How to Get Started with Stained Glass Restoration in Colorado Springs

Posted June 27th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Realizing your stained glass needs restoration is pretty clear-cut. In fact, the window tells you almost everything you need to know.

  1. There is cracked glass on your stained glass window
  2. There are chips in the leading or glass of your stained glass window
  3. There is bowing and sagging on your stained glass window
  4. Your window looks dirty and lacks luster
  5. There is visible light coming through gaps on the stained glass window
  6. Your stained glass window appears concave

While these tell-tale signs that your stained glass needs repair are clear–what to do next may not be. Happily, what comes next is not so difficult.

The First Steps Of Stained Glass Restoration

1 Find An Experienced Stained Glass Professional: As it were, stained glass professionals here in Colorado Springs do not come a dime a dozen. Since stained glass is a very old art form, the number of artisans is dwindling. That being said, the ones who still actively pursue stained glass restoration as a business are often very passionate about it. Like us, at Scottish Stained Glass in Colorado Springs. Preserving stained glass art and windows for the next generation is something we do well and love to do. Likewise, we have nearly 3 decades of experience doing it!

2. Decide On A Budget And Scope For Your Stained Glass Project: Once you begin vetting stained glass professionals for the job, you will likely begin getting a lot of bids. Depending on the state of your stained glass windows you will have bids that are high and low. What you do next is a decision only you can make. But remember, the lowest bid does not always mean the highest quality. Cutting corners on stained glass repairs will almost always show in the final quality and/or the durability of your restored stained glass. At Scottish, our restored stained glass is guaranteed to last another 80-100 years before needing repairs.

3. Prepare Your Colorado Springs Home For Contractors: Just like any home improvement project, stained glass restoration is something that will involve contractors in and around your home. The good news is, often times, with stained glass restoration, the windows are restored in our studio. However, even if the restoration is done on site, it won’t typically involve a lot of workers in and out. Like any job in which a contractor will be in your home, you will want to clear the area around the project and gate off pets and children from the area too.

Scottish Stained Glass For Colorado Springs Stained Glass Restoration

Just like that, you are ready for the stained glass restoration on your Colorado Springs home to begin! For more info or to talk with us about your unique stained glass project, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!

Walking Through Residential Stained Glass Restoration from Start to Finish in Dallas

Posted June 27th, 2019 by ssgadmin
residential stained glass restoration dallas

Many times, when people contact us for stained glass restoration in Dallas, they are often surprised to hear how complicated and time-consuming the process is.

If stained glass has been damaged by hail, vandalism, or the elements, there may be broken pieces. These cannot be simply cut out and replaced. Stained glass restoration must be conducted carefully in order to preserve the historic and artistic value of the window.

Below, we’ve provided some details on what the process for residential glass restoration looks like from start to finish.

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Antique Residential Denver Stained Glass Restoration: A Quick Overview

Posted June 26th, 2019 by ssgadmin
antique residential stained glass restoration denver

When you consider how quickly fads go in and out of style, its amazing that stained glass windows are just as popular today as they were hundreds of years ago. Stained glass can be found all throughout Denver, in both newer homes like those in Highlands Ranch and Centennial as well as older neighborhoods like Congress Park, Five Points, and Capitol Hill.

That’s why many people choose to keep their stained glass even after remodeling their home. Not only does it look beautiful, but it provides light and privacy. But in order to do this, homeowners often have to invest some money in antique stained glass restoration. In Denver, this service can be obtained from a stained glass company who’s familiar with stained glass repair, but it does require some expense. But is it worth the investment? We think so, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide. Here’s everything you need to know about stained glass restoration.

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Proudly Introducing Our Painted Glass Artist and Stained Glass Conservation Specialist

Posted June 25th, 2019 by ssgadmin

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to introduce our painted glass artist and stained glass conservation specialist, Maria Sheets. Her comprehensive training and educational background include a Masters in the Humanities from the University of Texas, Dallas and a Professional Associates degree from the American Institute for Conservation. Maria has trained with industry-leading conservation and glass experts through her ten years at various stained glass apprenticeships. With extensive experience as both owner and chief conservator of an art conservation firm that’s served museums, galleries, and private collections throughout the nation, Maria brings a wealth of knowledge and specialty technique to the Scottish team. Her incredible art skills range from kiln-fired glass pigment to fine art oil painting.

The Importance of Conservation and the Ethical Approach to Stained Glass Restoration

Maria’s passion for conservation was sparked when she worked with an art museum who had sustained significant damage with an accidental fire. When working through the stained glass restoration at the museum, Maria realized that she could paint the damaged painted glass better. After this revelation, Maria committed to glass painting classes and pursued her Professional Associates degree from the American Institute for Conservation. She holds a high standard for proper conservation and taking the ethical approach when restoring stained glass and other mediums of art. By prioritizing these standards, Maria is able to truly honor the original artist and their intentions.

The Painted Glass Process for Commissioned Art

Her comprehensive painting background and specialized painted glass technique have created incredible, one-of-a-kind art for many of our clients nationwide. Maria begins to custom painted glass process with a lot of research. She also utilizes live models in order to truly capture proper form and composition. These models are often clad in costume wardrobe in order to really seize life-like fabric flow and shadowing.

One of her favorite painted glass projects is the Santa Marta Saints. This Scottish project was completed for a private chapel in Olathe, Kansas that commissioned three custom stained glass windows with handpainted St. John Paul II, St. Teresa of Calcutta, and St. John XXIII. The design process took approximately six to eight weeks through constant communication between Maria and the Santa Marta community. Each religious painted glass project requires comprehensive research of similar paintings through history as well as a background in iconography. Her hand-sketched initial designs had to also be approved by the clergy. Maria uses Photoshop and extensive references in order to incorporate every single detail in her intended painted glass design.

Painted glass incorporates numerous layers in order to define depth and shadowing– the glass has to be carefully transferred to the kiln to bake after each completed layer. These details were imperative to Maria since the three saints are contemporary figures that people recognize and have seen. This was probably the greatest challenge for her but Maria was humbled by the great honor to be given this responsibility. Once the three painted glass masterpieces were completed, it took our nationwide team a total of eight months to complete and install this project. Maria appreciates the team setting and all they were able to accomplish together.

Restoration Challenges and Concerns

As a conservation specialist, Maria believes that authenticity is the biggest concern in her field. It can be difficult to truly authenticate a piece of art. Another challenging aspect is ensuring the ethical approach is taken. Often times when a piece of art or glass is restored, there will be parts left blank. Especially in the context of writing and quotes, it is crucial to have prior images in order to attempt to replicate. Expert opinions are needed in order to avoid ethical implications and taking the guesswork out of proper conservation. If critical components are missing and there aren’t original photos available, these sections are left blank but will honor the original aesthetic and ensure structural integrity.

The Most Enjoyable Part of Stained Glass Restoration

It can be a very tedious process when it comes to matching colors for restoring painted glass. When Maria is finally able to match a color dead-on, this is the most enjoyable part of the process for her. Honoring the artistic intent of the creator is the most joyous part of conservation. When it all comes together after the lead came has been structured around all glass components, Maria is always delighted with the final product and how stunning it is when all painted pieces are joined together. The colors pop and the cohesive efforts of the Scottish team are displayed when the stained glass is re-installed after restoration.

Work with the Nation’s Industry-Leading Stained Glass Restoration Team

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the nation’s industry-leading stained glass restoration team. We’re humbled to have talented members that specialize in conservation, helping aid our mission and passion for properly preserving stained glass. Working together has created an outstanding learning process for all of us on our continued journey to restoring historical and sentimental pieces of art throughout our community. We look forward to experiencing more incredible talent from our renowned team and can’t wait to see what all we can accomplish together.

Whether you’re looking to restore your church’s antique stained glass windows or you’d like to commission your own custom painted glass, we’ve got you covered. Work with our painted glass and custom stained glass specialists to achieve lifelong, impactful pieces of art. Contact us today for your free consultation!

Antique Residential Colorado Springs Glass Restoration

Posted June 23rd, 2019 by ssgadmin

Have you noticed that your home’s stained glass windows are looking a little sad? Signs of deterioration can include warped appearance, missing glass, cracked glass, broken glass, softened lead, disintegrating lead, white film on the glass, and much more. If your home’s stained glass windows are displaying one or more of these telltale signs, it’s a strong indicator that your stained glass requires restoration. In order to ensure future generations can enjoy your treasured, antique stained glass, it is crucial to find a proper restoration studio.

The Stained Glass Restoration Process for Colorado Springs Homes

If you believe your antique stained glass is ready for restoration or would like a second opinion, we’re here to help. Our in-home assessment provides all the information you’ll need regarding restoration. This includes an appraisal of your stained glass, cost-benefit analysis, underlying causes of deterioration and damage, project timeline, and project estimate. Once you decide to proceed with your residential restoration project, our team will remove your stained glass from your home and transport it back to our studio. We’ll soak your antique stained glass in a proprietary bath to remove any of the build-up from the past century. We’ll restore all damaged glass pieces and craft a new lead came for your stained glass. If your window has painted glass, we’ll have our artists replicate it. Once fully restored, we set it with black cement, polish it, and have it re-installed.

Work with Colorado Springs’ Stained Glass Restoration Specialists

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to be the stained glass restoration specialists serving the Colorado Springs area. We’ve completed numerous residential, commercial, and religious stained glass restorations for pieces from all time periods. Work with the nation’s restoration leaders for your beloved stained glass.

For more information regarding stained glass restoration, please contact us!

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