What are Stained Glass Panels?

Posted September 20th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Stained Glass Panels

The general assumption of stained glass is that it must replace a window, or at least be fully attached to a window.  However, stained glass panels are a great option that often goes unnoticed by many homeowners today.

Stained Glass Panel Options

If you’re interested in stained glass windows, but worried that you may not live in your current home forever, a custom designed stained glass window panel is a great solution.  This is a modification of traditional stained glass, and stained glass panels are usually hanging stained glass pieces that either hang inside of a window, or are attached to a window with removable brackets.

One of the most popular options for this type of stained glass is to get a family crest.  We can help you research your family name, and come up with a beautiful design that represents the history of your family.  This crest can be pasted on from generation to generation to your loved ones.

Stained Glass Panels Are a Great Choice for Homeowners

Stained glass can be an investment, and no matter where your life takes you, it may be important to take that investment with you.  Since our normal installation process involves bonding the stained glass to the inside of an existing, clear glass window, you can still achieve a similar look with a panel.  If you end up moving, you can add the same stained glass panel to a window in your new home.

One of the most amazing things about stained glass panels is that, if properly cared for, they can essentially last forever.  This means that you pass your unique work of glass art through your family for years to come.  Of course, if your panel is damaged, you can always contact us to have it repaired.

We often frame our leaded glass panels, and since we usually frame with wood, you can have it stained to match the look of your home.  When it comes to our custom stained glass, in fact, every aspect will personalized to the look of your home, and your own personal styles. We’ll pair you with one of our expert designers to work through this process, and ensure that you end up with stained glass panels that you truly love.

Let Scottish Create a Stained Glass Panel for You

If you have any questions about stained glass panels, or to set up a consultation with a designer in your area today, feel free to give us a call or send an email.  We can’t wait to help you add a beautiful, long lasting, family heirloom to your home today!

Down With Dull Kitchens!

Posted September 10th, 2012 by Martin Faith

Is your kitchen your favorite room in the house? Is it warm and cheery, beckoning guests, family and party goers to wander in and never leave? Or do you desperately wish you could update it, buy new granite counters, the most modern appliances, or even completely replace your old wood kitchen cabinets, the ones that have been stripped, finished, refinished, painted, stenciled – but still don’t give you the high end look you want?

Stained Glass Windows and Kitchen Cabinets to the Rescue

Stained glass kitchen cabinets from Scottish Stained Glass are a fantastic way to completely upgrade the look of your kitchen, without replacing the cabinets entirely. While most people thing windows when they think stained glass, we actually design and install it into kitchen cabinet doors on a regular basis.

Take a look at some of the stained glass kitchen cabinet doors we’ve done. And then imagine any of them in your kitchen! And then grab a napkin and wipe away that drool…

Why not call us for an estimate today? We think you’ll be surprised at the stunning, high quality stained glass you can have for an affordable price. And if antiques are your thing, we have an amazing selection of antique stained glass windows imported from Scotland. One of them might be just the perfect touch to hang in a kitchen window – or anywhere else.

Of course, if you are renovating the kitchen and adding new cabinets, we can work with your contractor to ensure the perfect match of colors and style. But we can also usually remove your existing cabinet doors and insert the stained glass, or build new doors that might work better for what you have in mind.

As far as kitchen renovations go, this one gives you a lot of visual bang for your buck. It will definitely make the kitchen the focal point of your home, if it wasn’t already. And no guest or potential buyer will ever forget your beautiful, eye-catching, mouth watering stained glass cabinet doors. Along with beauty, stained glass adds real value to your home.

Kitchen Stained Glass Designs & Styles

Clear or colored, etched or beveled, Celtic or floral, Deco or Art Nouveau, Prairie Style or Greene and Greene, your imagination is the only limit for our custom stained glass pieces. Imagine a design that “travels” across your cabinets, like a mural in glass! And if you have beautiful china or antique crystal, we can design the cabinet doors to show them off.

And if you want to take this a bit further, how about stained glass for your curio cabinet, your wine cellar door, dull pantry door, your plain sliding glass patio door, or that window above the kitchen sink, you know, the one you can never reach to open, if it opens at all. That is the perfect place for some glowing glass art to tie in those cabinets.

Contact Scottish Stained Glass to make an in-home appointment with one of our designers. Let us show you our designs – or you show us yours. We guarantee, your kitchen will never be the same!

Taking a Closer Look at the Fine Art of Stained Glass Windows

Posted September 7th, 2012 by Martin Faith

Wandering through an outdoor art show in Denver the other day, I enjoyed seeing the pastels, the mixed media and the oil paintings. Then, unexpectedly, in one booth I came across a lovely, detailed stained glass window that had been installed into an old wooden frame. It took me by surprise, and I stopped to admire it.

And just like my favorite paintings, I found that the more I looked at it, the more beautiful it became. The more I studied it, the more amazed I was by the workmanship and talent involved. And the more I admired it, the more I lusted for it!

Stained Glass Fine Art

I must admit that I’ve always thought stained glass was pretty, and some pieces even gorgeous, but I never really stopped and looked at it in the same way that I’ve looked at other “fine art” such as the masters’ paintings hanging in museums. Although I myself am an artist, and have the greatest respect for other artists and all kinds of art expressions, I am embarrassed now to admit that I seem to have taken stained glass for granted! Have you?

Since I’ve been working for Scottish Stained Glass, the largest custom stained glass studio of its kind in the country, I’ve developed a new appreciation for this ancient art form that dates back to medieval times. The design, talent and craftsmanship that goes into making a “painting” out of tiny pieces of colored glass held together by equally tiny strips of metal is truly extraordinary!

The design must fit into a specified set of dimensions—that of the window frame—and yet must be balanced, composed, and use a color palate that complements the existing décor. In fact, stained glass windows or doors are a double threat, because they provide functional beauty that enhances your home not just visually but in its actual value as well.

Imagine the skill and precise attention to detail that must be followed to cut those tiny pieces of glass into the precise shapes that form the precise pattern, and have the entire thing come together as one seamless whole, a finished, polished and sophisticated piece of art!

Stained Glass Artists

Some of the artists who’ve worked in stained glass are quite famous, including the Scottish water colorist and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and the famed California duo of Greene and Greene. They saw stained glass windows not as a separate art form, but as an organic and vital part of the overall design and aesthetic value of the buildings they designed.

Are you a casual admirer of stained glass, or have you ever stopped and really taken a close look at a stained glass window the same way you might look at an oil painting done by a master? Stained glass window designs run the gamut from floral to geometric to abstract. Indeed, just as with any art form, the only limit is the imagination, talent and skill of the artist!

Intrigued? Want to hear more? Please contact us about having this beautiful art form added to your fine art collection in the form of stained glass windows or doors in your home!

Top 5 Reasons to Add Stained Glass to Your Entryway

Posted September 6th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Stained Entryway Glass

Does your home have a glass panel in the front door? Or how about two sidelights on either side of the front door, or a transom window at the top of the door? These are one of the most popular places for people to add stained glass windows, for a wide variety of reasons.

Entryway Stained Glass

Your home’s entryway is the first thing a visitor sees when coming to your home. It is their first impression of you and the way you live. In fact, it is also the first thing you see when you get home, so you’d like it to be warm and inviting. You want it to “welcome” you home. Many homeowners jazz up that area with flowers, interestingly sculpted bushes, or even painting their front door a brighter, more dramatic contrasting color than the rest of the house, such as cherry red or forest green.

Another option which will really make your home stand out is the addition of either colored stained glass, or clear leaded glass.

Here are the top 5 benefits of having custom stained glass in your home’s entryway:

  1. Make a striking first – and last – impression on friends, visitors and family. It will be obvious to all who see it that your home is well loved and cared for, a prized possession and reflection of its owner’s great taste.
  2. Give your home an individual, personalized look in today’s oh-so-similar housing developments. You know, the ones where every house looks exactly the same as the ones next to it – except yours!
  3. Add privacy, without blocking the light.  When people come to your front door, they cannot see into your home from the outside. You can see them through the peephole, but no one will know if you are home or not in case you decide not to answer the door.
  4. Add value to your home. Custom stained glass windows from Scottish Stained Glass add value just like any other home improvement. They might be the very thing that sells your house, if the time should come that you decide to put it on the market. (On the other hand, you can have us remove your stained glass windows and take them with you, if you simply cannot bear to part with them!)
  5. Add the beauty of fine, hand crafted and custom designed artwork to your home in a way that is not just lovely and decorative, it’s practical as well for all the preceding reasons!

We have a wide variety of options for entryways, including traditional colored stained glass patterns in many different styles, as well as beveled and textured glass with varying degrees of transparency. If your front door is solid wood, we can even create a new, custom door with a cutout for a stained glass panel in the center.

Custom Stained Glass Options Available

And speaking of custom, all of our stained glass windows and doors are custom made, to your tastes and specific needs. You’ll be working with one of our designers to get the exact look and style for your entryway that will complement your décor and delight your aesthetic senses.

Take a look at some of the entryways we have already designed for our clients and see if you can imagine them in your home. Or perhaps you are imagining something completely different? Many of our most stunning designs come from clients’ ideas, so we’d love to hear yours!

Kitchen Stained Glass will Liven up Windows and Cabinets

Posted August 29th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Kitchen Stained Glass Windows by Scottish


Is your kitchen your favorite room in the house? Is it warm and cheery, beckoning guests, family and party goers to wander in and never leave? Or do you desperately wish you could update it, buy new granite counters, the most modern appliances, or even completely replace your old wood kitchen cabinets, the ones that have been stripped, finished, refinished, painted, stenciled – but still don’t give you the high end look you want?

Stained glass kitchen cabinets from Scottish Stained Glass are a fantastic way to completely upgrade the look of your kitchen, without replacing the cabinets entirely. While most people thing windows when they think stained glass, we actually design and install it into kitchen cabinet doors on a regular basis.

Take a look at some of the stained glass kitchen cabinet doors we’ve done. And then imagine any of them in your kitchen! And then grab a napkin and wipe away that drool…

Why not call Scottish Stained Glass for an estimate today? We think you’ll be surprised at the stunning, high quality kitchen stained glass you can have for an affordable price. And if antiques are your thing, we have an amazing selection of antique stained glass windows imported from Scotland. One of them might be just the perfect touch to hang in a kitchen window – or anywhere else.

Great for Kitchen Renovations

Of course, if you are renovating the kitchen and adding new cabinets, we can work with your contractor to ensure the perfect match of colors and style. But we can also usually remove your existing cabinet doors and insert the stained glass, or build new doors that might work better for what you have in mind.

As far as kitchen renovations go, this one gives you a lot of visual bang for your buck. It will definitely make the kitchen the focal point of your home, if it wasn’t already. And no guest or potential buyer will ever forget your beautiful, eye-catching, mouth watering stained glass cabinet doors. Along with beauty, stained glass adds real value to your home.

Clear or colored, etched or beveled, Celtic or floral, Deco or Art Nouveau, Prairie Style, or Greene and Greene, your imagination is the only limit for our custom stained glass pieces. Imagine a design that “travels” across your cabinets, like a mural in glass! And if you have beautiful china or antique crystal, we can design the cabinet doors to show them off.

And if you want to take this a bit further, how about stained glass for your curio cabinet, your wine cellar door, dull pantry door, your plain sliding glass patio door, or that window above the kitchen sink, you know, the one you can never reach to open, if it opens at all. That is the perfect place for some glowing glass art to tie in those cabinets.

Contact Scottish Stained Glass to make an in-home appointment with one of our designers. Let us show you our designs – or you show us yours. We guarantee, your kitchen will never be the same!

Painted Stained Glass as Fine Art

Posted August 24th, 2012 by Martin Faith

At Scottish Stained Glass, we work with innumerous tastes and styles for our home stained glass options.  While the most common type of stained glass is our colorless, textured privacy glass choices, occasionally we come across an uncommon request.

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a client to add a unique, hand painted piece of stained glass to her entryway.  As you can see from the photos here, this piece depicts a beautiful young woman, actually an angel, with red wings behind her.

Creating Painted Stained Glass Art

For this particular piece, we drew inspiration from a painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti called “La Bella Mano,” which depicts many angels together. Our client came across this painting and loved it.

“I wanted to subdue some of the harsh sunlight that was coming through the transom windows above my front door, but I wanted to do something creative with it,” said our client. By using this beautiful painting in the center, and surrounding it with textured glass, she was able to create the perfect look for her home; both fine art and functional glass.

The process of painting glass is a delicate art, and our expert painter, Nancy, is skilled in this process. Painting glass is a layering process in which the glass is painted, then fired, then painted again, and so on.  This particular piece was fired in a 1200 degree kiln at least 15 times, cooling for about 24 hours after each fire.

Fine Art Stained Glass

“Just the hair used three colors to create the right depth,” Nancy said.  This process actually melts the paint into the glass, making the artwork permanent.  If properly taken care of, a piece of this kind of glass can be passed on for generations and last forever.

Nancy actually restarted the process after her first few steps.  “I was using a technique commonly used in painted glass for churches, but it creates more solid lines.  After I saw how this would look on the angel piece, I decided I wanted something softer looking.  I really wanted it to look perfect,” she said.

Our piece of this beautiful glass artwork is finished, but our client is getting one more addition.  She’s having wrought iron installed to the outside of the window to match the exterior look of her front door.  “I’m very happy with all of the glasswork.  Everyone did such a great job, and I love the way it looks,” she said.

Adding Glass Artwork to Your Home

This project is a beautiful example of fine art stained glass.  Since every piece we build is custom, you’ll be able to actually choose a piece that you’ll truly love.  One of our most popular choices for hand-painted glass is to get a beautiful family crest to honor your family name and heritage.

If you’re interested in getting a painted piece of glass artwork in your home, feel free to give us a call or send an email.  Our designers and painter will help you find the right piece for your unique home, that you will love for years to come!

Can You Afford Stained Glass Windows? Yes!

Posted August 22nd, 2012 by Martin Faith
Affordable Stained Glass

Stained glass windows and designs have an ancient and distinguished history. Examples of this time honored craft have been found in Europe’s ancient churches dating back centuries. In fact, when U.S. citizens go abroad, one of Europe’s main attractions are those imposing and venerated churches with their jaw-dropping stained glass windows.

Tourists everywhere are stunned by the colors, still so vivid despite the passing of hundreds of years, as well as the intricate detail and the moving depictions of religious symbolism. It’s likely that more photos are snapped of stained glass masterpieces than of any other architectural wonder throughout Europe.

Take a look at some of these stained glass marvels and see for yourself!

Stained Glass Design Is An Art Of Its Own

If you love the work of Vincent van Gogh or Monet, you might have a reproduction or tastefully framed poster in your home.  You might have even purchased original work painted in that style as an heirloom to treasure for generations to come.

With stained glass, there’s no need to get a reproduction or work that pays homage to the greats.  Stained glass window designs are affordable treasures that allow you to actually have an original masterpiece!  Made with a combination of both ancient and thoroughly modern methodologies, stained glass art work is guaranteed to add beauty to your home.

Perhaps you’ve always loved and admired ancient stained glass, but never considered that you could have modern stained glass in your home. Think about it… is it really such a far-fetched idea that you could add an artistic glass treasure to your home’s decor?

One of the missions of Scottish Stained Glass is to bring the art form we are so passionate about into American homes. (And offices, and churches, and just about anywhere else, of course!) All of our pieces are indeed custom made and hand built, by experienced and highly trained American artisans.

You are likely wondering “if stained glass windows are all custom made and hand-built, with today’s labor prices, how can I afford it?”

How Affordable Is Stained Glass Artwork?

Let’s take a look at the main factors that influence the cost of an original stained glass panel, whether for a window or a door.

  1. The square footage: our prices start at $150 per square foot, so the bigger the space or the more windows you desire, the more expensive it will be. But part of having a stained glass window custom made includes working with a Scottish Stained Glass designer. They are used to showing clients how to get what they want at a price they can afford. If your estimate comes in too high, perhaps there is a smaller window you could add stained glass to, or just a cut out in the center of a door instead of an entire door panel.
  2. Intricacy of the pattern: It stands to reason that the more detailed the pattern, and the more pieces involved, the more expensive it will be to produce. Tweaking your design to make it slightly simpler, with fewer pieces of glass and larger shapes can bring down the price substantially, while still giving you a stunning, beautiful piece of stained glass art that will add great aesthetic beauty and value to your home.

Interestingly, the type of glass, texture, or color does not really impact the price at all.

If you have never imagined that you could afford original stained glass in your home, we invite you to contact us. One of our designers will call on you at your home or office, and work up a sketch and an estimate on the spot. We think you will be surprised and delighted by the outcome!

Anatomy of a Stained Glass Window Restoration

Posted August 16th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Lobby Restoration at the Boulderado Hotel

Our clients are delighted when we tell them that our custom stained glass windows will last for generations, and probably become much loved family heirlooms over time. And in fact, time doesn’t cause glass to deteriorate to any significant degree, (okay, perhaps over thousands of years!) but of course anything can happen over the years that might chip, break or even shatter it completely. That is one of the reasons we’ve developed our special stained glass installation methods, where we will place the stained glass panel on the inside of an existing pane of glass.

How Stained Glass Restoration Can Save Your Windows

However, the lead strips which are generally used to hold the individual pieces of glass together can and does deteriorate. These strips are called “caming,” and can be made out of lead, brass, or even copper—the preferred metal used by the famed glass designer, Tiffany.

In the case of lead caming, the lead reacts with humidity or other weather conditions which cause oxidation, and over time the metal becomes brittle, losing any flexibility and making it ineffective at its primary job—holding the stained glass pattern together. The good news is that this doesn’t happen right away, it can take anywhere from 60 years to double that length of time.

By the time the lead does need to be replaced in a stained glass window—that window is usually an antique, with great value. It is usually worth it to do a full restoration of that piece, and here at Scottish Stained Glass, we take restoration of antique stained glass very seriously. We are honored to restore the pieces created by the stained glass masters who came before.

Whether an antique stained glass panel has been broken due to the elements, or is in danger of breaking because the lead has deteriorated over the passage of time, restoration involves taking the entire panel apart. Each piece of glass must be removed, and if they have been broken or are missing, we do our best to match the exact color or texture. Of course, in many cases the type of glass that was used is not even produced any more, but our restoration experts know exactly what glass to use so that no one would ever know it’s been replaced.

Stained Glass Restoration Experts Make All the Difference

The glass pieces are cleaned and polished, and then reassembled into the exact same pattern with brand new lead caming. If it sounds like a time consuming process, it is. However, once the restoration is finished, the panel is restored to its former glory and if installed behind another pane of clear glass, it will last at least another 100 years and probably much more.

The largest restoration we’ve done to date was the famous stained glass lobby ceiling in the Boulderado Hotel, which took us approximately six to seven months to complete.

If you have a stained glass piece that needs restoration work, how do you know whether it’s worth the money and effort? Perhaps you’d be better off if we simply made a new piece, with the same pattern and design as the older one? The fact is that restoration of an antique is much more costly than commissioning a brand new window. And yet, after a good, high quality restoration job, that original window would be 2 to 3 times more valuable than the new one.

How do you decide? Contact us for a free consultation about a stained glass window restoration.

Religious Stained Glass in Denver

Posted August 14th, 2012 by Martin Faith
religious stained glass

Stained glass in churches is one of the most well-known applications of our product. Churches have actually been using stained glass for over 400 years, and many all over the world are filled with these beautiful pieces.

Scottish Stained Glass Denver has extensive experience with both new religious stained glass, and replacing damaged or worn pieces. Whatever addition you are looking for in your building, we can accommodate your needs, and since each piece is custom, no two churches will look the same.

We have created many different styles for numerous denominations in Denver. Our team can design beautiful floral windows, biblical depictions, or whatever compliments your congregation. The options are endless, and our designers will work with you to create exactly what you’re looking for.

This process begins with an on-site consultation for your building. From there, our designers will begin creating a piece that fits your needs. For smaller windows along the sides of your church, we can create a simple yet beautiful design, while adding more intricate larger pieces as focal points. Our experienced designers can help you make key decisions on your windows.

Our glass is the best quality in the industry, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that you’ve invested in a great work of art that will last. We have over 20 years of experience in Denver, and we are the leading religious stained glass providers in the nation.

Religious Stained Glass Replacement and Restoration in Denver

Many churches in Colorado are old, and while they may have been built with stained glass, it might have been damaged over the years. Our designers and builders are experts at replicating antique pieces as exactly as possible, and we have over 600 colors to choose from. This gives us the ability to match even the colors of your original windows very closely.

Restoring and replacing old stained glass is a delicate process. Founder Martin Faith learned this subtle craft in his home of Scotland, and his experience reflects in all our builders and designers, who take the time to make sure each piece is created with care.

Contact us today to get started on your religious stained glass piece in Denver. Adding stained glass to your church will create a new-found charm that will be cherished for ages to come.

Three Things to Consider Before Ordering Custom Stained Glass Windows

Posted August 10th, 2012 by Martin Faith
custom stained glass windows

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, all of our windows are custom designed to your exact specifications, hand crafted using traditional techniques combined with modern materials, and installed in the most durable and efficient manner.
If you are considering stained glass windows for your entryway, your sliding patio door, your transoms, or anywhere else in your home, here are some things to consider:

1. Design: Our custom design process allows you to choose from the many hundreds of stained glass window styles we have already created, or imagine something entirely new and see that come to life. You can choose from Art Deco, floral, Aspen, Prairie Style inspired designs and many more — and we have 600 colors of glass to choose from! Depending on your tastes, your current décor, or the architecture of your home, you could choose between colored stained glass, clear textured stained glass, beveled or etched glass, or any combination of these beautiful styles. If you can dream it, we can first sketch it and then build it!

See the various different styles we offer here. We also offer in-home consultation if you live near any of our showrooms, so give us a call for an appointment. If you don’t live near one of our studios, no problem! We have extensive experience working with out-of-town clients via phone, computer and mail.

2. Quality: Of course you want stained glass windows of the highest quality, ones that will last for generations and add to the value of your home. The fact is, not all stained glass is created equal. At Scottish Stained Glass, we pride ourselves on use the highest quality materials available. Our builders are artists with special training and experience in using our unique methods.

Over our twenty years in business, we’ve incorporated CAD computer technology to make sure each and every pattern is perfect, we’ve perfected precise soldering temperatures and specialized polishing methods – and we even have developed our own installation techniques. For instance, our stained glass windows are bonded to the inside of an existing window. This allows you to keep your windows (assuming they are in good enough condition) and makes the installation process quick and clean. It also protects the stained glass panel from the elements, and as an added bonus increases the thermal efficiency of the window!

All of these factors ensure that you will find no higher quality stained glass windows made anywhere.

3. Cost: It is our mission to make stained glass affordable, and our prices start as low as $150 per square foot. If you wonder if you can actually afford the stained glass project you have in mind, remember that along with the square footage, it’s the detail or intricacy of the pattern that adds to the cost. A simple pattern will always be less expensive than one using many tiny pieces, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less beautiful.

Contact us so one of our stained glass designers can give you an estimate for what you have in mind, and work with you to create something you will be thrilled with at a price you can afford.

For more stained glass information, check out our FAQ or give us a call today.

Stained Glass – Not Just For Windows but For Interiors Too

Posted August 8th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Interior Stained Glass

Most people think windows immediately when they think stained glass, but there are many beautiful uses for stained glass in the interior or a home or commercial space.

For homes, one of the most popular is stained glass panels installed into the kitchen cabinet doors. You can imagine just how this “classes” up a kitchen, giving it an elegant designer look. The stained glass can be designed to look antique or contemporary, depending on whether you are trying to complement an older, Victorian style home, or thoroughly modernize your kitchen, perhaps along with the purchase of brand new appliances. Stained glass kitchen cabinets can be the beginning of a theme in the home. How about stained glass in your curio cabinet doors, or in your wine cellar door? Or for a stunning and unique lighting fixture?

Stained glass is beautiful in an interior doorway, or even to create privacy or separation of different spaces as a room divider. This affords a barrier, yet it still keeps a spacious feel because the translucent glass allows the sunshine or room lighting to pass right through. It’s a wonderful choice as a divider in an office or workspace as well.

And for retail establishments such as bars, hotels, restaurants, stained glass has a long tradition. It’s frequently used as a back splash behind a bar, or to create a distinctive sign with the establishment’s name displayed in a way that patrons will not miss. Another popular interior use for stained glass is in a family crest or a plaque commemorating some special event or achievement. Scottish Stained Glass has done many plaques for golf courses and other establishments.

Another idea is a beautiful antique stained glass window or panel, hung either in a window or on a wall as a piece of art. Although if you hang a piece of stained glass on a wall, the sunlight cannot pass through it, it can still be placed where the sun will hit it and bring it to life! We import some lovely antique stained glass pieces out of Scotland. They are masterfully crafted and made with types of glass that are no longer made today. These wonderful slices of history all but command your attention and are guaranteed to add a unique “flavor” to a home or office.

Although most of our customers do wind up installing stained glass in exterior windows or doors, as you can see, there are many other creative and fabulous uses for this medium. Skylights, fireplace screens (just imagine the firelight dancing through a piece of stained glass, casting it’s rainbow colors and dancing lights all about your room), ceilings, wall hangings… where would you like to see stained glass?

Where ever you put stained glass, it will add life, energy, light and beauty and value to your space.

If this article has gotten your creative juices flowing, why not contact usand set up an appointment with one of our highly experienced and talented design staff? During your consultation, you can choose from any of our different styles and patterns and work with a designer to create a custom piece of stained glass, for anywhere in your home. Any style, any pattern, any size… all our work is custom designed and hand crafted exactly for you.

Most Beautiful Stained Glass Windows, From Ancient Classics to Modern Marvels

Posted August 3rd, 2012 by Martin Faith
stained glass window

Working in solid, non-bendable but highly breakable glass would not seem like a very versatile craft. But through the ages, master craftsman have done an absolutely astounding array of styles and forms using glass as their medium. Many of these stained glass windows rank right up there with the world’s most famed paintings in terms of timeless beauty and artistic mastery.

On the popular social site Quora, we came across someone asking,“What and where are the most beautiful stained glass windows in the world?” Different people offered photos of their choices, and others voted on their favorites. As stained glass artists and historians, we were frankly delighted to see this amount of interest in stained glass art.

Many of the “nominated” stained glass works are truly classics, masterpieces even, so we are thrilled to see the interest and respect for these works of fine art.

We were not surprised that the windows which received the most votes from viewers were that of Sainte Chapelle, in Paris. This mid-13th century gothic chapel is the only building remaining of the Capetian royal palace. It was designed and constructed to give the appearance of walls of stained glass, and the photos of it are quite spectacular. Here are some more photos of this architectural wonder.

Although in olden times, churches used stained glass windows to tell biblical tales, today modern stained glass artists are using stained glass to tell modern tales of equal importance to their culture, such as the striking “Windows of Hope” at the Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda.

The photos people posted on this page are quite amazing, showcasing both ancient and modern stained glass of a wide array of styles. One that we particularly liked was a stunning glass portrait of a horse, done by the artist Marc Chagall. This piece is currently on display at the MuséesNationaux duXXe Siècle des Alpes-Maritimes in France. There is also a spectacular Prairie Style piece, Saguaro Forms and Cactus Flowers, loaded withvivid color and intricate detail. This stained glass window was part of Wright’s organic design of the famed Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. See another photo of this panel, a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/alanenglish/6717554375/” target=”_blank”>here.

If you like the look of Prairie Style stained glass, or any other style, you can work with a Scottish Stained Glass designer to have a custom stained glass window done in that style. Over the years we have done hundreds of Wright inspired stained glass, along with pieces inspired by Greene and Greene and many other influences.

We hope looking at all these lovely photos has opened up your idea of what stained glass can be. If you can imagine it, we can build it! Contact us today for more information or to get an estimate on stained glass art for your home, church or commercial space.

Beveled Stained Glass Windows: The Timeless Touch of Elegance

Posted July 30th, 2012 by Martin Faith
beveled stained glass windows

Do you love beveled stained glass windows? For many of our clients, it’s the beveling on their glass that they love the most, because that is what creates those gorgeous prisms of rainbow light dancing across their room, that sparkle and magic that they just never get tired of.

We are extremely pleased with the custom glass windows that you designed and installed in our home. They are a delightful topic of conversation… They truly give our home a sense of individuality. We enjoy the refracted “play of light” from the beveled pieces.”
-The Roy family

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, all of our artisans are specially trained in the art of beveling and creating gorgeous patterns from this type of glass. But what exactly are we talking about when we say beveling?

What are Beveled Stained Glass Windows?

Beveled glass refers to a fairly thick piece of clear glass that has had an angle cut around its entire edge, which is then polished to the smoothest imaginable finish. The glass we use is usually 1/8″ thick. This angled edge is the bevel and it acts as a prism, refracting sunlight or any other kind of light that strikes it. This creates interesting effects both on the glass itself and throughout the room it is installed in.

At one point in history, all beveled stained glass windows were made by hand, using different rotating wheels which ground down and polished these slanted edges. Today, the process is sometimes still done the old fashioned way, but semi-automated machines have also been developed to produce beautiful beveling for much less cost.

We’d bet your grandma had a mirror made out of beveled glass that you might remember from your childhood. Beveled glass evokes a wonderful feeling of bygone elegance; it’s classy, classic and completely timeless.

Many prospective customers are surprised to hear that clear glass designs account for the bulk of our stained glass window installations. Also known as leaded glass, these clear windows are popular because they provide privacy while letting the light through, and also have no colors which might clash with your current décor, or any new décor you might decide upon in the future. And if you put your home up for sale at some point, they aren’t any colors which might turn off prospective buyers. If you are considering a clear leaded glass window, talk to us about adding the sophisticated and graceful touch of beveled glass.

Beveled glass can stand on its own as the focal point of a stained glass window or door design, but it can also be combined with textured glass or the traditional colored glass in an infinite number of stunning designs and patterns.

Contact Scottish Stained Glass today to learn more about the art of beveled stained glass windows or to have a piece custom built.

All Stained Glass Windows are not Created Equal!

Posted July 27th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Stained Glass Windows

Did you know that our “builders,” the craftsmen who actually cut and assemble each piece of glass for stained glass windows, train for up to ten years? Our methods are somewhat different than those used for “plain old stained glass” so we like to train and certify our artists, ensuring their work meets our standards.

Once a stained glass artisan has mastered our specific methods, they produce precise, stunning, highly detailed, pieces of stained glass, including beveling and etching as well as both clear, texured leaded glass and the traditional colored panels you think of when you think “stained glass windows.” These dedicated and talented artists may take weeks building one stained glass panel!

If you know anything about the history of stained glass windows, you might think that its production has not changed much over the centuries — and you would be correct! Scottish Stained Glass founder Martin Faith was trained in the traditional methods in his native Scotland. However, although each piece of Scottish Stained Glass is still custom designed and built by hand as it was centuries ago, Martin has spent the past twenty years refining and improving this process.

In this way, Scottish Stained Glass incorporates the age old tradition of stained glass making with the most modern computer technologies and improved materials, to bring clients modern, yet classic stained glass windows that are both a works of art and a practical home improvements adding value to your home.

All Stained Glass Windows are not the Same!

We’ve seen many pieces that look mass produced, with lines that don’t match up and the solder in the joints a completely different color than the “caming” or lead strips. Much of this stained glass looks great from afar, but when you see it up close, to be perfectly frank, it looks cheap. It doesn’t give the sense of being lovingly made by a master craftsman. And we have to wonder it its construction would stand the test of time.

Some of the Scottish Stained Glass differences include:

  • Work one on one with a designer, to create your stained glass window design and supervise your project
  • Meticulous design, with the final pattern done to exact specs via computer
  • Highly trained, experienced and certified stained glass artists
  • One “builder” to cut, join, solder, and polish your entire stained glass panel. No assembly line work!
  • Highest possible accuracy of glass cutting, ensuring each piece is the exact shape and size to fit the pattern
  • Use of dark leads to give a more expensive look
  • Hidden soldering joints and precise soldering temperatures, so the lead looks seamless and the joints are stable
  • Our own unique glass polishing process removes any excess solder and gives the finished piece a gorgeous, gasp-worthy glow – even before the sun hits it

Because of our certification process, our attention to detail, our use of computer technologies and best available materials, our clients are ensured of receiving beautiful, high quality and long lasting pieces of art.

Scottish Stained Glass might take longer to produce, indeed it might cost a bit more, but our mission has always been to make stained glass windows of the highest quality that are affordable to everyone – not just the monarchy, the uber-wealthy, or churches whose congregations have deep pockets. So why not contact us today about custom stained glass windows for your home, and experience the Scottish difference for yourself?

Antique Stained Glass Windows Provide the Perfect Accent in Modern Homes

Posted July 24th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Antique Stained Glass Windows

Over the years Scottish Stained Glass has imported upwards of one thousand antique stained glass windows from Scotland, the homeland of founder Martin Faith. These pieces can be more than 100 years old, but we pick them based on the beauty of their designs and the mastery of the craftsmanship. They are extraordinarily well built, in fact the work of master craftsmen for whom we have the utmost respect.

The fact is that these antique stained glass windows cannot be duplicated because much of the glass used is of a type no longer made. But this makes these lovely antiques all the more valuable.

Why might you want antique stained glass windows in your home instead of having a brand new, custom made stained glass window made to your exact specifications? For the same reason that many people seek out and highly value antiques of any kind, whether cars, furniture or artwork – an intense love and appreciation for history, artifacts from a different era, and craftsmanship that is rarely seen in the modern world.

However, here at Scottish Stained Glass we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, even going so far as to specially train and certify our stained glass artisans.

If you’re an antique stained glass connoisseur or aficionado, take a look at some of these stained glass beauties.

Now, perhaps you are wondering, “but what are the chances that one of these antique stained glass windows would fit precisely into my modern windows?” Although each antique window is custom made and one of a kind, the fact is that the windows in modern homes are usually bigger than the windows of old. However, this can work to your advantage, as we can install the smaller antique with hooks, to hang in the middle of an existing window.

It’s possible that you might find one of our antiques to be the same size as the window you’d like to see it in – but even if not, we can install it in a different way. And there’s yet another option… if you fall in love with an antique pattern, we can copy that for you, custom made to the exact specifications of your windows. You can have the look of antique stained glass, although by necessity it will be made with all modern materials. (We do not build with antique glass.)

Show Us Your Antique Stained Glass Windows

By the way, if you are already in possession of any antique stained glass, from a window panel to an heirloom lamp, we would love to restore it to any degree necessary. We’ve restored many broken or damaged antique stained glass windows to their original glory, including several months work on the famous lobby’s stained glass ceiling at the Boulderado Hotel in Colorado. We take care to match the colors exactly, and will go so far as to remove every single piece of the glass, redo all the lead strips, and clean and polish the piece till it glows!

Please contact us today for more information about our antique stained glass windows, any restoration projects, or of course, any new stained glass windows or doors.

Breathtaking Art Deco Stained Glass Withstands the Test of Time

Posted July 20th, 2012 by Martin Faith

A Classic Piece of Art Deco Stained Glass

Feast your eyes on this stained glass masterpiece, arguably the most famous Art Deco stained glass in the country. What you are looking at is actually the ceiling of the Council Chamber in the Buffalo, NY City Hall. This spectacular ceiling was commissioned, built and installed in the twenties – they heyday of Art Deco design.

But this style has stayed popular over the years, and with good reason! The art, furniture and architecture of that period simply appeal to the eye, with their dramatic clean lines and bold design.

Although this piece is almost 100 years old, it remains magnificent, its design timeless. Honestly no photos can do it justice, so if you are ever in Buffalo please add this to your list of “must-sees.” And make sure to go on a sunny day! Although widely considered a Deco piece, the designer also paid homage to Buffalo’s Native American history and indigenous art as well by incorporating the image of a sunburst.

Of course, one of the most amazing things about Art Deco stained glass windows, doors and ceilings is that they look different and refract the light differently under different times of day and different weather conditions. Here’s another look at this spectacular piece of Art Deco stained glass under different sky conditions.

If you are a fan of Deco, perhaps you’d like to add a touch of Art Deco stained glass to your home, office or retail space. It’s unlikely that you’d want a stained glass ceiling in your home, (although you might definitely want one in a public building, a church, a hotel, or other public and commercial spaces!) but what about creating a similar effect with a skylight? Imagine the sun streaming through some beautiful colored, textured or beveled glass into your home, casting dancing colors and patterns across the floor, the walls and the furniture. An Art Deco stained glass skylight or window could introduce a touch of magic to your home.

Art Deco stained glass affords the elegance, class and defining style of a bygone era that still manages to remain modern.

In our twenty years in business, Scottish Stained Glass has designed many pieces in the Deco style for admiring customers. Your Art Deco windows or door panels can be as bold and dramatic as you’d like, or contain just a touch of color and a hint of the Deco flavor. In fact, for residences, 90% of our installations consist of clear, colorless stained glass, but even with that choice you could still include an elegant Deco pattern.

Here are some of the Art Deco stained glass windows we’ve done for our clients over the years.

Whether you long for the classiness of Art Deco or any other type of stained glass, from traditional to modern, Scottish Stained Glass has the experience to create exactly what you want. All of our stained glass windows are custom made and hand built, using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern materials and technologies. Why not contact ustoday?

A Primer on Stained Glass Windows

Posted July 18th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Stained Glass Window

The term “stained glass” can refer to the colored glass itself or the finished products that are produced when talented craftsmen combine pieces of this colored glass together in beautiful, intricate patterns, all held together with strips of metal which is soldered at the joins. Stained glass can be installed in windows, doors, or uses as a free hanging panel. Because glass is transparent or translucent, stained glass can be best appreciated in a place where either artificial or natural light can stream through it, such as the beautiful church windows of ancient European cathedrals or the well-known and still popular Tiffany lamps.

Or installed in a modern entryway, bay window, or door panel.

Although we usually think of stained glass as vividly colored, here at Scottish Stained Glass around 90% of our installations actually consist of clear glass. We still refer to these panels as stained glass windows, although perhaps the more specific term would be “leaded glass.” Calcium is one of the ingredients of glass, but in traditional leaded glass, it is replaced with a type of lead, hence the name! These type of stained glass windows can use textured glass, patterned glass, opaque glass, etched glass or beveling to add interest without clashing with any décor or color scheme.

To further confuse you, there is also a type of stained glass wherein color is painted onto clear glass, then made permanent by firing it in a kiln! What ties all these different forms of stained glass together is their history, their beauty and their artistry. Whether colored or clear, it takes a skilled craftsman with great training, patience, precision and attention to detail, along with an artist’s eye, to make a stained glass masterpiece.

The Versatility & Endurance of Stained Glass Windows

Although glass is considered a fragile, easily destroyed substance, the art form of stained glass is enduring throughout the ages. As are many ancient yet well preserved specimens of this beautiful art form. Many European stained glass masterpieces have survived in situ, remaining more or less intact for all the world to admire since their construction in the Middle Ages. Pretty amazing, when you think about it!

Stained glass in all its forms remains a popular addition to modern homes, churches and commercial spaces, adding value, uniqueness and loveliness. In our twenty years in business, we’ve installed approximately 40,000 custom made stained glass windows for over 15,000 delighted clients across the country.

Once upon a time, a stained glass pattern started out as a sketch or a painting. Today, our custom stained glass windows might still come from a sketch, or a photo. But we use modern computer technology to perfect the pattern, ensuring that it is the exact right size and shape, that all the lines of the pattern match up, and so that the client can see exactly what they’ll be getting.

All stained glass window used to be pieced together by hand with the utmost artistry. Today, all of Scottish Stained Glass’s windows and doors are still custom designed and hand built. Our artists are specially trained and revere the history of this art… so you can be guaranteed that your modern stained glass windows will have the same care and attention to every detail as afforded by the masters of old.

Contact us today for a modern stained glass masterpiece, perfect for home, retail, offices or anywhere you want a touch of modern elegance with a touch of history attached.

Express Creativity in Your Home With Custom Stained Glass Panels

Posted July 13th, 2012 by Martin Faith

Creativity may be expressed in many ways, whether through writing, drawing, dancing or any of the myriad other forms of expression. When desiring that creative outlet to be showcased in your home, expressions can be limited to painting walls an exciting new color or switching out a kitchen faucet for a sleek designer piece. Previously creativity with windows seemed restricted to choosing between blinds or curtains, but there is a third opportunity far more beautiful and lasting that either of those previous options: stained glass panels. It is a decision that can enhance an interior room while simultaneously bringing a touch of sparkling elegance to your home’s exterior.

Think of stained glass panels as translucent paintings that you can compose or perhaps even a modern geometric room dividing screen to the outside. Stained glass windows are often associated with colored glass which in itself can be a very rewarding creative journey to design, however many people overlook the variety of textures that are available. In our designer’s treasure chest of glass samples anything from crystal clear prismatic bevels to intricate lacey frost patterns or rough rock textures to delicate raindrops frozen in glass can be considered for your custom stained glass panels. When the possibilities are fully considered the endless options can even be a bit overwhelming, but Scottish Stained Glass has experienced designers to guide you every step of the way through the design process to creating your perfect piece of stained glass.

While we feature many beautiful sample designs in our stained glass portfolio, we strive to make every customer an individual window by including touches of personalized customization. During a free in home consultation, our designers will hand draw a design for the specified window size influenced by the customer’s design suggestions. Want to fine tune your stained glass panels with the curling border from Sample 10, the sparkling diamonds from Sample 83 and a flowering bevel cluster from Sample 56? No problem – between our hundreds of stained glass window samples, there are design elements for every style and personality.

On the other hand, Scottish Stained Glass also welcomes entirely unique and customized designs for customers who simply need something that has never been done before. For some homeowners, they may have a perfect vision of the stained glass panels they have always wanted, yet felt they could never master the equivalent skill of Scottish Stained Glass’s artisans to build it with absolute perfection. Others may have a theme throughout a particular room or even entire house and a new stained glass panel addition would complete the overall picture. Our designers at Scottish Stained Glass were selected for their discerning knowledge of architectural and historical art styles as well as their ability to translate those influences into unique stained glass panels for your home.

Ready to unleash your creativity by customizing your home? Call or email Scottish Stained Glass to set up your free home consultation to have a skilled designer turn your visions into a reality.

Design Your Own Stained Glass Masterpiece with the help of Scottish Stained Glass

Posted July 12th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Stained Glass Masterpiece

Choosing a masterpiece of art to be the perfect accent to your home can be a daunting task. Do you go with an oil painting or would perhaps a graphic wall pattern would be the better option? Should you focus on a fashionable accent color or play it safe with neutrals? The endless media types and stylistic decisions can instigate a moment of hesitation with even the most seasoned home designers, so what is a homeowner to do? A stained glass masterpiece can be a great idea.

The concept of artistic home décor is most often associated with vertical wall applications, leaving a returning trend in home accents often overlooked: stained glass windows. Most every home features a neutral wall paint and hanging pictures and most windows are only clear panes of glass or add a touch of detail with a standard white mullion grid. Stained glass windows are perhaps the most versatile option with the many features they provide. It is an art piece that can be enjoyed privately inside while simultaneously being an accent piece to the front of your home for all your neighbors to view and perhaps even envy. A stained glass masterpiece can range in privacy levels from completely clear to a solid opaque with endless texture options in-between to provide the exact level of discretion the home owner desires. Then there are of course colors- the dozens of exquisite colors that provide soft colored light to any room in the house. All those options and we have only begun discussing glass choices when there are also lead colors, framing, and design styles.

In our free in-home consultations, your Scottish Stained Glass designer will be your guide through all of these options with their seasoned knowledge of window composition, complementary styles, proportions, and color combinations to create the perfect stained glass masterpiece for your home. Homeowners can be as involved in the design process as much or as little as they like. Your Scottish Stained Glass Designer can assess your home’s unique style and surprise you with a stained glass window design that pulls the entire room together. With a few simple questions to align them to the right direction, you will be amazed how quickly a Scottish Stained Glass Designer can draw a design for you to fall in love with.

Be the Designer for Your Own Stained Glass Masterpiece

Alternately there is a unique opportunity for homeowners that have a precise vision of their stained glass masterpiece. Perhaps you have always considered signing up for a stained glass window workshop to bring those dreams to life. Well what makes Scottish Stained Glass exceptional in their craft is the level of precision they bring to glass cutting. It takes many years of practice to be able to cut and assemble a stained glass window design perfectly, but with the required 5 years of training all our stained glass artisans must go through, we can promise that the design chosen in the free in-home consultation will be the exact design delivered to your home. So no need to bother with the cuts and scrapes that inevitably comes along with being a stained glass beginner builder. Why don’t you let Scottish Stained Glass handle the building that they are masters of their craft at? You really can design your own masterpiece and have Scottish Stained Glass build your one of a kind vision.

Landmark Tabernacle Church Gets Beautiful New Stained Glass

Posted June 7th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Chuch Stained Glass

We recently designed and built some beautiful stained glass for the Landmark Tabernacle Church in Denver, and we want to share this amazing process with you! Often churches are some of our biggest projects, and this one is no exception.

This task actually sprang out of a larger part of the church’s remodeling process; a huge stained glass wall behind their altar. This larger piece will cover the entire back wall of the sanctuary, around 280 square feet, and will be lit from behind.

For these smaller windows, our designers produced replacement windows that border the sanctuary area. Our team created four windows to go on either side of the stairways to the altar in this already beautiful church. As you can see from the pictures, these windows are full of vibrant colors that look fantastic in the sunlight.

Barb Timmons, one of our expert designers, spent a lot of time making sure that this piece was perfect. “We always knew that they wanted very bright colors, and an abstract design, so we worked from there,” she says.

The Landmark Tabernacle Church opened over 30 years ago, and they are in the process of a complete renovation. Our stained glass replaced a plastic, faux-stained glass window insert, and a refashion was definitely in order.

While this church as a whole has been a challenge from a design stand point, Barb says that the challenge has actually been her favorite part along the way. “Creating something so big and so unique is difficult, but rewarding. Everyone at the church is really happy with the new windows.”

Cathy Jones was the talented builder who put together the many pieces of this glasswork. She says this piece was particularly challenging because of its size; it took three people to flip the windows for work on the other side during production.

Each of these bordering stained glass windows has over a hundred different pieces of colored glass, each hand cut and then placed into the window. For such an intricate build, it’s important to take the time to ensure that each piece is the right size so that the window as a whole fits into the frame correctly. Since our windows are custom and built by hand, even large windows like these are constructed piece by piece. Cathy was up to the challenge.

“There wasn’t actually any breakage throughout the building process,” Cathy says, “just a lot of holding breath.” Because of the long, narrow pieces throughout this window, the building process was a particularly delicate one.

Cathy’s favorite part of this project was actually after her work was done; she had the chance to watch these windows being installed. “It was so cool. I usually just see the windows in the shop, but it’s so different to see the windows in their home, so to speak,” she says.

Barb, Cathy, and most importantly our clients, were extremely happy with this church addition. “Our clients are madly in love with the glass pieces, and that’s the most important part,” says Barb.

To see more of of the Church Stained Glass projects Scottish has completed, visit our Religious Stained Glass page or our Religious Stained Glass Gallery.

Aspen Stained Glass

Posted May 16th, 2012 by Martin Faith

One of the many wonders of Colorado is the big groves of Aspens, with their distinctive white trunks and round-ish shaped leaves waving in the breeze. Our lovely Rocky Mountains are carpeted in beautiful aspen forests that are a delight to drive by or hike through. So in homage to this wonderful native Colorado tree, we’ve created our signature collection of Aspen Stained Glass.

Although many of our stained glass window designs are traditional, such as Celtic, Art Deco, or Victorian looking florals, our Aspen Collection is distinctively different. It’s modern and can seem almost abstract in appearance. It’s perfect for any home from a mountain ski lodge to a city loft or a rural mansion. If you’ve ever been inspired by the beauty of the aspens, perhaps our the signature Scottish Stained Glass signature Aspen Collection is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

For many people, their favorite season is fall, when the trees turn colors. In the fall, people come from far and wide to see the glory of the aspens as they turn a gorgeous golden yellow. Entire mountain sides appear to glow with light from their vivid color. Whether you prefer your aspens with the green leaves of spring or the golden leaves of fall, or perhaps just the architectural beauty of their trunks and branches with no leaves at all in winter – we can custom design and your stained glass window or door to reflect your tastes. Yes, whether you’d like vivid colored glass or clear, textured or any combination, our stained glass designers will work with you.

As for the town of Aspen, it has become a ski resort like no other, attracting celebrities and those with great taste from around the world. If you own property in Aspen, stained glass can add great value and enhance the distinctiveness and beauty of your home. Imagine a grove of stately aspens giving you more privacy in that master bathroom bay window, or a single aspen tree snaking its way up your sidelights on either side of your front door!

Dare we way that our Aspen Stained Glass Collection is as spectacular as the real live ones outside your window? And although an individual aspen tree can live anywhere from 40 to 150 years, your stained glass could last even longer than that, becoming a family heirloom.

Please take a stroll through our Aspen Collection gallery http://www.scottishstainedglass.com/stained-glass-designs/signature-aspen-stained-glass/ and see if that starts to fertilize your imagination. If you have an idea, whether aspen related or not, our professional design staff will
work with you to see it come to life.

Did you know… in some countries, the aspen tree is believed to ward off evil spirits? We really can’t comment about that, but our aspen stained glass will definitely ward off boring décor for many years to come!

Contact us for more information about any of our stained glass window styles, or to have one of our designers come to your home for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you.

Misson Style Stained Glass

Posted May 14th, 2012 by Martin Faith

Mission Style Stained Glass Windows Provide a Stunning Complement to Any Home

Mission style can refer to furniture, architecture, or stained glass. In furniture it means clean lines and simplicity. In architecture, it is based on the Spanish Missions that sprung up all over California at the end of the 19th century. There were various other stained glass master craftsman around during that period who also developed distinctive styles that fall into the same “Mission style” category.

Of course, if you have a Mission style home, this type of stained glass is a natural fit. But it’s clean lines and modern appeal make it a great choice for many other styles of architecture as well.

For more examples of Mission style stained glass windows, please take a look at our gallery. https://www.scottishstainedglass.com/stained-glass-designs/contemporary-stained-glass/mission-style-stained-glas/ These are examples of some of our custom designed pieces, inspired by the amazing Mission era artists. This style reached its heyday in the first decade of the twentieth century, but still remains popular today.

The hallmarks of Mission style stained glass are clean, geometric shapes, natural earth tones or jewel tones, and a large proportion of clear, uncolored glass. Although the overall appearance is clean, sharp and simple, a closer look will show the intricacy of the designs and the perfect balance of the patterns involved.

It is believed that this simple style’s popularity was a reaction to the ornate styles that had been popular in Victorian times. However, it is equally possible that the simple yet intricate patterns are endlessly fascinating, and really lend a unique touch to a home that a discerning eye never tires of.

Another reason Mission stained glass windows have stayed popular is that they work with many different styles of décor and a wide variety of different tastes. Their very simplicity takes nothing away from the furnishings in a home, and it’s easy to redecorate around these windows.

Mission stained glass is very popular for kitchen cabinets, sidelights next to the front door, and many other places. If this style appeals to you, one of our designers will work with you to develop your own custom Mission stained glass design. Of course, you don’t have to stick with anything that’s been done before in Mission style. You can add more color, less color, textured glass for privacy, or use all clear glass. The choice is entirely yours.

But don’t let the array of choices confuse you. Our designers are standing by — ready, willing and able to assist you in creating the perfect design that will match, complement and enhance the beauty of your home for many long years to come.

Did you know that if you decide to move, Scottish Stained Glass will remove your window or door panels so that you can take them with you to your next home? Many people find that these stained glass artworks become family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation.

Intrigued? Then why not give us a call today!

Stained Glass Windows Increase Your Privacy

Posted March 24th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Stained Glass Windows Ensure Privacy

Are you tired of your mailman peaking in your sidelight at the entryway while dropping off the mail, or solicitors looking in to see if you are home to try and make a sale?  What about that large bathroom window that sold you on your home because it allowed natural light in, just to find out that natural light meant natural nosy neighbors?

Stained glass windows have become a popular alternative to window treatments Denver, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio.  This is especially true in areas where natural light is preferred, but privacy is necessary.  For example, take the common sidelight, window to the side of the door, at the entryway.  This is a great element to make a first impression to anyone entering the home.  The only downfall is sidelight windows usually consist of clear glass that allows anyone to see into the home.  When blinds are installed on these windows, it takes away from the design intent, natural light, and adds another item on the list to clean.  The best alternative is the use of stained glass windows.  Depending on the design of the stained glass windows, the window will no longer entice people to peak into your home and will provide a stunning show piece for all your visitors to enjoy!

Because each piece is handmade to custom fit each window perfectly, stained glass windows allow for many design options and can match any style or décor.  Not only do the stained glass windows get installed directly to the existing glass making the installation process easy and fast, they allow for all the natural light to come in, but keep the interior of the home private to outside onlookers.  The glass is smooth to the touch making cleaning way easier than a set of blinds.

The next question that is commonly presented when discussing stained glass windows is “do I have to use color?”  The answer is no.  In fact most stained glass windows are made without color as this provides a timeless look and many home owners prefer not to limit the interior color palate.  Privacy can even be achieved without the use of colored glass, and just using textured glass to make shapes and patterns.   Another type of glass commonly used to maximize light is beveled glass.  Beveled glass refracts light, helping to increase the amount of light in the room while offering a nice touch to the overall stained glass window.  With a mixture of textures, bevels, and of course some lead, you can achieve as much privacy as you need to feel comfortable in your home.

Most importantly, natural light keeps the home  happy, bright, and airy.  When the environment that you’re living, working, or entertaining in puts off a positive vibe, the people in that environment reflect it as well.  Stained glass windows not only allow the natural light in, it brings character, art, and most importantly privacy to your home.  So let the light in, keep the wondering eyes out, and be happy in your home.
Contact Scottish Stained Glass today for your free in home estimate and visit our Stained Glass Windows page to begin looking at all the different style and applications that are possible.

Fort Worth Stained Glass

Posted February 28th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Fort Worth Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to announce that we have opened a branch office in Fort Worth, Texas to serve the DFW metropolitan area as well as the central Texas region. While we have previously maintained offices in both Denver & Houston, adding the Fort Worth area presents another step in the grown of our company and allows us to work more directly with clients. In the next couple months our designers will be reaching out to interior designers, architects, customer home builders and homeowners throughout the region to educate them about the numerous possibilities which stained glass can add to their designs.

Scottish Stained Glass is the largest stained glass studio of our kind in the United States and specializes in the development of stained glass solutions for residential customers in modern homes. Our signature look is beveled and textured clear glass designs which add a touch of privacy and elegance to homes and we most often place these installations in front entryway doors, sidelights and transoms as well as the large picture windows which are often placed over Fort Worth bathtubs. In both these cases, textured glass provides a beautiful solution that adds privacy to the windows without blocking the natural light that which is so desirable.

Residential Stained Glass Fort Worth

Scottish Stained Glass designers come to your home for about an hour to get a feel for your existing decor and your project goals. After taking measurements of your existing glass and showing you some of the thousands of photos we have of previous projects, we sit with you to sketch initial design ideas. In some cases this design is sufficient to put down the deposit on the project, while in other cases we take your design ideas back to our Fort Worth studio, use CAD and Photoshop to create more specific renderings of how the solution will look in your home.

We build the glass based upon the methodology developed by our owner Martin Faith. He has adapted the traditional methodology Scottish artisans developed over the centuries to conform to Fort Worth’s modern construction standards and energy efficiency goals. By bonding our glass to existing windows, our stained glass not only remains clean and beautiful for decades, but it doesn’t get warped by Fort Worth’s harsh weather.

Commercial & Religious Fort Worth Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass provides commercial stained glass to both the historic clients who may need repair or restoration services as well as the modern clients who may need glass with contemporary designs. We have the experience and product knowledge to work with those Fort Worth clients in need of historic restoration and often know the exactly kinds of glass which we are trying to match. Providing commercial glass to more modern buildings, Scottish Stained Glass can create solutions that have contemporary styles or meet the needs of designers looking to create memorial glass, or add stunning aesthetic compliments.

Scottish Stained Glass also offers religious stained glass repair, restoration and design options for churches, temples, chapels, and other religious facilities all across Fort Worth and the entire DFW region. We work on religious projects of all scale, from entire chuches to single windows. We can help with not only the conceptualization process but also the the design, fundraising, construction and installation process. We are experienced navigating the multiple decision makers that are inherent within such a project and and are the Fort Worth stained glass company you can trust to deliver on time and on budget.

To read more about our capabilities and specialities, please visit our Fort Worth Stained Glass page.

San Antonio Stained Glass

Posted February 28th, 2012 by Martin Faith

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to open our newest branch office in San Antonio, Texas. While we have previously served San Antonio’s stained glass needs while working with clients over the internet, we are now excited to be able to meet our clients in their homes, offices, or religious locations. Our designers will be reaching out to interior designers, architects and custom home builders as well as consumers to increase the understanding of what our custom glass can accomplish.

Because of San Antonio’s extensive history there are a number of different stained glass styles which have been used over the centuries. Scottish Stained Glass can match nearly any of these styles, and has developed a speciality working with the Prairie Style, and Tiffany’s stained glass.

Residential Stained Glass San Antonio

Scottish Stained Glass is the leading residential stained glass studio of our kind in the United States. We have spent the past 20 years perfecting our approach for adding stained glass to modern residential homes. Typically we visit a clients home for at least 45 minutes to get an initial feel for the existing decor as well as the clients design goals. Then we show thousands of photos from previous projects and discuss what might look good in the particular application. In most cases we then develop initial designs on the spot, sketching our thoughts on graph paper and often agreeing on the design with clients on the spot. In other cases we take the design back to our Austin workshop and develop CAD and Photoshop renderings that allow customers to see even more closely what the finished product will look like.

Once the design is approved by the clients, our local artisans can take varying amounts of time to build the windows. Adapted by our owner Martin Faith from the centuries of glass production techniques developed by Scottish artisans into a process that will work for modern American homes, Scottish Stained Glass bonds almost all our installations to existing windows rather than replacing the window panes. While this stained glass process is sometimes odd to certain clients, this allows us to accomplish 3 goals at once. The stained glass is protected from the harsh Austin sun, and will subsequently last much longer, no building codes are violated, and the inherent benefits of the existing window, including security and energy efficiency all remain intact.

To see examples of just a few of our previous installations, please visit our stained glass gallery.

Commercial and Religious Stained Glass San Antonio

Scottish Stained Glass works with a number of commercial clients across the San Antonio region, including hotels, banks, and bars where stained glass was frequently used at the turn of the last century. We have experience repairing and restoring this type of glass and can often create new windows to complement and existing installations. We can also create replacement stained glass installations that can match the styles and techniques which have been used in San Antonio over the last few centuries. For more modern commercial clients, we create interpretive stained glass designs that add to the aesthetic of a building or permanently commemorate an individual or group.

Religious organizations throughout San Antonio are also served by Scottish Stained Glass. Whether looking for repair and restoration, or the development of new stained Glass, Scottish has the experience and expertise to navigate the complicated process of conceptualizing, designing, funding, and installing stained glass in a church, temple, chapel or other religious location. Having worked with hundreds of churches across the United States, we understand the process and can provide extensive insight on all aspects of the project.

To learn more about our capabilities, visit our San Antonio Stained Glass page.

Dallas Texas Stained Glass

Posted February 27th, 2012 by Martin Faith
Dallas Stained Glass Entryway

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to announce that we have opened a branch in Dallas, Texas.  While we have been serving the Dallas market with the nation’s finest residential stained glass for the past decade, we have been doing it remotely, working with clients over the internet. Now that we have hired a designer to work full time in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we can increase the size and complexity of projects we will offer.  Not only can we do simple sidelight, entryway, and bathroom stained glass, but we can also do more complex commercial, church, and interpretive designs.  Our stained glass designers will be developing relationships with interior designers, custom home builders and  the general public to educate consumers about what beautiful and functional stained glass options are now available.

Residential Stained Glass

While older homes in the center of Dallas may have the need for antique stained glass repair and restoration, often of Prairie, Prairie Style, or Tiffany inspired windows, the majority of our target market live in the Dallas suburbs and need stained glass added to their homes as a contemporary or modern design solutions for privacy and elegance. When contacted by one of these clients, a Scottish Stained Glass designer comes to the home for what is generally a 45-90 minute meeting. While in the home the client’s existing style, as well as the style of the glass they would prefer are taken into account. Designs are then sketched and a plan of action is developed with the client. While that plan of action often includes a final sign off on the order right there and then, it can also include more extensive, computer aided designing completed in CAD and Photoshop. The Scottish Stained Glass installation process is a modern adaption of an ancient process and is designed to work with today’s building codes and energy efficiency standards. In 99 percent of cases our stained glass does not replace your existing glass panes, but is merely bonded on the interior of your window. This process keeps the energy efficiency benefits of the glass intact and safeguards the structural integrity of the windows, all while provide the stained or leaded glass with protection from the harsh Dallas weather that over time can cause stained glass to warp, crack, fade, or peel.

Commercial and Religious Stained Glass

Adding stained glass to your office or retail space generally occurs for one of two reasons. Many customers utilized Scottish Stained Glass to repair, restore or replace the stained glass in their historic hotel, bar, or public building.  Dallas has thousands of commercial stained glass installations that are over 100 years old and are in need of repair or restoration.  Other customers want to add stained glass to their more modern buildings as a design element, or even a lasting tribute to an individual or group.  Whatever type of commercial stained glass you might need, Scottish Stained Glass has the experienced designers who are ready to take you the process.

If you are a church or other religious organization looking to add stained glass to your church, chapel, temple, or community center, Scottish Stained Glass can work with you through this difficult process, explaining how much it may cost, what time frames are necessary, and even how fundraising can work.  Having completed hundreds of religious stained glass projects all across the country we understand the unique struggle involving religious stained glass and are ready to help you through the process.

If you’d like to see more about our capabilities, please visit our Dallas Stained Glass page or contact us today!

Stained Glass Windows Old Fashioned?

Posted January 23rd, 2012 by Martin Faith

Prairie Style Stained Glass Kitchen

Last week one of our clients cancelled an order for stained glass because an interior designer friend said that she thought stained glass windows were old fashioned. While we do concede that the installation stained glass is a centuries old tradition primarily associated with European chuches, we adamantly believe that stained glass is not an “old fashioned” accessory, but rather a beautiful and functional accent that can be used in both traditional and modern homes.

Adding stained glass to your home is a beautiful way to introduce custom artwork to your home, increase your home’s resale value, and introduce your own stamp onto your home for decades or centuries to come.

Traditional Stained Glass Windows

In traditional homes stained glass windows are often designed to match the style in which the house was built. Craftsman style homes include often look best with Prairie Style stained glass. Victorian homes generally match up well with Art Nouveau, Tiffany, or Greene & Greene glass. While Scottish Stained Glass often repairs or restores stained glass windows in older homes by merely removing and re-leading, we often urge our clients to add a new, modern window on which our stained glass will be overlaid. This allows the stained glass windows to achieve a much greater degree of energy efficiency, last much, much longer, and and be maintained without difficult cleaning.

Modern Stained Glass Windows

In more modern homes often traditional colored glass is not the ideal choice to add to the home. Rather for many newer homes, we recommend stained glass windows that have only beveled and leaded clear glass. This clear, textured glass provides privacy and elegance to a home, without connection to a home’s interior design elements to any particular color scheme. This clear glass allows the windows to exist neutral to any design or color changes home owners or home buyers might want to make in the future.

Artistic Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass windows can also be used as an opportunity to add art or interpretive imagery to a home. These types of stained glass and be abstract or realistic, painted or leaded, and can included beveled or textured glass. Often these artistic windows make dramatic additions to entryways, transoms, bathrooms, or kitchens. Our most interesting projects, these artistic stained glass windows often take longer to design, but often get the greatest reaction for our clients and their guests.

So if anyone ever suggests that stained glass is “old fashioned”, send them to this page and see what what beautiful and modern pieces we can build!

Stained Glass Windows on “This Old House”

Traditional Stained Glass

Modern Stained Glass

Artistic Stained Glass

Philadelphia’s Stained Glass FD Tribute – Stained Glass Bucket List

Posted August 30th, 2011 by Martin Faith

This beautiful stained glass window is one of the most stunning works of stained glass in all of Philadelphia. While some of the churches throughout the city might disagree, we pay this one special regards because of it’s juxtaposition. Installed in on old firehouse, which has now been converted into one of the nation’s premier firefighting museums, the Fireman’s Hall stained glass is a tribute to all of Philadelphia’s brave men and women who have protected the city over the centuries.





To learn more about Fireman’s Hall, visit their website. http://www.firemanshall.org/.
To learn more about completing a stained glass project follow this link to see Scottish’s Philadelphia Stained Glass page.



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Boulderado Hotel Stained Glass Ceiling Restoration – Boulder, Colorado

Posted August 25th, 2011 by Martin Faith

One of the projects we are most proud of having completed is the complete restoration of the Boulderado Hotel stained glass ceiling in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Removing, cleaning, and replacing each piece of glass in this ceiling, Scottish Stained Glass spent more than a month lovingly restoring this work of art.

If you are ever in Denver or Boulder, Colorado, we suggest you take a little bit of time to have a coffee or a drink under this work of stained glass art!

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Stained Glass Gazebo Ceiling – Stained Glass Bucket List

Posted August 24th, 2011 by Martin Faith

This beautiful stained glass ceiling is worth stopping and seeing for any stained glass enthusiast who is traveling in the Salem or Eugene regions of Oregon. While Oregon is not thought of as having lots of stained glass, this beautiful reuse of a ceiling is a sight to see. See exact directions in the map below, or call Ken Scott Studios 541-896-3774.

This beautiful, recycled stained glass ceiling was removed from a Church and reused.

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