How To Tell Whether Stained Glass Is Leaded, Stained Or Beveled

Posted April 16th, 2018 by ssgadmin

The Difference Between Stained, Leaded and Beveled Glass

At Scottish Stained Glass we get a lot of questions about a subject we are passionate about– stained glass.  We love answering those questions for potential and existing customers alike to help them along their way to a more beautiful home. The questions are on various topics: styles, colors, restoration vs. repair.  One question we get frequently is what the difference is between stained glass and leaded glass and where beveled fits in. As it turns out–stained and leaded glass are more or less the same thing. However, read below for more details on these types of stained glass and for more information on our craft.

What is Stained Glass vs. Leaded Glass?

For homeowners like yourself,  the terms stained glass and leaded glass interchangeably.   However, in the stained glass industry, we generally refer to stained glass as having color and leaded glass as being clear.  So, while all glass is leaded, all leaded glass is not stained. The difference is tiny but knowing this may help you better communicate exactly what you are looking for on your Fort Collins home.

What Is Beveled Glass?

Beveled glass is a piece of glass, usually clear, that has an angled cut around the periphery.  This angled cut helps reflect light in beautiful ways creates gorgeous depth and character.

What is Textured Glass?

Although plain leaded glass is clear and usually without color, it is hardly dull.  This is because it often has textured glass pieces in it. Textured glass pieces have appearances all the way from wavy designs (called “water glass”) to feathery textures called “glue chip”.  Using textured glass in leaded glass windows is a great way to add an air of elegance to any area of your Fort Collins home: entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, sidelights and more.

For more information on lovely, custom stained glass for your Fort Collins home watch the video below:

For more information about stained, leaded, beveled or textured glass, contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today!  We are Fort Collins’s foremost stained glass expert and would love to help you with your stained glass project.

Custom Made Stained Glass Family Crests For Your Colorado Springs Home

Posted April 10th, 2018 by ssgadmin

Custom Stained Glass Family Crests For Your Colorado Springs Home

When it comes to stained glass what many people don’t realize is that the traditional church style designs or even poplar home floral or geometric designs are not the only types of stained glass window designs out there.  In fact, there is a huge variety of stained glass window themes and styles to interest nearly anyone. One of these less known but just as amazing styles is family crest stained glass. They can be custom created to fit your family sigil and badge and we can even add the crest’s motto or slogan.  Whatever you feel best represents your proud family history, can be easily created here at the stained glass studios of Scottish Stained Glass.

How Are Stained Glass Crest’s Created And What Do They Look Like?

As we mentioned, each family crest is individually crafted, right here, in-house at Scottish.  The design of a family crest is usually octagonal but, of course, the shape is totally up to you and your family.  Since or stained glass crests are hand created they will become an heirloom of your family, lasting for generations to come!  However, they also come with a lifetime transferable warranty so these can be passed on from generation to generation. In fact, If properly maintained they will last 80-100 years before needing repair!

Can I Give a Stained Glass Family Crest As  A Gift?

The answer is yes–absolutely.  A piece of family crest stained glass can be made as a window, window panel or a hanging panel.  The great thing about giving the gift of family crest stained glass is the whole family gets to celebrate and enjoy their heritage with a piece like this.  We have done crests for schools, fraternal organizations, and similar organizations, so this is a ubiquitous gift for those who are hard to buy for.


For more information on lovely stained glass for your Colorado Springs home, watch our video below!

For more information on our custom stained glass creation or to talk to someone about a family crest for your Colorado Springs home, contact us today!


Should My KC Church Have Its Stained Glass Restored Or Replaced?

Posted April 10th, 2018 by ssgadmin

Church Stained Glass: Restore Or Replace?

When it comes down to the question of stained glass restoration for churches, and whether or not it is worth the sometimes long and expensive repair process,  it really comes down to a number of factors that churches must consider. That being said there is no “one or “right” answer, and the decision lies with the church staff and congregation as a whole.  However, to help you better understand what is at stake when your  Kansas City church is beginning restoration talks, we have outlined a few things to think about.

Consider The Monetary Value Of Your Church’s Stained Glass

As beautiful as stained glass is, it is just as valuable.  Value can come from a variety of areas as you will see, but the actual monetary value is something to consider.  In terms of value, many things play a factor in how much your church stained glass may be estimated at, like condition, age, and artisan.  However, a general rule of thumb is– a restored original piece of antique stained glass will be about 4X more valuable than that of a new/replaced piece.

Consider The Sentimental Value Of your Church’s Stained Glass

If you have old stained glass in your Kansas City church, it is likely that it has seen its fair share of blessed events take place under its beautiful light.   There are probably people in your church who were married beneath it or others who said their final goodbyes. In cases like this, where you have many parishioners who cherish the glass for sentimental reasons, the fact is, there is likely nothing new that can replace it.

Consider The Historical Value Of Your Church’s Stained Glass

Even beyond the monetary or sentimental value, may lie value in the time period or craftsman who created your glass.  Glass made in the early 20th century is very well and uniquely crafted and holds deep historical value in regards to early American history.   If your church’s stained glass is still in relatively good repair and intact, it may have been made by a stained glass master of the time, which makes it more valuable in and of itself.

Watch this video for more information on Stained Glass:

For more information on the value of your church’s stained glass or to find out if restoration might be right for your congregation, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!


How To Care For Stained Glass Windows in Your Austin Home

Posted April 10th, 2018 by ssgadmin

Stained Glass Care For Austin Homeowners

Many homeowners with stained glass windows may not realize it but the glass in stained glass isn’t any weaker than that of any other window.  It is just much more difficult to manufacture, repair and replace, should something happen to it. Also, stained glass is a piece of art, meaning, you want to keep it looking its best for as long as you can.  It is for these reasons that it is essential to properly care for and maintain your glass. Below are a few tips as to how to do this and provided your stained glass was properly crafted in the first place, the stained glass windows in your Austin home could it 80-100 years before needing repair.

Combat Stained Glass Damage By Cleaning Your Glass

Regular maintenance is essential for the long life and luster of your glass.  Dirt and debris will build up on glass, just like they will anywhere else. This makes glass dull and could lead to so much build up that getting your glass’s clarity back is expensive and time-consuming.  A light brush with a duster or gently soapy water is all you need– and very little pressure.

Combat Stained Glass Damage With Regular Professional Cleanings

Having your stained glass cleaned by a professional once a year is a good idea, especially if you are one to forget monthly cleanings.  A professionally, like Scottish Window Tinting, has the right tools to reach high windows, the proper cleaning solvents, and just the right touch, so as not to scrub too hard and break the glass.  You will be shocked at the difference in the vibrancy of your glass after your professional cleaning is done and your stained glass is back to its original luster!

Keep An Eye Out For Small Damage

When weather gets rough it can cause minor damage to many things including stained glass.  Also, even though stained glass is durable, accidents happen or time takes its toll on your glass causing breakage, chips or scratches.   Thes smaller problems can be fixed easily and quickly and don’t cost a ton. However, if you wait until these become bigger problems, it could cost you a lot.  What may seem like a small fissure or divet now, could quickly turn into a bigger problem, so always keep an eye on your stained glass and inspect it regularly for damage.  If you see damage be sure to call a professional stained glass repair company, like Scottish Stained Glass, right away!

Watch this video for more information on stained glass in your Austin home:

For more information on stained glass maintenance and repair, contact us today!



Will Stained Glass Hold Up To Denver Weather?

Posted April 10th, 2018 by ssgadmin

Is Stained Glass Right For Denver Homes?

Many homeowners in the Denver area, when considering stained glass, are concerned about whether or not the climate of Denver is too harsh for it.  Not unlike regular glass, stained glass windows can be damaged and the issue lies in the fact that it is much more expensive to replace. The good news is, however, stained glass is very durable and holds up to regular weather quite nicely.  While hail is always a threat here, your stained glass is no more likely to break from hail as any of your other windows. Additionally, since Denver is so dry, it actually helps keep frames from rotting as quickly, which is usually where you will see the fastest degradation on a stained glass window. In all reality, a properly crafted and cared for stained glass will last 80-100 years before needing repairs.  For more information on what this means read on.

Well-crafted Stained Glass Windows Are More Durable

As we mentioned before a well-crafted stained glass window is very durable.  This includes the use of quality glass making and leading materials as well as a carefully constructed frame.  Another area where premature damage will occur is during the installation. If a stained glass installer does not thoroughly clean the glass, permanent smudges may be visible or, if moisture is trapped between the glass panel and an outer window water damage may occur.   What this really means though is– a stained glass expert, like us, is your first and best defense against your Denver home’s stained glass windows being damaged.

Stained Glass Maintenance To Prevent Damage

You can keep your stained glass from accruing damage by lightly cleaning it regularly to remove dirt and debris from dust and smog, inside and out.  These substances can dull the stained glass and reduces its natural luster. It is important to use the right cleaning agents and always be extra-light in your touch.  It is best if you, have a stained glass company deep clean your glass once a year too. Finally, if you see small cracks or chips or any sort of structural frame sagging, make sure to get your stained glass repair.  These little spots can turn into big, costly blemishes quickly.

Watch this video for more information on stained glass:

For more information on how to upkeep your stained glass or to have us come out and take a look at it for you, contact Scottish Stained Glass today!



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