Scottish Stained Glass can ship your custom designed stained glass to you.

Posted August 18th, 2014 by ssgadmin

There are many people who are fans of stained glass all around the country. Stained glass is an art form that brings warmth, beauty, and elegance to a home. And those people who are fans of stained glass can usually appreciate the difference between the prefab kind that you buy in a big box store or online, and the kind that is custom made for their windows.

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Aspen stained glass inspired by aspen trees of Colorado.

Posted August 11th, 2014 by ssgadmin

Anyone who has visited the mountains of Aspen knows how beautiful the aspen forests there are, with their straight trunks, whitish bark and those dramatic dark markings across the trunks. And the rounded leaves are beautiful both fluttering in the breeze, and when they turn colors in the fall. Aspens are even striking in winter, without a single leaf. They shout “Colorado mountains.” And they make a stunning inspiration for aspen stained glass.

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Clear leaded glass for more light in your home.

Posted August 5th, 2014 by ssgadmin

When most people think of stained glass, they usually think of vibrant, vividly colored glass. This type of stained glass is indeed beautiful with its many colors and textures; it can really add oomph to a room. However, just like anything else, it can have some disadvantages. Colored stained glass can hold back some light and make a room a little darker than you might wish. It can also be an issue if you decide to redecorate, and the colors no longer match what you want to do.

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Art Deco influenced several areas of design, including stained glass.

Posted July 28th, 2014 by ssgadmin

Anyone who is a fan of Art Deco knows how many artists have been influenced by its beauty since it first became popular after the first World War. The famous artist Man Ray is just one of the many who earned a name for themselves doing Art Deco.

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Adding stained glass to your bedroom can brighten the room.

Posted July 21st, 2014 by ssgadmin

Some bedrooms simply don’t have much character and they can end up being very dark and dreary. Some look like small boxes even before you put the furniture in. And some bedrooms have windows that are either small, or simply don’t let in very much daylight because of the way the homes are built. They face the wrong way, they are too close to a neighboring building, or even covered by shrubbery or a large tree.

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