor, styles come and go. Add to that new developments and technologies that can greatly improve the comfort and living conditions of one’s home, and the stage is set for our stained glass window history lesson.

Stained Glass History

Our story opens in Glasgow, Scotland, in the late 19th century. At this time, Glasgow was the second most prosperous city in the United Kingdom, second only to London.

Wealthy merchants built elaborate and beautiful homes and public buildings, and art, sculpture and stained glass windows were some of the most common embellishments. Master stained glass craftsmen turned out gorgeous work to adorn the Victorian style homes and castles of the day, and Glasgow became known for creating some of the finest stained glass in the world. And you can just imagine the exquisite work gracing the city’s many churches.

But times change, and after the First World War, the economy flagged. By the ‘30s, not a single stained glass studio remained open in Glasgow, and to this day very little stained glass is made anywhere in Scotland. It would have been unfortunate enough if no new stained glass was created, but in the ‘60s, the majority of those fine old Victorian homes were no longer so fine, and were razed in the name of progress – to build the latest in modern living, the high rise. Thousands of stained glass windows were simply destroyed!

Then, during the ‘70s and ‘80s, homeowners began replacing their old, single pane leaded glass windows with the next modern innovation to come along – the double paned window, which saved on heating costs and kept their drafty homes more comfortable. Honestly, knowing the Scottish winters, we can’t blame them.

But we have to wonder, did no one really appreciate these stained glass panels as pieces of art anymore? Was it like your grandma’s furniture, which you wouldn’t be caught dead with in your own home?

It was these discarded windows that our founder, Martin Faith “rescued” and brought over to the States, forming a gorgeous collection of over 150 windows representing another time, long gone by.

Scottish Stained Glass Denver

And now, those same windows, apparently unappreciated by their owners, given up in favor of something more modern, imported to Denver where they were lovingly restored (if necessary) by Scottish Stained Glass’s master craftsmen – yes, those same windows will now save the lives of countless children! The entire collection is about to be sold on June 21, in a benefit for charity. The proceeds will go to help Project C.U.R.E. ship $1,000,000 worth of desperately needed medical equipment to a pediatric ICU in Belize!

So these antique stained glass windows are not only a piece of ancient history, for many people they will now make life saving history of the very best kind.

Why Buy Antique Stained Glass Windows from Scottish Stained Glass?

Posted April 20th, 2013 by Martin Faith

Usually when people want to install stained glass windows in their home, they contact us about having new ones custom made to their exact specifications. However, there is another option –purchasing antique stained glass.

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to present for sale our collection of antique stained glass windows. Imported from old homes in Scotland, these glorious windows range from around 50 to possibly even 200 years old. To date we have imported more than 1,000 stained glass antique windows of all shapes, sizes and patterns. Some contain beautifully colored glass and many are clear, without color. We are slowly placing these stunning pieces in the homes of customers who hold a great appreciation for antiques of all kinds.

What Makes an Antique Valuable?

According to the U.S. Customs office, “antique” refers to an item that is at least 100 years old. If it’s less than that it might be considered either a collectible item or a vintage item.

Many people are avid antiques collectors who delight in filling their homes with beautiful pieces of great value. Coming from the Latin word “antiquus” (which means simply old), an antique may be desirable for its level of craftsmanship, rarity, personal or family history, or simply its beauty.

Antiques, including those stained glass windows, represent a specific era of history. Frequently an era that had different production methods, different values, and different craftsmanship than we see in similar items today. Many antiques are items that are no longer made today, or have so much detailed hand labor in them that they would be cost prohibitive to produce in today’s world.

Each of these wonderful old window panels has historical value, features unique glass of a kind that is not made today, and was hand-made to exacting specifications by the very craftsman we so admire. Occasionally the pieces we import are in slight disrepair, in which case we lovingly repair and restore them, taking care to match the color and texture of the glass, and keep the antique look.

When you walk into our workroom and see all these glorious pieces of antique art stacked against a wall, you may feel as if you have suddenly stepped into a bygone era. These pieces have a
depth, a solidness and a majesty to them that is hard to explain, and harder still to rip your eyes away from them.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these leaded glass window panels, why not contact us today? We can schedule a visit to our showroom if you live in the vicinity of our Denver offices, or show you photos online if you are not in our area. Again, if you are in the Denver area, we occasionally will auction off one of these beautiful pieces for charity, so please contact us for more details.

The value of an antique will depend on the demand for that item, its condition, and the degree of workmanship in it. Our antique stained glass windows show the same beautiful degree of detail, style and craftsmanship that continues to inform and inspire our original work today.


The Scottish Stained Glass Difference

Posted April 18th, 2013 by Martin Faith

Although stained glass windows have been produced for many centuries and the techniques of this craft have been passed down through the generations, there is something unique about our stained glass.

Owner and founder Martin Faith did learn traditional stained glass window making techniques in his native Glasgow, Scotland – known far and wide as one of the stained glass capitals of the world – since arriving in the U.S. in the early 1990s, Faith has been improving and perfecting that age old art form, adapting it to installation in modern American homes.

Stained Glass Difference Denver

So what’s so different about Scottish Stained Glass? For starters, the market has been flooded with inexpensive Chinese imports. If you take a look at our product up close and personal, you will see the difference for yourself in terms of quality, luster, and sophistication. But you might not know why our windows and door panels are so captivating and eye catching.

There are also enhancements we have developed that you probably cannot see with an untrained eye, although you certainly will appreciate the finished product. Each of our stained glass panels are custom made and hand built by an experienced artisan who has been specially trained in our methods. The process begins with a consultation with a stained glass designer. She (or he) works with the customer, sometimes even sketching out the customers ideas freehand, to scale, on graph paper until the customer sees exactly what they want. After that, all of our designs go into computer program which ensures that the color choices are exactly correct, the proportions will perfectly fit the window, and all horizontal and vertical lines match up, providing a perfect pattern. Each custom piece is reviewed multiple times, including a final customer approval before the hand building process begins.

We also use special dark leads, precise soldering temperatures for greater stability, and our own unique polishing process that gives our finished products a gorgeous luster. Feedback from over 15,000 delighted fans, oops, we mean customers, tells us that although most of them don’t know anything about our special methods, they can clearly see the superior results.

Stained Glass Denver

After hearing all of this, you won’t be surprised to learn that our stained glass windows take approximately double the time to make than “ordinary” stained glass does. And cost a bit more as well. However, we aren’t interested in being ordinary… we are interested in manufacturing the best possible product we can supply for your money.

We pride ourselves on quality that lasts. We want you to be as delighted with your stained glass masterpiece the millionth time you look at it as you were the day we arrived to install it. Our installation process is unique as well, with the new glass panels sealed to the inside of your existing panes of glass to enhance energy efficiency and protect your investment.

By the way, all our installations are up to building code specs for your area, and our installers are specially trained as well.

From first inspiration to final installation, Scottish Stained Glass delivers!


Stained Glass Addition to 1912 Victorian Home

Posted April 12th, 2013 by Martin Faith

I am excited to share with you a photograph of a completed Stained Glass front door project that was recently added to a 1912 Victorian home in Denver, Colorado. I am a stained glass designer working with Scottish Stained Glass and I recently had the opportunity to work with the home owner in an attempt to replicate an original stained glass window from his living room to add the design, colors, and textures for his front door and sidelights.

Our process began with an initial face-to-face meeting and discussion of what the client was trying to achieve. He showed me the interior of his home and the two original stained glass windows in his living room. I took multiple pictures so I would remember and design accordingly. We measured both his front door and he also had two sidelights on each side of the door. The idea was to let light in from the outside, provide privacy from the outside all while maintaining the feel of his Victorian home style. Let the design begin!

We wanted to make sure that the glass work was cohesive with the rest of this Victorian style home. The exterior of the home was the original brick, the door itself was wooden with clear glass and the home itself was full of natural colors with the pop of colors in the original stained glass windows.

Working together with our experienced CAD designer we were able to create cut pieces of glass to fit into the dimensions of the homeowners door and send him a couple of variations for his approval. Once the design was selected and approved, the client and I made an appointment to sit down and pick out both the textures and colors of the glass to begin the process of building his new Stained Glass.

My favorite part of this project was going through all the different textures and colors of glass to match the colors and textures of his original stained glass. We took the glass pieces into different areas of the house with sunlight and without the sunlight to mimic the different light that would be at his front door. This process did take us awhile, changing and moving around all of the different options. Once we made all the glass choices we dropped the colored glass into our drawings and sent to our client for final approval before being sent out to builder. From our initial meeting to the final product the time line was 6 weeks.

The final stained glass product was amazing! Once we completed this project, it was difficult to tell which piece was new and which was the one we based our work off of. Our client was extremely overwhelmed and pleased with his new front door; a true work of art!







Custom Stained Glass Studio Makes Clients’ Dreams into Reality

Posted April 11th, 2013 by Martin Faith
Every so often, one of our customers approaches us with a very special idea for a custom stained glass design. While much of our business consists of stained glass windows, in this particular case we were asked to make a chandelier for a client’s home.

Take a look at some photos of the finished product here:

This project was quite different to our usual ones in a variety of ways:

  • Our client provided us with a photo of what he wanted, and we were able to reproduce it to his specifications.
  • Instead of small pieces of glass forming intricate patterns, like most stained glass panels, these lamps were made of the most gorgeous hand blown glass slabs. Unfortunately, the photos don’t do this glass justice, but if you look closely you will see the warm honey-gold color and unique, organic swirls of cream running through it.

We had the pleasure of watching the builder at work, when he was constructing the stained glass lamps, and were blown away by the beauty of the glass itself. It looked “lit from within” and that’s before the pieces were assembled and a light bulb was added!

  • Whereas most of the stained glass work we do uses lead caming (those are the thin metal strips that holds the individual pieces of glass together) for this project, we used copper caming, which added a whole other level of class and beauty to the finished light fixtures.

Did you know the famed stained glass company, Tiffany, always used copper foil in their stunning and intricate lamp designs?

This was an exciting project to work on, from start to finish. These chandeliers will doubtless be the focal point of the entire room, and they make a powerful design statement.

However, there was one thing about this project that was no different to any of our other work: When it comes to stained glass windows and doors, every piece we do here at Scottish Stained Glass is custom made to our clients’ specifications.

If you have an idea for a stained glass window, and you don’t see anything like it in our online photo galleries, we will design and build it just for you. Our designers provide a free consultation and can draw out your design on graph paper, to scale, so that you can see exactly what it will look like installed in your windows.

Scottish Stained Glass is the largest studio of its kind in the U.S., and our builders are all well versed in the traditional stained glass making techniques that have been passed down through the centuries, as well as the use of the most modern materials and technologies.

Whatever style, whatever colors or textures, whatever shape or size, we’d love to collaborate with you and bring your exciting idea into reality. Why not contact us today?

Stained Glass Windows for the Modern Church

Posted April 5th, 2013 by Martin Faith
Church stained glass

Although 90% of our stained glass window installations are clear glass, not colored, and most of them are residential, we have to admit that there is no place that shows off the spectacular beauty of stained glass better than religious institutions. Of course, churches are usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone hears the words “stained glass windows.”

Since some of the earliest stained glass pieces were found in Europe’s ancient churches, cathedrals and abbeys, and stunning stained glass church windows remain one of Europe’s major cultural attractions. Many of these windows rank right up there with master artists’ paintings; in fact many of them were inspired by the religious art of the day.

Some of the most striking and well known examples of church stained glass windows include the beautiful abstract designs in the Liverpool Cathedral, the extraordinary depictions of saints in the stained glass altar of the Trinity Church in New York City, and the scene showing the Virgin Mary as the Queen of the Universe in the Votive Church in Vienna, Austria. The Chartres Cathedral in France is famed for its stunning array of stained glass windows. And there are so many more…

Church Stained Glass Denver

Stained glass is a natural fit for churches of all different sizes and styles of architecture. By adding stained glass to your church, you are following in an ancient tradition. Many of the stained glass church windows of old depicted biblical scenes or other religious symbols, and the light shining through was symbolic indeed!

Scottish Stained Glass has done church windows of all designs and sizes. All of our stained glass is custom designed to your exact needs, tastes and specifications. We never make exact copies of our work, or anyone else’s for that matter, so your windows will be unique to your church.

Our extensive experience in the field of religious stained glass and our twenty years in business assures your congregation of the highest quality work. Today, church stained glass can be religious in nature, or simply beautiful, with vivid colors and striking patterns. It can be traditional, modern or abstract, geometric or floral, as suits the needs of your congregation.

If your church has stained glass that needs repair or full restoration, that is something our firm offers and has extensive experience with as well.

If you are building a new house of worship, or seeking to add beauty and impact to the building you already have, stained glass is the perfect choice. You’ll work with one of our experienced stained glass designers, to assure that you are getting the perfect style that complements the architecture, the taste of the congregation, and fulfills the purpose of the work.

If you have not investigated stained glass for your religious building before, because of cost concerns, we have experience in helping institutions with their fundraising efforts. Please contact us today for a consultation with one of our designers or an estimate.


Design Your Own Masterpiece with Custom Stained Glass Windows

Posted April 4th, 2013 by Martin Faith

Although we’ve been in business over 20 years and have created thousands upon thousands of stained glass window designs, every single piece we do is custom made. This allows you – the client – to design your own masterpiece; one that perfectly complements your décor, your personal aesthetics and your needs.

When you work with us, in effect you are collaborating with one of our talented designers. Even if you are one of those people who insist they have no artistic talent, your input can be all over the final design and choice of colors, textures and style of glass. (With the advice and experience of our team, of course, to make sure you wind up with something you’ll be absolutely proud of and delighted with.)

Yes, you can take the credit for the gorgeous piece of stained glass art that will soon be installed in your home!

Do you have a passion for classic, Victorian looking floral designs? Or do you prefer a modern, free form abstract design, or perhaps a traditional Celtic pattern?

You can start the design process looking through our existing designs and use them as the jumping off point for letting your creativity flow.

And if you are an artist or have your own unique vision, our designers can sketch your ideas out freehand, and keep working with you until the sketch perfectly matches your idea. There are few things more rewarding than watching your artistic vision come to life.

Although we’re all familiar with stained glass, many times people fail to realize just how detailed and how exquisite it really is until it arrives in their home, with their personal stamp on it. A stained glass window or door is a practical piece of art, but its practicality takes nothing away from its beauty.  We hear over and over from our clients that they never get tired of gazing at their stained glass “masterpieces” and watching the fascinating play of color, light and shadow they provide to a room.

Please consider that your stained glass might just become a family heirloom, and your contribution to the design may well be a story handed down from generation to generation.

If you are an admirer of fine art, cutting edge design, or master craftsmanship, you know what a difference these things make to your home. But perhaps you’ve lusted for a stained glass window for years, never thinking you could afford it? Although we use a combination of old world craftsmanship and modern technology to create and install our stained glass, one of our main missions is to bring stained glass to everyone. We think you’ll be surprised and pleased to find out how affordable it can be. Give us a call to start the design process, and get a free estimate of your stained glass project.

We’d love to show you what YOU can do and earn your business.

Stained Glass vs. Leaded Glass – Is there a Difference?

Posted March 27th, 2013 by Martin Faith

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we frequently hear the terms stained glass and leaded glass used interchangeably. Most people assume that the lead in “leaded” glass refers to the metal caming which holds the pieces of stained glass together. However, this isn’t an accurate assumption.

When we use the term leaded glass, we are specifically describing patterns of clear glass, with various textures, finishes, and beveling. These panels can be completely clear, or combine different glass with various degrees of transparency. But it is called leaded glass because there is indeed lead in the chemical composition of the glass itself. Ordinary glass contains a percentage of calcium, but in the making of leaded glass that calcium is replaced with lead oxide while still molten. This gives it certain properties that make it perfect for stained glass window panels. It has a lower working temperature, and a greater refractivity.

What does all this mean? Basically, it means that our leaded glass windows create some of the most timeless and beautiful windows and doors you have ever seen. The way they catch the light and refract it into complex and delightful patterns of light and shadow in your home will enchant you.

What do people prefer?

Many clients prefer clear windows to colored, because they know the lack of color makes it easy to decorate around. You can decide to redecorate at any time and your clear leaded glass windows will not clash with your new color scheme. And if you decide to sell your home (and don’t want to take your stained glass windows with you) then you can feel confident that the clear glass will not conflict with a prospective buyer’s idea for a color scheme either.

The Dangers of Leaded Glass

Although lead is indeed toxic and leaded drinking glasses are no longer manufactured, there is no danger to enhancing the beauty of your home with leaded glass windows. You don’t have to worry about lead poisoning. Unless of course, you plan on eating off them…!

Our clear leaded glass panels are used for kitchen cabinets, skylights, entryways, transom windows and just about anywhere you need some privacy but still want to let in the sun.

So how do you decide – colored stained glass, or clear leaded glass?

We recommend looking at our extensive online galleries, to see not just different glass patterns but examples of rooms we have installed them in as well. As with everything Scottish Stained Glass does, your pieces will be custom made to your exact specifications. You can choose from an existing design, or work with one of our design techs to create your own.

Scottish Stained Glass Last a Life Time

Whether you decided on colored or clear, you can be sure that your stained glass windows or door panels will give your home a classy, unique look that will delight you for many years to come. Many of our clients have asked us to assist them in moving their stained glass windows when they move, and many have reported that these timeless beauties have become highly coveted family heirlooms!

Want to learn more? Give us a call today and make an appointment for an in home consult with one of our stained glass design pros!


Stained Glass Installation Q & A – What You Need to Know

Posted March 26th, 2013 by Martin Faith

When our clients are considering adding stained glass windows or doors to their home, they are always curious about the installation aspect. Here are some of the questions we hear on a regular basis:

1.      Do my current windows need to be removed?

Usually not. In about 75% of our installations, the new stained glass panel has been custom made to the exact measurements of the existing window. We have developed a special bonding process that attaches the panel to the inside of the window. In this way, the stained glass is protected from the elements, the window actually receives a second layer of insulation, and the sealing process insures that no dust or moisture will come between the stained glass and the original glass.

2.      Will the installation process make a big mess?

Not at all. We build the stained glass panels in our own studio, and deliver a fully finished product to your home. Because your windows are usually not being removed, installation is a fairly clean and quick process. Offices and retail stores can easily have stained glass installed without any significant disruption of their daily business.

3.      How stable and durable will these stained glass windows be?

At least as stable and durable as your current windows – and probably more. However, if your windows are not in good condition, you may need them repaired or replaced before having the stained glass added. Scottish Stained Glass custom windows are designed to last for generations. The fact that stained glass is put together with lead, copper or brass caming strips and solder actually makes it very sturdy. Bonding the panel to a window makes the entire window stronger and more energy efficient at the same time.

 4.      If I want stained glass in the bathroom, such as a shower window or door, will the constant wetness destroy the stained glass?

 We take no chances with that happening. For this type of situation we actually install the stained glass between two other panes of glass, ensuring no moisture can enter.

 5.      If I move, is it possible to take my stained glass windows with me?

 Yes! We have helped many clients removed their custom stained glass artwork and take it to be reinstalled at their new home. If your windows are an odd size or shape, or if you think at some point in the future you might be moving, you could consider a different installation option. You can have the stained glass panel “hung” in the existing window with hooks. In this way, you could easily take it with you and hang it somewhere in your next home, even if the size match is not exact.

Obviously, our methods are different depending on where the panel is to be located, and whether it is a new home installation or existing, possibly much older homes. However, with over 40,000 installations under our belt in more than 20 years, we feel confident that you will be delighted with both the quality and workmanship of the stained glass, and the ease, practicality and longevity of the finished installation.


Let the Sunshine In — With Stained, Leaded or Beveled Glass Windows

Posted March 25th, 2013 by Martin Faith

Stained glass windows are beautiful in and of themselves, whether colored or clear, because of the artistry and aesthetic of the work itself. The beautiful patterns of the glass, the colors, the textures and the exquisitely detailed workmanship leave you no doubt that you are looking at a piece of art. But there is one thing about stained glass that makes it very different to any other form of art and that is the way it interacts with any light, but sunlight in particular.

Although you certainly could install stained glass in an interior door or kitchen cabinet door, and many people do, the most common application is in windows – so the sun can shine through. This creates a variety of effects: rainbows, dancing patterns of color and light, which make the room look magical during all different times of the day. Although the effects caused by refraction of the sunlight through the glass are pretty fantastic, even lovelier is the gorgeous glow of the windows themselves.

Glass is a common substance, isn’t it, one that is in every home and generally taken for granted. But our clients tell us repeatedly that they never get tired of looking at their custom designed, hand crafted Scottish Stained Glass windows because they are just so spectacular with the sun shining through them.

By the way, although we call all of our work “stained glass” in general the term leaded glass refers to windows that have no color. They use a special type of glass with that uses lead added instead of the usual calcium – and no, this lead is not dangerous in any way. As for the term “beveled,” this indicates decorative glass in which the edges have been angled, allowing the sunlight to refract in spectacular patterns.

Stained glass windows have practical applications!

Aside from the gorgeousness aspect, were you aware that stained glass has a practical aspect as well? Many of our clients use clear, textured leaded glass to solve some privacy problems. If you don’t want callers to be able to see into your home when they come up your front walk, leaded glass provides the perfect solution while creating a distinctive entryway. If your neighbors are a bit too close, clear leaded glass in the bathroom or bedroom windows gives you that much needed privacy. But unlike other privacy solutions like shades and curtains – stained glass lets in the sun! It doesn’t darken your home for the sake of privacy.

And if you are looking for a bit of thermal efficiency, the addition of stained glass windows to your existing windows is like turning a single pane into a double pane! We have developed our own installation process to bond the stained glass panel to the inside of a window. This protects the stained glass from the elements, and keeps any dust or dirt from getting in between the two panes of glass.

If you love the look and feel of natural sun light in your home, you’ll be delighted even more by stained glass windows. Rather than blocking the light, they actually enhance it. Take a look at our galleries and you’ll see what we mean! Then contact us about creating your own custom Scottish Stained Glass.

Privacy Stained Glass; More than Just Beautiful

Posted March 22nd, 2013 by Martin Faith

Stained glass is often thought of as a decorative addition to a home, and while that’s true, it can also be functional.  In fact, a great deal of our clients chooses to invest in stained glass because it can offer beautiful looking privacy for any area of a home.  Clear windows are great for views, but you might have a window or two that show an unwanted view of the inside of your house to neighbors or visitors.

Colored glass options offer excellent privacy, or if you prefer clear glass, consider designs that incorporate textured glass and bevels to keep your window discrete.  When you’re choosing the look for your window, an expert designer is a key aspect of coming to a custom piece that offers the right level of privacy, and a design that you love.

Privacy Stained Glass Options

Consider these options for improving the privacy of your home:

  • Sidelight stained glass: Sidelights are one of the most popular areas homeowners choose to add stained glass.  If you have clear sidelights, it’s common that you’ll notice visitors peeking into your house to see if you’re home.  By added a textured piece of leaded glass to your sidelights, you won’t have to worry about peeking visitors anymore.
  • Bathrooms:  Many bathrooms have windows to offer natural light into the room.  However, bathrooms require a high level of privacy, and many people end up covering these windows and blocking out the natural light in favor of blocked vision.  Instead, consider an obscuring piece of stained glass to increase privacy without decreasing the natural light.
  • Bedrooms: Bedrooms are another area in a home where privacy is important.  Especially in areas where your home may be close to a neighbor’s, the last thing you want is for someone to be able to look straight through your bedroom window.  Adding stained glass allows you to add something beautiful to your bedroom, and solves any privacy problems you may have.
  • Windows facing other homes: Many neighborhoods have homes fairly close together, and no matter where your problem window is, we can help you cover it with something you’ll love.  Because our glass is custom, you’ll be able to design something that flows with the décor you have in whichever you room you need more privacy.

Privacy Stained Glass with Scottish Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass has been building beautiful pieces to add privacy to homes for over 20 years, so you can feel comfortable using our time tested custom glass process.  To learn more about adding the privacy you need with stained glass, give us a call or send an email today.  You can begin working on your piece with one of our talented designers immediately!

Creating Custom Scottish Stained Glass Windows – It Takes a Team!

Posted March 14th, 2013 by Martin Faith

When you order windows, doors, or other stained glass panels from Scottish Stained Glass, each piece is custom made to your tastes and your specifications. To accomplish this, you will be working directly with a team of specially trained professionals, consisting of your own personal stained glass designer, and an artist that we call a “builder.”

Scottish Stained Glass Designer

 These are the talented individuals who will work with you to determine the patterns, styles, colors and overall look of your custom stained glass windows. If you live near any of our showrooms, one of our designers will visit you at home, to show you a wide array of photos and samples of glass. If you have your own idea in mind, our designers will actually work with you to bring this idea into reality, sometimes sketching it out on graph paper, to scale, so you can see exactly what it looks like.


Your designers will oversee your project from initial design consultation all the way through the building process, and can even work with you to bring a project in at a lower cost to fit your budget, by altering or simplifying the design.

Scottish Stained Glass Builder

 The builder is the person who actually cuts each piece of glass to the exact size and shape your pattern requires, joins them with lead strips and a bit of solder and assembles the entire thing into a gorgeous, unique stained glass window. Although the term “builder” is not particularly glamorous and brings to mind a big sweaty guy with a tool belt, our builders are dedicated artists and master craftsmen who have trained for as long as ten years to be certified to make Scottish Stained Glass, using our special techniques and materials. (However, they might indeed sport a tool belt!)

Because of our exacting methods, builders can take many weeks to create a single stained glass window, of course depending on the size and complexity of the design. They must have the highest attention to detail and quality in their work.

Scottish Stained Glass Process

Watching one of our builders at work cutting each piece of glass to the precise size and shape is a fascinating experience. They work from what we call a “cartoon,” the pattern that one of our designers started by hand, which was then run through a sophisticated computer program to ensure that it is perfectly balanced, perfectly trued up, and exactly sized for efficient installation into your window or door. Can you imagine a stained glass panel turning out one quarter of an inch larger than your window? It would be absolutely impossible to install it. In fact, every one of our custom designs is reviewed 8 to ten times, including a final client review and approval. Our special computer process ensures that the pattern is perfect, and our builders take over from there.

Our dedication to quality materials and workmanship is evident in our final product, and in the rave reviews we receive from our customers. Why not give us a call today, and start working with your own stained glass team?  We look forward to working with you!

Celtic, Deco, Floral or Prairie Style Stained Glass… How Do You Choose?

Posted March 12th, 2013 by Martin Faith

Not to mention Aspen, contemporary, Art Nouveau, traditional, and many many other types. What are we referring to? All the different styles you have to choose from when you decide to add some Scottish Stained Glass windows or doors to your home.

So how do you choose?

Well, if you’ve already got a style in mind, it’s easy. If not, your home’s era and architecture might inform your decision.

Stained Glass Choices for Victorian or Older Homes

Perhaps your home is Victorian. If so, a traditional style like a floral or Celtic pattern would suit it perfectly. Or one of the stunning designs influenced by the famed Scottish watercolorist and architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. (If you are not familiar with Mackintosh’s work, click here and prepare to be delighted by vibrant color and striking patterns.) You might even want to purchase antique stained glass panels, instead of having new ones created.

Perhaps you have decorated your home with Deco touches. One of our Deco stained glass window designs would be a delightful complement. You could choose colors to match your décor, contrast with it, or even no color at all – the choice guaranteed to match any interior forever.

Stained Glass Choices for Modern Homes

Perhaps your home is modern and minimalist? Our signature Aspen collection (after all, Scottish Stained Glass was founded in Denver, land of the spectacular Rockies and its endless forests of Aspen trees) might be the perfect match. Or a Prairie Style inspired geometric design might be the perfect fit.

However, for most homes these days, there are a wide variety of stained glass styles that would suit. So that brings us again back to our original question, how do you choose?

This is where our custom design process enters the picture. Regardless of how many styles we have to choose from, each piece of stained glass we make is custom made to order, and hand built by one of our specially trained artisans.

A member of our expert stained glass design team will visit you at your home, free of charge, bearing inspiration in the form of many photos of different designs, patterns, styles and types of glass. If you have an idea in mind, she might sketch it out freehand on graph paper, till it looks like what you want. If not, our designers will work with you, making suggestions as to what would work best in your home.

Colored glass or clear? Pastels or jewel tones? Textured glass or smooth? An delicate, intricate pattern or a big, bold one?

All of these things will change the look and feel of your finished piece, and along with that the look and feel of the room you install it in, of course. (Some of them will change the price too, namely whether you choose an intricate pattern with dozens of pieces or a simpler design with bigger shapes.)

Please don’t let the amount of choices daunt you in the slightest. After all, our more than 15,000 previous customers didn’t, why should you? Contact our design team today for an estimate, to answer any questions or to get the ball rolling.

Stained Glass Designer Denver

Posted March 10th, 2013 by Martin Faith

I recently took a trip to France, and, as one of the designers for Scottish Stained Glass, I had a desire to find some beautiful stained glass pieces throughout the country. With so many churches to explore, I knew I would not be disappointed. The pieces I discovered were unlike anything I have seen in the United States. France has so much history and is so old in comparison to our country that the stained glass still being intact seemed to be an art form of its own.

Chagall Stained Glass

The cathedral in Reims, France held some of my favorite stained glass pieces. The Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims is where most of the French kings were coroneted. The church stained glass varied from antique, restored, and traditional, to modern and abstract pieces. My favorite discoveries from exploring this church, however, were the Chagall stained glass pieces that were in the axial chapel.  Though these pieces are not nearly as old as some of the other church stained glass, the project took six years to complete, and the three stained glass windows were installed in 1974.

To begin the project, Chagall immersed himself in the medieval stained glass that already existed in the space. Both he and his partner, Charles Marq, worked to recreate the color schemes that were abundant in the other stained glass pieces throughout Notre Dame Cathedral of Reims, the prominent color being an ancient blue. The windows depict a variety of biblical scenes. The themes include the history of Abraham, the Tree of Jesse, and other stories from both the Old and New Testaments. Marc Chagall successfully created church stained glass that had a flowing composition and a modern feel while simultaneously complimenting (through color harmony) the medieval stained glass pieces that decorate the rest of the church.

Marc Chagall Stained Glass Artist

Marc Chagall is easily on of my favorite stained glass artists and, actually, may be one of my favorite artists in general. Known as one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, he worked in many mediums including painting, fine prints, illustrations, ceramics, and (of course) stained glass. Chagall was able to embrace stained glass as a medium. He understood and embraced that the weather, the viewer’s perspective, and the lighting would constantly be changing the stained glass, and by embracing those elements he was able to create beautiful, complex compositions and colors unlike any other stained glass artist before him. Besides having his stained glass prominently displayed in the Reims Cathedral, he also has stained glass pieces in many other churches and buildings including St. Stephen’s Church in Germany, All Saints’ Church in the UK, the United ­­Nations Building, and the Jerusalem Windows in the synagogue of the Haddasah Medical Center.

Custom Stained Glass Windows Denver

Posted March 2nd, 2013 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass is based in Denver, and we’ve perfected our custom design process here.  Stained glass can truly function as an expression of your personal style, and our custom pieces allow you to create something completely unique to your home.

With over 600 color options, and a vast array of colorless textures and bevels, you’ll be able to create a piece of glass artwork that you’ll love for years to come.

Design Process for Custom Stained Glass Windows Denver

The possibilities for custom leaded glass designs are endless.  We’ve built windows that vary from traditional, all the way to design intensive stained glass scenes.  The traditional method of building stained glass that we use here allows for extensive design options to truly bring your stained glass ideas to fruition.

Our process begins with an in home consultation with one of our talented designers.  They will bring samples and photos to help you decide which styles you prefer, and what kinds of glass you would like to use.  Your designer will spend the time to get to know what exactly you want for your leaded glass piece, and work with you to sketch out some design options as well.

Once you have worked with a designer and settled on what you want for your stained glass, our team of experienced builders will begin production.  This process is meticulous, which is what creates perfect custom stained glass windows that will outlast the test of time.  Our installations are also simple, so you don’t have to worry about a messy process.

Custom Stained Glass Windows Denver with Scottish

We have been building custom leaded and stained glass windows for over 20 years in the Denver area.  Invest in a piece of our glasswork, and you’ll have the peace of mind of a reliable, established company to build to your something beautiful.

Give us a call or send an email today to set up an appointment with one of our talented designers.  We can’t wait to get started on creating your one of a kind piece

February’s Most Beautiful Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

Posted February 27th, 2013 by Martin Faith

When it comes to beautiful stained glass for your home, Scottish Stained Glass is the perfect choice for high quality, authentic leaded glass windows. These elegant, simple windows, for example, incorporate the traditional floral aspect of stained glass, which still keeping a simple design. As you can see from the photo, you can add our beautiful glass artwork without obscuring the view from your windows if your home has a great outdoor space as well!

If you prefer the more ornate things in life, consider a more intricate design like the one in this beautiful transom. This type of design looks beautiful in areas with crown molding, as you can see in this example, and the details make it truly one of a kind. Our designers can always work with you to find the perfect look to fit your space, regardless of the size or shape that you need.

Many people think of vibrant colors when stained glass comes to mind, and while some homeowners choose to omit the color, we still create extravagant, bright pieces all the time. Whether you’re looking for something picturesque, like this beautiful rendition of a peacock, or something that displays the colors you love more simply, let us show you the vast options for Scottish Stained Glass.

One of our most popular applications of beautiful leaded glass is in entryways, like the one pictured here. This simple, contemporary diamond design is timeless, and will flow with any style of décor in your home. Our entryway options also give you a wide selection of textured glass to obscure vision and increase privacy in this area.

Bathrooms are another common place that homeowners choose to invest in stained glass windows. When you need privacy but don’t want to give up your natural light, textured, leaded glass is the perfect solution. This beautiful space was made even more relaxing and inviting with the two additions of beveled windows in the space over the tub, as well as in the door. Our custom process means the perfect windows for any space in your home!

Stained Glass Windows Add Value and Distinctiveness to Your Home

Posted February 25th, 2013 by Martin Faith

Perhaps you’ve decided to add some beauty and uniqueness to your home in the form of stained glass windows in your living room, leaded glass sidelights to your entryway, a beveled or etched glass panel to your wine cellar door, or even a stained glass skylight.

We know from 20+ years of experience that you’ll be delighted with how stunning your home looks after your panels have been installed. In fact, many of our clients report that they never grow tired of admiring their stained glass, watching the play of the sunlight through the panes, the intricate shadows cast, or just the lovely mood if creates in any room of the home.

The Benefits of Stained Glass

But there are other benefits to adding stained glass than just the aesthetic, pleasurable ones. There are some other side benefits you might never have considered, which could turn out to be equally important in the long run.

Let’s say you have decided to sell your home. In today’s market, a seller needs to make their home stand out in the sea of homes on the market. Did you know that stained glass adds to the value of your home? All Scottish Stained Glass is custom designed and hand crafted, installed with the most modern techniques. We adhere strictly to all building codes.

Stained glass in your home might be the one thing that makes it stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Yes, that beautiful transom, entryway or bay window could be the thing that a buyer falls in love with, after seeing countless similar homes.

Some of our clients report that their stained glass windows were the very thing that sold their homes.

But perhaps you are now worried that the stained glass patio doors that you find so stunning are actually a turn off to buyers, in the same way that the colors you painted the bedrooms might not be to someone else’s tastes?

Clear Stained Glass

Consider clear stained glass! It is available in a wide variety of interesting textures, exciting designs and unique finishes. Since it has no color, it will never clash with anyone’s color scheme, no matter how they decide to redecorate the home or what color palette they choose.

This also holds true if you never sell your home, but decide to redecorate it yourself.

Frankly, we have never heard that any home buyer objected to any clear or colored stained glass panels either. Usually they are intrigued, thrilled and delighted to find them in a home they are considering purchasing. After all, nothing adds class like stained glass.

And by the way, many of our clients cannot bear to part with their stained glass panels if they sell their homes, and wind up taking them with them. After all, they are pieces of custom designed, fine art. Perhaps instead of being the selling point of your home, they are instead destined to become family heirlooms…!

Browse our galleries for some inspiration and eye-candy!

Find out more of what our clients have to say! (link to testimonials)

Check out how stained glass is designed and installed! (link to “Custom” page)

Our Custom Stained Glass Process

Posted February 22nd, 2013 by Martin Faith

One of the best aspects of investing in Scottish Stained Glass is that each piece we build is custom.  This allows us to help our clients design pieces that fit their personal style perfectly, and flow with the look of their home.  You won’t have to settle for a piece from a premade stock with us.

With over 20 years of experience making beautiful stained glass windows, you’ll feel comfortable working with our talented team for your window, no matter what you want for your home.  Our time tested process has proved excellent for making fantastic glasswork, and clients that rave about our work.

Custom Stained Glass with Scottish

When you choose to invest in stained glass for your home, the benefits are lasting.  In fact, if properly cared for, our pieces can essentially last forever.  Whether you choose our windows for added style, a family heirloom, or privacy for your home, we’ll work hard to ensure that you love the way your glasswork turns out.

The path to getting your perfect stained glass begins with a free consultation with one of our designers.  If you live in one of our main states of operation, your designer will come to your home to discuss the options you have for a new window.  On the other hand, if you are in another state, our designers will work with you through phone and email to come up with a design that you love, help you find a contractor, and ship your piece to you.

Once you’ve made a final decision on a design for your piece, we can begin production.  We use traditional methods, and our expert builders will cut and build your glass by hand.  By piecing together the glass with lead lines, you’ll be receiving authentic stained glass.  Films that replicate the look of stained glass and plastic knock-offs can’t compare to the beauty of an authentic, hand built piece of glass artwork.

The next step is the one our clients love the most; installation.  You’ll finally get to enjoy your beautiful piece in your home.  Our installations are typically a simple process of bonding the stained glass to the inside of an existing window, protecting it from any weather elements on the outside.  We do offer other options if an alternative is needed for your home.

Scottish Stained Glass

To learn more about getting custom stained glass for your home, or about our process, give us a call today.  With over 600 colors, dozens of bevels and many textures to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect custom glasswork for your home regardless of what your personal tastes are.  We can’t wait to get started on making your stained glass window!


Custom Stained Glass Process in Denver

Posted February 19th, 2013 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass is the top stained glass provider in the United States, and we take the time to make sure each piece we deliver is the best quality product.  Every piece we build is completely custom based on the wide array of wants and needs from our clients.

At Scottish Stained Glass Denver, your glass project begins with an in home consultation.  At this point, our designer will have access to countless photos of our previous work to give you a better idea of the possibilities for your home or business.  Your designer will take the time to observe the many facets of your home, so they can better help you come to a decision on your purchase.  We will begin working with you to decide what style of stained or leaded glass you want in your home, and the many options of where you can install it throughout your house.  Our designers are all extremely experienced in creating the perfect piece of glass work, and making our clients happy each time.

Custom Stained Glass Sketch

After our designers have gotten a good idea of what you’re looking for, they will begin to create sketches and custom proposals for your particular project.  Thanks to modern technology, we can use CAD programs to design your stained glass so that you can see exactly what it will look like before we even begin physical production.  This ensures not only that you receive a quality product, but also that you get exactly the piece you’ve been hoping for.

Our glass windows are custom built by our expert builders here in Denver.  You can count on us to build the window you were expecting after working with our designers.  Since we work with only the best quality stained glass products, sometimes this process takes longer than other stained glass providers.  When you’re making an investment to both improve the aesthetics of your home, and add a work of art to it, you want to make sure that you have the best product possible, so our stained glass is well worth the wait.

Accommodating Your Stained Glass Needs

Another great reason to get a custom stained glass piece from Scottish Stained Glass is that we can accommodate all your needs, no matter the shape and size.  We can fit most of our windows into your existing frames, and since each piece is built upon order, we can create a window of any size, and even obscure shapes.

The options for stained glass in your home are endless.  We can brighten your entryways with stained glass doors and sidelights, add privacy and beauty to your bathroom with a leaded and textured window, or even add a stylish, unique flair to your kitchen by adding stained glass cabinet doors.  Whatever your hopes are for stained glass in your home, Scottish Stained Glass can meet and exceed them.

Feel free to contact us today with any questions about ordering and installing stained glass for your Denver home or business.   We can’t wait to start working on your personal stained glass projects that match your needs completely.


Leaded Glass is not Always Stained Glass

Posted February 15th, 2013 by Martin Faith

Stained glass is often associated with ornate, colored pieces, or sometimes pieces that you might find in a church.  While colored leaded glass is available, some of our most popular designs and choices are actually made with colorless glass, and incorporate textures and bevels to create a beautiful and functional window.

Traditional Styles for Leaded Glass

Colorless leaded glass creates a timeless look, and it flows with your décor, even as it evolves and changes over time.  Working with custom pieces allows you to work through the small details of your window to create something completely unique, and that you’ll always enjoy displaying in your home.

If you have a traditional sense of style, leaded glass is great way to express yourself.  By choosing a style that mimics your décor, one of our pieces will flow perfectly and truly tie the look of your home together.  We offer a wide range of curved bevels and beautiful traditional textures to complete your window, and our expert designers will help you through the endless possibilities of luxurious leaded designs.

Contemporary Styles for Leaded Glass

If you lean on the modern side of style preferences, our windows can appeal to your décor as well! By using straight lines, geometric shapes, and the designs you love, contemporary stained glass is beautifully achievable.

Beautiful Leaded Glass with Scottish Stained Glass

Our expert designers make it possible to create your perfect piece of leaded glass.   We’ve been doing exceptional glasswork for over 20 years, and we can’t wait to get started on your project today.  Contact us to set up an appointment with one of our talented designers and begin working on your glass artwork immediately.

Stained Glass Installation Denver

Posted February 13th, 2013 by Martin Faith

Installation with your Scottish Stained Glass purchase is always included.  We have many methods of stained glass installation depending on your particular space and your glass piece.  Whether you need construction to add a completely new window and frame, or just want to replace an existing window, we will work with your needs to make sure your stained glass is installed correctly.

If you’re adding an entirely new window to your home, we can ensure that the project runs both smoothly for your home, and according to building code standards.  Different areas of a home may require different building methods, and Scottish Stained Glass will ensure that your install is completely safe, and that it will last.  We want to make this process as enjoyable as possible for you so that you can have complete satisfaction in your new stained glass window or door.

Preferred Method of Installation

Our preferred method of stained glass installation in Denver is to salvage your existing window frames.  If your current window has clear glass in it, we can bond our pane of stained or leaded glass to the inside, creating a double paned window.  This will add to the insulating value of your windows, and help to keep the weather where it should be; outside.   Another important reason we prefer this installation process is so that your previous window pane can protect the new piece from the elements.  When you look at the window after the stained glass has been bonded, it will simply look like stained glass!

Our Experience at Scottish Stained Glass

You can feel confident putting your installation in our hands.  We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and our process has been proven effective.  No matter what your needs are, we can meet them and exceed them.  It is important to us to create lasting relationships with our customers while creating the best quality work in the industry.  We have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, and we’ve received a gold star for no complaints for seven straight years.

One of our talented designers will walk you through the process as they design your custom piece to ensure that your window or door is installed the best way possible for your particular project.  Each window we make is completely unique, and each installation is unique as well, but at Scottish Stained Glass Denver, we guarantee satisfaction with your end result.


Custom Scottish Stained Glass vs. the Mass Produced Stuff – There’s Just No Comparison!

Posted February 8th, 2013 by Martin Faith

When you hear the term, “custom made” don’t you immediately imagine a high quality product, made with the utmost care to your particular specifications? That is exactly what makes our stained glass windows different than much of the stained glass out there today. Once upon a time all stained glass was custom made, as there simply was no technology to mass produce anything. It was considered a fine art just as much as a painting or sculpture.

When you hear the word “art” you certainly don’t think of something that’s been mass produced. But much of today’s stained glass is mass produced, which greatly detracts from its uniqueness and value.

How Scottish Stained Glass is Different

Our founder Martin Faith comes from Scotland’s long tradition of stained glass artists. Although Scottish Stained Glass is a business, it is in the business of making art that is both beautiful and practical. For this reason, we use only the highest quality materials, each of our clients works individually with one of our designers, and every single piece of stained glass we make is still hand crafted by a highly trained artisan. Our designers and builders work together as a team, to ensure the design you decided upon is created exactly as you wanted it, and is as beautiful as you imagined it.

All of our glass is sourced from the best, top of the line product available worldwide. Because we order the finest glass we can find to suit each project, sometimes our work takes longer to complete than that of our competitors. However, we doubt our clients would want us to compromise on quality for their homes. Did you know that our selection of glass includes over 600 colors you can choose from? And if you don’t want any color at all, we also offer a wide variety of textures and degrees of transparency. In this way, we can create exactly what you are looking for.

Adding value and beauty to your home with some Scottish Stained Glass windows or doors is the perfect, inspiring antidote to this mass produced era we live in, where every home on the block looks the same and every mall has the same shops carrying the same goods and the same styles.

Our company has manufactured over 40,000 leaded and colored windows, and our artisans are the best ever assembled by any studio.

Give your home, office or retail space the individual beauty of fine art, custom made exactly for you and your tastes, with Scottish Stained Glass. To date, we have designed, built and installed over 40,000 leaded and colored windows, and can proudly say that we believe our specially trained and highly experienced stained glass artists are the finest in the nation. Why not contact us today for a free, in-home consultation with one of our stained glass pros? We look forward to collaborating with you.


Celtic Stained Glass Windows for a Timeless Touch of Grace and Style

Posted February 8th, 2013 by Martin Faith

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that one of our favorite styles of stained glass windows incorporates Celtic designs. After all, we are Scottish Stained Glass, and the history of the Celtic people is a large part of our history as well.

The story of the ancient Celts can be traced back for more than twenty-five centuries and although they are usually associated with Scotland or Ireland, at one time they lived throughout much of Europe! For a fascinating view of Celtic history, check out the webpage Celtic Europe:

But what does any of that have to do with stained glass windows? Well, one of the things this ancient culture was known for was their artwork, which was rich in symbolism. This same artwork has been the inspiration for many gorgeous stained glass masterpieces throughout the centuries.

The Celts didn’t do literal work like the religious art seen in many European churches. Rather, their work was figurative, indicating their beliefs on the nature of life and the relationship between life and death through patterns. Spirals, triskeles, step patterns, and key patterns are dominant motifs in Celtic art, as is “plait work” or woven, unbroken infinity patterns. But the most famous Celtic designs are probably the Celtic Cross and the Celtic Knot.

By the way, according to the Free Dictionary a triskele, or triskelion, is an ancient symbol consisting of three curved lines, three tree branches or three bent limbs radiating from a center.

Our stained glass windows are always custom made, so you can choose from a wide variety of existing styles and patterns, or design your own. If you, like us, are enamored of the beautiful and intricate Celtic designs, please take a run through our online Celtic gallery.  It contains photos of some of the Celtic stained glass we’ve done for clients throughout our twenty years in business.

We believe that Celtic stained glass designs are classic and can go with almost any decor. They look neither old fashioned nor modern, but simply express a lovely, timeless elegance. We can make them using clear or textured beveled glass, for any areas where you might want more privacy such as your entryway or even a bathroom window.

Or we can incorporate any amount of color, whether rich jewel tones or earthy neutrals to match your taste and your décor. Our designers are all well versed in the Celtic style, having created hundreds of panels, windows and doors in that style over the past twenty years.

Contact us for a free in-home consultation. If you haven’t already decided that Celtic style stained glass is right for you, you’ll be shown a wide array of other styles to choose from as well. And because each of our stained glass panels is custom designed and hand built, we can make any original stained glass idea you have come to life as well.



Bathroom Stained Glass

Posted February 1st, 2013 by Martin Faith

By Patricia Stroud, Scottish Stained Glass Designer

As a designer, one of the most requested locations for a prized Scottish Stained Glass window is the bathroom. This may strike some as usual because stained glass is usually something to show off in the public areas of the home and make the Joneses a little envious. So why hide these treasures away in the bathroom? The answer may be more obvious than you think.

Stained glass can do more than just add style; it can also provide excellent privacy!  If you have large windows in a bathroom, or just windows with easy visibility, privacy may have become a problem. Homeowners often take back their privacy in these areas with blinds or curtains to cover a window. This eliminates the use of sunlight, and often creates the feeling of a closed off, dark space.  Instead, consider stained glass to give you the best of both worlds by blocking vision but not natural light.

What Makes a Stained Glass Window Private?

There are three factors by which to achieve privacy with stained glass window additions to a bathroom.  First, forget all color that is typically associated with stained glass windows and let’s focus on texture. Even colorless glass can block vision through any window.  We can achieve these dramatic results though selecting a colorless glass that features a heavy texture.

Scottish Stained Glass stocks a large variety of textures including our most popular types; waterglass, granite, hammered, vecchio, gluechip, corded, seedy and rough rolled. Each ranks somewhere on our 1-10 privacy scale to give our clients the precise distortion level needed to put their minds as ease, especially while taking a long bubbly soak in that garden tub.

Now let’s talk about colors. Many of our clients request stained glass windows precisely for the color that they add to the room. Colored glass sparkling in the sunlight may be one of the most beautiful sights in the world, but don’t just take my opinion- ask one of the millions of people attending places of worship around the world that feature stained glass windows. Colors are where stained glass windows come to life.

Lastly, there is opacity, which is how clear your glass is. Some colored glass is the faintest tint resembling something to a soft watercolor painting. Gazing through a translucent window of this gentle nature can actually have you looking at the world through rose colored glass(es). At the other end of the spectrum we have opaque colored glass which is a pure shock of color that is completely unable to see past. While difficult for natural light to illuminate past, opaque colored glass provides complete privacy for those who need extreme measures.  There are those many levels in between that can feature translucent tints with colored swirls allowing light to pass, but providing enough of a pattern to limit visibility.

Bathroom Stained Glass with Scottish

With so many options, and many different levels of privacy, you’ll be able to create a work of art while adding much needed privacy to any bathroom in your home.  You’ll work with an experienced designer, like myself, to select the best glass choices and design for your home.  Give us a call today to learn more, and to get started on your bathroom stained glass!

Stained Glass Windows an Anniversary Gift

Posted January 29th, 2013 by Martin Faith

By Megan O’Brien, Scottish Stained Glass Designer

As a designer for Scottish Stained Glass, I have the opportunity to work with clients for unique pieces all the time. Not everyone thinks of designing and purchasing a stained glass window as an anniversary gift, but I have recently been working with a client who has done just that. This particular client wants to celebrate their marriage by having a stained glass window made with their personalized wedding logo in it, which he also designed.

Our Process for Stained Glass Gifts

This stained glass panel is going to be installed into an antique door that they have refinished to use in their front entryway. Their monogram is of two bees meeting to form a heart with their antennae; however, his design style is very contemporary. He mentioned that he does not like curved cuts or diagonal lines.

With organic shapes such as bees being incorporated into a window, we had to create a background design for the stained glass that both contrasted but complimented them as a focal point. I worked directly with the client throughout the process to ensure that the design on his window fit with his style, and the look he wanted for his home.

The final result for the stained glass background was inspired by Piet Mondrian, one of the client’s favorite artists. To somewhat of my surprise, the simple, linear background surrounding the detailed and organic bees created an interesting composition. The bees really popped out in the design against the rest of the stained glass, creating a dominant and attention-grabbing point of interest.

I find that working on stained glass windows that are truly customized for an individual and their home creates unusual challenges, but also makes the project more exciting and rewarding. During the design process he mentioned how meaningful it will be to walk through this door every day to be reminded of their marriage and commitment to one another, making something as simple as coming home more significant.

Personalized Stained Glass with Scottish

So, for anyone out there looking for a meaningful anniversary gift, or really a gift for any occasion, I would highly recommend a custom piece of stained glass. It is both functional (as it can create privacy and filter light) and a unique piece of art. You can customize your stained glass window with a family crest or monogram and incorporate symbols which have personal meaning to you.

Whatever the design you decide to go with, it will also last you a lifetime. To learn more about getting stained glass in your home, and giving it as a gift, feel free to give us a call or send an email today and get started immediately.


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